Try some Cranial Massage for your Horse

About a month ago, at the request of several horse listeners, we started a private LTYH Facebook group. Of course, if you’re reading this blog, you are welcome to join!

The thing people enjoy about the private group, is that you can share pictures or videos of your own horse, brainstorm ideas with other like-minded people, or ask for help/advice. So one of the members shared some issues she was having with her horse, where the horse suddenly started spooking at things. Güliz Ünlü suggested that cranial massage might help – for the reasons she will explain in the video below.

What I love about this video, is the way Güliz teaches us to follow our own bodies and our FEEL, rather than learning specific spots or techniques. She starts with some purely energetic work on Juno out in the field and you can see how he drops into processing his trauma just from having us focus our attention on it, combined with the intention of him releasing and balancing his head.

Next, Aude comes forward for some quick work – also related to a past trauma. I begin to receive pictures/information from her about the trauma, as Güliz applies light pressure/holding to a couple spots. Güliz is supporting her physically, I am voicing her old story that she is ready to release, we’re both supporting her energetically… AND she’s done. Very quickly. She walks away.

We walk into the barn and Montaro is waiting for us – already sunk deep into meditative state. And so the deeper work begins…

If your horse has issues with spooking, or head injury, mouth pain, teeth issues, poll sensitivity, headaches, or if their face is out alignment (Güliz shows you how to check this) then perhaps some gentle cranial massage is just what your horse needs.

Try some Cranial Massage for your Horse

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