Animal Communication & BodyTalk Session for YOU with the Herd!

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How would you like to experience BodyTalk therapy for yourself and/or your horse PLUS a telepathic communication session with a qualified Linking Awareness practitioner (Animal Communication) and the Singing Horse herd?

AND have your hugely discounted session fee applied as a donation to the Herd? Swoon.

Güliz in Session with the Herd

I was discussing all the changes and challenges of caring for this magical herd with Güliz Ünlü (bio and more info below) and she suggested we offer private sessions with her and the Singing Horse herd as a donation to their care! Güliz is donating 100% of her time and skill and you get to book an amazing session with her and the herd at a big discount.

  • Perhaps you or your horse has a stubborn or puzzling health condition you’ve been unable to unravel.
  • Perhaps you’re faced with a big decision and not sure which path to follow.
  • Perhaps you’d like to connect deeper with your horse (or dog, cat, etc) – to experience what that’s like.
  • Or maybe you’re just open to anything that wants to come through for you – either from your own body, your horse, or the Singing Horse herd.
  • Maybe you’re struggling with a relationship and you’d love some clarity or insight.

Güliz’s regular price for this Private session with the Singing Horse herd is US$135 but…
she is offering these special Donation sessions for only $99!!

Guliz leading an Intuition Development workshop with the wildies – shortly after Xadaa & Posa were born

I doubt you’ll have another opportunity to experience either of these amazing therapies at this low price and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Güliz for offering this to us.

Güliz Says…

“In private sessions I bring my entire toolkit of skills, but I tune into your specific animal or situation and we range freely between different modalities – according to what your animal (or your body) needs or is asking for. Sometimes the session will be just about the animal, but sometimes the root of their issue lies with their environment, or herd dynamic, or something else happening in the home, or their relationship with you. That is why I show up with all my skills ready to go, but I am always in service to the greater wisdom of the individual animal.

Why is it that often treat the symptoms of illness, rather than getting to the heart of the matter and uncovering the root of the dysfunction?

How do we communicate with the body on a cellular level to uncover imbalances? Furthermore, what can our body’s cells tell us?

We know that bodies, under ideal circumstances, contain the innate wisdom to function perfectly – how do we tap into this miracle of biological design to remove the blockages in cellular function and communication? How do we become whole again, emotionally, physically, and mentally?

BodyTalk is a language of health care where the innate wisdom of the animal or human gets to direct the session into areas of conflict within the mind using kinesiology testing. By revealing the conflict in the mind and reminding the bodymind complex to “wake-up”, we can release and reverse old unhealthy patterns and embrace a new alignment within ourselves. By resolving the conflict on the appropriate level (mind, body, spirit) it will effect ALL systems of the body resulting in balance of hormones, organs and all other body parts and systems.

Why BodyTalk with animals?

Have you ever noticed how many pets resemble their guardians in one way or another? Through extensive case studies, it became evident that this “mirroring” was not accidental, or coincidental. Our animals can guide us through deep inner work, as they know us better than most of us know ourselves. Often times, our animals own emotional, mental or physical manifestation of pain is directly related to our own turmoil inside. When a client comes to me to help their pet, often times, I end up working with both.

Through BodyTalk and Inter-Cellular (Animal) Communication, we have an extraordinary opportunity to shift the direction of our own sub-conscious belief systems that hold us in our life patterns. These beliefs or patterns can make growth towards our highest potential seem impossible. We can self-help and self-talk, but until we address the core issues (that through our pets we can access), often we find ourselves chasing our tails, exhausted, frustrated, and dis-eased.

I would love to bring you (via Zoom) to work with this amazing herd of medicine horses. Sometimes a specific horse wants to work with you, sometimes a number of them. This is like the digital version of Equine-assisted therapy or healing, and it is just as powerful. I have done over 25 private Zoom sessions with this magical herd and they continue to blow me away with their wisdom and magic.

All you need is a cellphone, iPad, or computer – I take care of the rest. Complimentary audio and video recording of your session is included.”

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This promotion is now over – but sign up below to be the first to be notified of NEW special opportunities to work with the herd!

Animal Communication & BodyTalk Session for YOU with the Herd!

6 thoughts on “Animal Communication & BodyTalk Session for YOU with the Herd!

  • December 22, 2019 at 7:03 am

    Amazing offer…I took full advantage of it! Excited to see what unfolds ✌🏼❤️🐴

    • December 22, 2019 at 1:55 pm

      Awesome! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Only if you feel comfortable sharing, of course ❤️

  • December 25, 2019 at 8:31 am

    how does on participate? does the Zoom have to occur from the barn/with the animals I am seeking consult for?

  • December 26, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    How does it work, meaning during the zoom does my animal need to be present?

    • December 27, 2019 at 12:58 pm

      Hey Griffin, chiming in here in case someone else doesn’t see. When I do sessions with Guliz, it can be with or without the animal present. It helps me to have them close because I can see/feel them processing, but I think it can work either way. Sometimes a quiet, safe space to sink into session is more helpful than, say, a public or outdoor space (like a barn or pasture), depending on the situation, weather, noise levels, etc.

    • January 7, 2020 at 6:20 pm

      Hi Griffin, good question!
      And thank you Kesia for jumping in!!!

      Your animal does not need to be present, however what I find valuable and fascinating is when you can observe and watch your animal as we go through the formulas. A formula in BodyTalk is like an internal communication that reveals itself through a specified method and protocol. I interpret what is being observed and or going through a change.

      As we move through the changes, it’s interesting to be able to watch how our animals respond.
      It’s not necessary for the effectiveness, just simply a good experience for our own validation and curiosity.
      I hope this helps


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