Cloaking Technique for Sensitive, Wild, Abused or Difficult Horse

Join Güliz and me as we explore energy bubbles, boundaries and safe zones with Cobra, one of the new wildies, who still does not want to be touched.

If you’ve forgotten it, or missed it, I invite you to read Cobra’s entire (fascinating!) story – of how this formerly wild stallion chose to be captured by Güliz and her friend, so he could come join the posse. Why? I think he has lots to share with us humans 🙂

UPDATE: A week after posting this video, one of our Horse Listeners on Facebook posted this comment:

“So I have been using the cloaking technique on one of the mares who is ALWAYS super sensitive to energy and physical touch… Totally different horse in her response, when I cloak and stay cloaked during my interactions with her I can touch her without resistance, or just be close to her without the resistance, she is calmer in my presence and a deeper layer of listening between us both has opened. …First time ever in our 12 year relationship that the energetic resistance has not been there… I always knew she was very sensitive to energy, cloaking is a great to buffer my energy ‘leaking’ onto her, great energetic definer of where I stop and she begins. There is more room for clearer communication, usually we energetically merge, which is not always a good thing when you have a super sensitive horse and a human with baggage… Can’t wait to try it whilst riding. Thank you again Guliz and Jini …Big Hug…” ~ Lahluna Ochre

So I hope that encourages you to play around with this technique – see what happens!

Cloaking Technique for Sensitive, Wild, Abused or Difficult Horse

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