Do you long to experience an authentic
and collaborative way of BEing with horses?

A helping hand across the divide between Doing and Being.
Someone to validate and facilitate your own letting go of control
and simply hold the space for what WANTS to happen…
a space of connected co-creation with enlivened, empowered horses.

Listen To Your Horse has created a virtual ranch – a touchpoint that feeds out to physical locations around the world
where each member ranch is run by fellow Horse Listeners who acknowledge the horse as a fully sentient, wise, powerful being.

We have mindfully selected a variety of intimate equine experiences, at a variety of locations,
so you can choose the ideal experience for yourself, at this time:

The Meadow Family Rescue & Rehab – Wanstead, UK – Emily McDonald

Emily is a certified Equine Behaviourist and we squealed with delight when we discovered her – she is just that delicious!

Emily offers personal consultations with your own animal, or opportunities to hang out with her family herd of five semi-feral horses.

Click here for Emily’s website

Mountain Horse School – Pemberton, Canada – Kera Willis

Horse and nature-based learning designed to heal, enliven and expand our understanding of what it means to be human.

Be sure to check out Kera’s programs for neurodivergent children. Come share experiences with a pot bellied pig, a sheep, happy ducks, 4 chickens, and 3 beautiful horses.

Click here for Kera’s website

Equuarius – Vancouver, Canada – Güliz Ünlü

Güliz is a certified BodyTalk practitioner, Animal Communicator and EquiBow therapist.

She leads experiential workshops and intuition development with a herd of rescue horses – often wild mustangs, donkeys, pigs, a rushing creek and majestic tree elders.

Click here for Güliz’s website…

The Nagata Family Farm – Kispiox, Canada – Kesia Nagata

Kesia offers a Work-Stay program at her 500 acre farm in one of the world’s last intact ecosystems. Rustic camping on the land, off-grid or there are a few motels/B&B’s nearby, if you prefer.

Work on the farm (fencing, chickens, pigs, goats, organic gardening) in the mornings and then hang out with her dynamic herd of five horses during the afternoons.

Click here for Kesia’s website

Flag Ranch – Sacramento, USA – Kimberly Carlisle

Kimberly offers daily work/hang out opportunities with her herd of 40 horses on 90 acres.

Work in the morning and BE with the herd in the afternoon.

Click here for Kimberly’s website