LTYH Podcast: Jax Has An Announcement

For those of you who don’t know who Jax Moonlight is, here’s a recent picture (taken by Kesia):

Join me (Jini), Kesia, Güliz and Juliet on this call as we discuss what’s been happening with the lads up North – particularly Jax – along with discussions about riding, magic, and multiple can’t-make-this-sh*t-up moments.

Listen To Your Horse
Listen To Your Horse
LTYH Podcast: Jax Has An Announcement

Let me know what your favorite part is… 🙂

LTYH Podcast: Jax Has An Announcement

7 thoughts on “LTYH Podcast: Jax Has An Announcement

  • November 15, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Oh wow where to start? So many lightbulb moments and realizations! I try to stay open to the possibility that the universe puts the messages in front of me that I need to hear when I need to hear them …and of course the listen to your horse family is one of the ones I get many of the messages that I need in such a timely manner! This conversation is definitely tingling my senses in so many different ways,
    We know …but we don’t know …that we know! How many times have we all felt that ? It’s such a powerful message it’s there but we don’t even realize it’s there …until it’s there and then we say wow I actually felt that!

    This is absolutely unexpected for me to hear of this evolving connection with Kesia and Jax! The fact that you are all so open to this flow is better then a good novel! Everyone allowing the big picture to evolve! I am curious if Kesia is open to riding Jax if that’s what he continues to convey? I think I remember Kesia has mentioned adventures are something she would be open to with the horses with a ride/ hike approach!

    Kesia the marriage freedom observations is another light bulb moment for me! It does free you in a way that I had never thought of & its so true for me…even after being married a long time!

    The part you spoke of about the herd supporting herd strength is very relative to Banner and buckaroo right now! I believe Banner is getting ready to transition into dying (…”But on Horse time …so different as you said then human time” ) even though he seems/feels more vibrant than he almost ever has?
    He is letting Buckaroo push him and spar with him in a way I hadn’t noticed until now? I thought he was so called “losing “ his space but after you ladies shed light that preparing and encouraging and facilitating the herd strength …is about helping the herd become stronger this feels more congruent with what is happening! Banner nurturing a different strength in Buck! I feel the herd will experience a gaping hole in energy when Banner passes and now I feel a bit of comfort seeing this different perspective …of observing Banner teaching strength to help the herd transition with his physical passing! SO COOL!!

    Contracts are also a very intriguing dialogue you had! Jax wanting all the logistics to be taken care of is eye opening!
    A message I have pondered I was hearing …(always that internal question me or the horse) from Buck a Roo is “ am I yours ?is this my forever home? “ I have told him over and over again that if I am me ..that he always has a home with me! I don’t feel I am his person and I had hoped he & my husband would connect deeply but so far that hasn’t happened! Now I wonder if Taylor… my sons partner and mother of my Gun Sun might be his person? Holding space for whatever is meant to be? I tell him and hopefully show him I adore him so deeply and that he is a part of our herd…now and always! Regardless if I am his person! I know strongly all horses …I have the privilege to interact with teach me so much…weather I am there person or not!
    I do have his Birth paper but he is not in my name as he came from my neighbors and they never put him in there name?
    I will feel into if I should pursue how to legally get his papers in my name and if that would give him comfort and trust in the fact that the contract makes him legally mine! I had never even considered a contract being important to an animal but his message does not seem to go away about ….is he mine? Is this his home? The more I sit with this the more I can understand how the contract could give them peace and emits a feeling of security! Always learning!

    I was taken back by the statement Jini hates to travel? You go so many and have seemed to have been so many places …this seems odd to me? I am also curious where in California the Sanctuary is ? Did you say near San Simeon ? Can’t remember?
    I often ponder on my continued purpose? I wonder if my lack of desire to go anywhere will affect it? I am so content at home since the horses came into my life! I now don’t leave the neighborhood or surrounding 30 miles for weeks or months at a time and I prefer it that way right now! Although an unexpected conversation came up with my son Dylan and Taylor a few weeks ago about moving to Montana and we all seemed very open to the idea? Seems a bit overwhelming at this point since we are just really getting our 12 acres dialed in (approaching it as a forever home) and they just moved next door in July and we have done so much work to there 10 acre place! We all agreed if we moved we would want a 2 home on 1 piece of large property situation…and preferably mostly turn key ready! I am not ready to dive deep into this manifestation yet but it’s out there now so who knows where the seeds of energy towards it lead?

    You know I will look forward to how this exploration for your daughter, her friend , the dog, and of course the singing horse herd manifests this undertaking for them all! So excited you will have someone recording as I feel it will be so cool to watch!

    I enjoy the hell out of you all letting us be such an intimate part of this connected energy! These conversations are so enlightening and so powerful! Truly Thankyou!

    • November 15, 2020 at 10:42 pm

      SO interesting Michelle… and I do look forward to hearing what happens with Buck’s legal papers. And Montana! Even contemplating it will be an interesting journey.

      And yes, I loathe all car and plane travel! I love the IDEA of travelling, but the reality, UGH! And yet somehow I have travelled extensively and lived on 4 continents – all with great discomfort! I am super noise and smell-sensitive and I can’t sleep unless I can lie completely horizontal. So there I am on a 10 or 14-hour flight and everyone is getting at least 4-5 hours sleep and I get zero. Before digital movies came along it was especially brutal. I could go on… but I’ll spare you LOL.

      The Mustang & Elephant Sanctuary only exists in my mind right now… some days I get discouraged and I feel that’s where it may stay. But yes, SLO was an area we were really drawn to. Interesting you would say ‘San Simeon’ when I googled it I got this – which is essentially what I envisioned; a place where wild land and sea meet. And ironically, this place has Elephant… SEALS that visit:

      Another piece of the puzzle…?

      What I keep getting about your Montano possibility is for you to sit with the horses and vision/feel into how much land would make you all feel amazing/abundant? How much land and look/feel would make this feel like you weren’t ‘losing’ anything, but moving onward & upward to the next piece of your life journey? xox

  • November 15, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Hey Michelle! Montana sounds really interesting… I love the idea that you might be even a tiny bit open to the idea even though you’ve been working on your own property for so long. Who knows, right? If it’s right you’ll know.

    I’m totally open to riding Jax, if that’s indeed what he wants and we can figure out how to do it safely and in a mutually enjoyable manner. I have literally no desire left to ride (or train to ride) if the horse isn’t 100% into it. I do think he and I are capable of that level of connection but how and when that takes shape…. anyone’s guess is as good as mine! So for now we are still getting to know each other on this whole new level… I do take him for walks, and sometimes bring Firefly with us out back to boost Jax’s confidence. She walks freely and he comes with a loose lead line. It’s really fun!

    I love that you’re still feeling the freedom in your marriage <3 that says it all right there.

    Buckaroo's story is really cool too... I wonder if he'll settle into you or if he needs that confirmation, and/or if he's waiting for his Person. I know not all my horses are "mine" in that particular way, and yet they choose to remain with me and I don't feel they belong anywhere but here...


  • November 15, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    Hey everyone,
    The part that really stuck out for me in my current situation with Holly is the part about movement, Sioney showing her energy in a physical way.
    As when Holly is herding Jarrah up the hill she looks like Black beauty with her head and tail high and mane and tail streaming out looking magnificent!!!!
    Perhaps her time here is partly about helping Jarrah with his power. Anyway I guess time will tell and all will be revealed. What an amazing journey it all is.
    Also I felt nudged to connect in with the herd more to gain wisdom for my decisions with Hollys situation as it has been quite overwhelming receiving such a debilitating injury and trying to understand why it happened and unravel the way forward.
    So thankyou to all.
    Much love
    Erin 💚🐎🌳

    • November 16, 2020 at 1:13 am

      Very cool Erin – please keep us posted!

  • December 3, 2020 at 10:59 pm

    Kesia, Have you read Horses in Translation by Sharon Wilsie? You might like her description of how she stumbled upon listening to the horse and how that related to riding. It made me think of you and Jax and wherever you’re next adventure might go.


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