LTYH Podcast: Non-Verbal Observation & Acknowledgment

Guliz Unlu recently did a week of Private Sessions for people with the Singing Horse Herd… now join us for this live zoom call where we discuss the messages or themes that emerged from those private sessions.

We also chat about the most recent videos with Ben and Aude – one of the people on the call had a powerful experience as a result of that!

As well, I share some stories about things the horses have taught me. Join us however you wish; video or audio…

If you prefer the audio only version, you can listen here or download it to your device:

Listen To Your Horse
Listen To Your Horse
LTYH Podcast: Non-Verbal Observation & Acknowledgment

There was a wonderful comment on YouTube in response to this video, that I’d also like to share here:

“Hi Jini and Guliz, there’s a wonderful book called The Eagle and the Condor by Jonette Crowley where she shares the spiritual journies that unfolded for her. There is a prophecy about the path of the Eagle (the mind/masculine/science and technology) that is trying to find a balance with the path of the Condor (heart/feminine/intuition/spiritual connection/protecting land and culture). Jini and Guliz, just like you, Jonette is guided to certain locations and is given specific words to say or energetic/physical impulses that are like keys that unlock a new dimension. Areas of the land may hold trauma or new encodements that are now ready to be released. Being fully PRESENT and able to LISTEN (with your ears, heart, body, intuition which you teach) is key to receiving the intuitive impulses.

I also find a correlation with your horses to aspects of this book. Montaro is a golden colour/strong male leader (the golden Eagle) whilst Kaliah is like the black Condor that represents personal power (and also a reference to Goddess Kali). The dualist aspects of what needs to be destroyed to make way for what is to come. Yet the prophecy also mentions that the union of the two would produce a new offspring = higher consciousness. Although Montaro and Kaliah were not a mated pair, Montaro and Audelina (Heart/feminine) produced Juno. Juno has a central blaze of white and White denotes balance. Everything is a sign. I remember you mentioning how playful/goofy Jax (white horse) is yet he also has the balance of being very quick to learn. The dappled grey horse looks like a cosmos of stars – so beautiful. They all are.

Logically I dont know why I need to bring this next bit of info up but I trust it is important for one of you or your viewers to read.

In some channelled info that came through Jonette, Ashtatara says:
“All the guardians of the Earth and all the golden code keepers wait until you knock on the golden gates and say: “I have the key!”

Simply by claiming “I have the key!”, even if you don’t know where it is, even if you don’t know how it works, the doors are opened.

The twelve solar discs that were planted before the time of Lemuria, are awakening now. They are vibrating so intensely. It has never happened before. The twelve become one.”

I am intuiting that your herd, yourselves and those in spirit who guide you are weaving together something more important than any of us currently realize.

When people in fear ask psychics “Where do I move to so that I can be safe?” they dont realize that what they really need is their own INNER FREQUENCY to be one of calmness/centredness/connection to Source energy and then, in each and every moment, the guidance about what to do NOW will come. One person holding this Centered state can energetically hold hundreds of loved ones safe in their field of awareness. Just listen and act on this. Thanks Jini and Guliz for the wisdom you share. I am incorporating what I learn from you both and your horses.

Being Christmas time, may we all remember the many wonderful qualities that the Master Jesus embodied and taught.” – Crystal Heart

I find this comment absolutely fascinating. The super crazy thing is that it was posted to YouTube 8 hours before Juliet and I (not knowing about the comment – we hadn’t seen it yet) had a discussion out in the field with Kaliah and Aude where we discussed these exact same concepts!!

On the same day, I also received two emails (from 2 other points on the globe) with equally astounding information/experiences. I’m hoping to receive permission to share these emails with you soon. If the universe ever wanted to give us solid proof that this matrix is REAL and that we are instantly linked – around the globe – with each other… this was it.

The magic just doesn’t stop. Which reminds me, have you seen/watched the herd’s invitation to join them in an Apprenticeship yet? The first Livestream is going to be Jan 1, 2021 so be sure and take a look if you haven’t yet…

LTYH Podcast: Non-Verbal Observation & Acknowledgment

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