LTYH Podcast: The 3 Lads Head North!

Following on from last week’s blog post, Horses, Big Changes & Chess, we had so many questions come in on all social media channels, I decided to do a podcast together with Güliz and Kesia to explain all the details behind WHY I made this decision, how we chose which horses would go, and why send them to Kesia’s farm?

You can watch the video of the podcast, set to pictures of the herd and their new adventure, below. Three hours into the editing of this video I was seriously asking myself WHY I ever attempted to put pics/video footage together with a Podcast!!?

But by the time I finished, I realized that having the stories/concepts illustrated with pictures and videos helped ME to process this big shift – to piece together all the elements that led up to this momentous action.

Those of you who’ve been Horse Listeners for a long time will recognize the threads and stories referenced in the footage – hopefully it will pull it all together for you too in a deeper way:

You can also download/listen to the audio via the below player, or on iTunes.

Listen To Your Horse
Listen To Your Horse
LTYH Podcast: The 3 Lads Head North!

Are there any big shifts/changes going on in your life right now? Who else has entered the Great Spiral of Grouse?

LTYH Podcast: The 3 Lads Head North!

7 thoughts on “LTYH Podcast: The 3 Lads Head North!

  • December 1, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Thank you for recording this! First of all, the photos are fantastic, and the light is amazing, so for me, this was so visually yummy! I love how you edited this Jini, lots of images related to what was being said. Not easy to do!

    So good to hear the details of the behind the scenes of how this unfolded. Interestingly, I was not wanting to know the why (the boys left), I guess because by having mustangs myself and living a life” tuning in to what needs to happen” vs what I want to have happen… well, it was just what needed to happen in your life now! Nevertheless, when it did, I was shocked that it actually had! 🙂

    I love how this turn of events has connected all 3 of you more deeply. Like you said Kesia, Jini and Guliz are there too now. Energetically, everything’s changed. And I do see that, precisely BECAUSE of who chose to go (the boys of the original herd).

    I too felt right away the energy shifted back at Jini’s, with the remaining herd readjusting. A big breath to be taken by the others, a little more energetic space created, but also the boys’ huge energy missed. They are BIG energy! Wow!

    The big piece that you spoke of Jini, the listening to guidance and asking for help in creating what guidance is indicating moving toward (in this case, adopting the other herd 18 months ago)…. is something I think a lot of us encounter in this awakening time. I am interested in seeing how that keeps developing for you. I know for me sometimes I say “no way” to guidance because it asks something I am not ready for. Sometimes I really want to, but I know it’s just not the time..especially when it has to do with adopting more horses 😉

    I don’t think Guidance is good with timing!

    ON THE OTHER HAND, I really see that moving to the land (or having some land the horses can be on, maybe Guliz can move there till you are ready to, Jini) is necessary and having so many horses to care for, makes it even more of a priority. So you could say that you adopted so many, so things have to get so crazy, that you HAVE to find this place. I can hardly wait for that!

    On my end, I have been feeling a big shift/change/movement needing or about to happen. Actually it feels more like I need to become aware of what changes/priorities I want to give to my life right now. It feels timely with the end of the year, my birthday coming up at the end of Dec, and a new decade starting. It feels like the universe/guidance is calling me to step up, and this time I am ready, and there is a big part of me that really wants this change to happen.

    I have been feeling into this for a couple of weeks, and I hope to devote some quiet time in Dec to how I see it come about. Again, this is maybe a co-creating with the universe, so instead of saying “Oh shit, something’s going to happen”…. it feels more like “Oh, what do I really want to co-create in this decade coming up? What is moving my way?”

    My herd of 4 is becoming more and more precious to me. There is a deeper connection, a unity of souls? I feel less and less human and I feel them less and less horse. Like we are coming together as beings. The barriers are coming down (my barriers 🙂 ) The pretense is falling off. It’s quite beatiful and freeing.

    Thanks for all the sharing Jini, Kesia and Guliz! Much love to all!

    • December 2, 2019 at 11:44 pm

      Funny you should say this Vittoria:

      “ON THE OTHER HAND, I really see that moving to the land (or having some land the horses can be on, maybe Guliz can move there till you are ready to, Jini) is necessary and having so many horses to care for, makes it even more of a priority. So you could say that you adopted so many, so things have to get so crazy, that you HAVE to find this place. I can hardly wait for that!”

      I actually WAS thinking that when I got both sets of wildies! There was a part of me thinking, “Ok, now we’ll HAVE to get land!” In dialoguing with my hubby Ian though, he feels very strongly that adding this pressure had negative effects on our timeline to acquire land. Who knows?? Even the dog breeds the kids and I chose are breeds that need to RANGE.

      I asked my eldest son about this (who has very strong intuitive abilities) about 6 months ago to see if he had any insights and he said, “You’re playing a waiting game. Your kids paths need to be set before you can get your land – and Zara and Hugo are not on their way yet.”

      But yeah, I don’t feel I’ve quite figured out or GOT this “following divine guidance” vs. “pushing back/co-creating” thing yet. I feel there’s some pieces, or qualifying nuances/aspects missing… I like your approach for this coming decade though – I look forward to seeing what you learn/map through the process xo

  • December 1, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    About the GROUSE: We live with them here on this land. I never knew anything about them, not even of their existence. I love their sounds. They make amazing sounds at dusk in the summer, as they fly low all around us. They move their chicks around a lot (I think they start with many, but lose several to predators, as we have seen their flocks dimish as the days went by 🙁 )

    When we bought this property, before our move, in May ’18, we came up to meet a contractor/excavator, and walking the property, we disturbed a grouse nesting. I took a quick photo of the eggs, and moved off quickly, apologizing for the intrusion.
    Less than one month later, we moved here, and even before the tiny home was actually on the land, I went up to see if the nest was still there, and the eggs had all hatched!

    One night while having dinner at our neighbors’ we saw a male grouse in full display, showing off with a big feather display and lots of sounds. They are quite the bird! Hopefully I can learn more from them in the days to come….. 🙂


  • December 2, 2019 at 8:51 am

    Feeling very connected to all of you! I said before this is going to be so enlightening for all souls involved! It actually already has..the podcast had a few great tidbits for me to chew on!
    Jini…you had said …Montaro was there to teach Kesia about leadership…and it sounds like he has some stuff to process & uncover himself! Other species can be very perplexing to horses? Buck has shown me this big time! Dreamer on the other hand the Guru when it comes to this! He seems so at peace and ease with all species! So far I have witnessed him with all sizes of dogs, cats, goats, pigs (he loves pigs) mini donkeys and horses, regular sized donkeys, mules, cattle, & even the giant tortoise that my neighbors found on the side of the road..& we helped find a home! He just vibes with all souls! Have even had numerous Cotton tail rabbits & big Jack Rabbits dart out right under him and he never even flinches…It always astonishes me! Anyway curious to see how the Mighty Montaro will find his peace and ease with leadership? I am sure there is a lesson in it for all of us! I love that your turning the earths requests back..with the caveat that XYZ …needs to happen first…in order to comply! This is something I do well! As I just can’t take on more then I am ready for! Like the tortoise…I so wanted to keep him.but just didn’t have the set up to help him thrive through the winter! But I do put the energy/vibe out that I will when I am ready…or XYZ happens! It does create a lot of harmony in my life…but I do wonder if I miss opportunities to stretch myself in the uncomfortable?

    Vittoria…I always appreciate & enjoy your comments…and look forward to your grouse findings! I especially love your last paragraph in your first comment!

    We are all so connected…even though most of us have never met in person! I do feel this will guide us all to be even closer…as the Trio of wisdom …show and help us reach different depths…as they too…will be diving into the depths of the wilder world!

    • December 3, 2019 at 12:02 am

      I think you’ve identified the crux of this issue Michelle:

      “I do put the energy/vibe out that I will when I am ready…or XYZ happens! It does create a lot of harmony in my life…but I do wonder if I miss opportunities to stretch myself in the uncomfortable?”

      And perhaps there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but this is just a personality/character issue? Some people like to go fast and some like to go slow. Unfortunately, my brother and I have always joked that our slogan is, “go hard or go home!” So perhaps I either need to evolve my character, or simply accept that this is the way I prefer to move through life. Ah! So there’s the new possibility to open up to:

      Perhaps there’s a way I could find the speed/pitch of manifestation that is enjoyable, stimulating and thrilling to me, yet also moderate enough that my physical body is honored and cared for?

      EUREKA! I think this is HUGE Michelle – thank you!! And perhaps reading Vittoria’s comment and then yours – combining our thoughts and energies – provided the opening. Namaste ladies 🙂

      I too love Vittoria’s last paragraph – Güliz chuckles at me when I refer to a horse as ‘person’ in some of our videos, but I honestly do not see any separation/differentiation between humans, dogs, horses, elephants etc. We are all the same – we’re all people 🙂 AND I wonder how much all of our herds are dialoguing/working amongst themselves.

      Imagine if, by us humans connecting in via the blog, videos, etc., that as soon as we make that connection, ZAP the herds link up via the matrix. And so a conversation that was started by Montaro may be carried on by Dreamer, or another aspect of it revealed by Leilani, and so on. And why not?? They spend so much more time than us plugged into the oneness. As someone from South Africa commented on the YouTube vid: “I think your impact is wider and deeper than what you realise…”


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