Spontaneous Animal Communication Session with the Herd

Güliz Ünlü gives us this spontaneous animal communication session with the herd – tuning in and seeing what they have to say to us, at this time.

Güliz with some of the herd

In this video, Güliz talks about the importance of giving animals permission to work with us. Just like our angels, they are able and waiting to help us, BUT we have to ask, or give permission. Güliz says:

“In this video, I am sharing the value of GIVING permissions to the horse, to observe in my body what I need on ALL levels i.e. emotional, mental, super-mental, physical, spiritual.

They can only assist us to the degree of our resistance; where we put up a wall and stop giving them permission to fully see the potentiality of our greatness or health. If we stop them from “seeing all that we are capable of” then they can no longer assist us.

As you understand, EVERYTHING is energy and as I have recently discovered, the observer has an effect on the outcome. When we have 11 of these pure beings observing through THEIR very clear and undomesticated, and ego-less lens, anything and everything is possible. This is where we let go of our logical analytical thinking and drop into simply being and allow them to do their thing (observe us).

For me, the next level of my work is a place where more people have access to this incredible place of listening that I get to guide “clients” into. Its a “next level” for me, because as I state in the video, there was a story of fear (of being seen) and disbelief (that my work is not only valid but SO needed) that I had attached myself just to be “safe”. As you can imagine, the bigger one gets, the more they are seen and the more attention one gets and not all is positive.

The next level for me is smiling the Mona Lisa smile to those who judge or criticize me and my work and my path and be able to go on here (YouTube) and read the comments and not be affected by what I read (for example). It means really being HOME in this work. In the end it is not about me anyways, it is about the potential of the human heart and allowing the animals and Nature to SEE us fully in our greatness. We are what they see. They are co-creating our reality and reality is subjective, based on perspective.”

Are you looking to go deeper in your work? Are you ready to receive greater guidance for your journey? Join Güliz and the herd for this “live” session…

Spontaneous Animal Communication Session with the Herd

3 thoughts on “Spontaneous Animal Communication Session with the Herd

  • May 12, 2019 at 9:47 am

    Awesome session video! Thanks as always for some of the best content about horses. <3

  • May 12, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Guliz, just love your way of “being” and doing “nothing”. Having recently put some of my more controversial ideas out in public, I can identify with the “Mona Lisa” smile. Are you familiar with Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg? He has wonderful tools for holding your own and still connecting with people who differ in opinion. It really helped me engage with people who had very strong and different opinions. In a nutshell, I validate their experience and their emotions about it. And then I share my experience, which is different just because I’m a different human being. My rule of thumb is that only when everyone has the courage to show up and be who they are and share their experience will the world transform before our eyes. It doesn’t mean we’re all going to agree, but it does mean that we will recognize our common humanity. None of us received a manual on being a human, and some received more training than others. It is in the sharing of our experience without expecting someone to agree that the world will become a more loving place.

    I find it interesting that it was Kaliah who cozied up to you. I find all horses nuturing, but there is something about a mare that can take it to a whole new level. This is just me, but I think she is saying, “Go for it!” Another thing I noticed, what a beautiful pink tongue Makah has!


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