Sunset at the Singing Horse Ranch

Juliet and I were both at the ranch on this gorgeous Autumn day – and blessed Tiah was still with us (12 days before she died). She loved it here so much, no wonder she visited the herd and ran with them half an hour after she passed. Güliz sent me a far-away blurry video that she managed to get as Tiah ran with them in spirit, and said she had never seen the herd run and buck like that before.

Join us for a peaceful Fall day – with the herd’s trademark spice thrown in – as we film them in various parts of the ranch and then watch the sunset behind the mountains…

Would you love to join the herd for a Private Zoom Session at the ranch? Or, come in person! Exhale into this space and magical land where everything speaks.

Here’s some feedback from the last session Güliz did at the ranch:

“The session with Guliz was amazing and it releases a lot for me. In fact, I was so inspired after the session that I wrote a poem about my white Arabian horse and me.” – L.H., Singapore

And this is from a session Juliet held at the ranch, the morning we filmed this video:

“I’m still sitting exactly where I was, buzzing with the powerful, indescribable, almost giddy energy from our session! I am totally without adequate words to be able to thank you for our incredible, profound, awe-filled session!! Billion, trillion? Infinite? I Thank You from the depth of my being with love & appreciation” – L.W., USA

So whether you’re feeling the need for guidance, or space-holding to connect you more strongly to your own intuition/guidance, or perhaps you have a specific question, or a health issue? Güliz Ünlü works with the herd at the 160 acre Singing Horse Ranch. And Juliet works with the herd down south in Langley. Of course the entire herd often ‘shows up’ in people’s sessions, including Jax the Wizard. Remember, they are not bound by time/space. And when you go into session and experience the vibration/frequency that is held… you also can move outside of time/space. Currently, there are 5 members of the herd at each location!

Singing Horse Ranch: Montaro, Juno, Cobra, Xadaa, Posa (and Güliz’s 2 amazing horses, Omar & Raven)

Tiny Ranch: Audelina, Kaliah, Makah-Mahpee, Siyone, Zorra

HOWEVER, this spring/summer I am hoping to move the entire herd up to the ranch for our CIRCLE Workshop! It would be fantastic if you could join us – either in-person, or live on zoom.

>>>CLICK HERE for details on all our fabulous Singing Horse workshops.

>>CLICK HERE for lots more details and booking for a Private Session with Güliz or Juliet and the Singing Horse Herd. Namaste.

Sunset at the Singing Horse Ranch

10 thoughts on “Sunset at the Singing Horse Ranch

  • October 24, 2021 at 7:43 am

    Incredible landscape still so thrilled you have come together with the land that was meant for you and the herd! The land and herd will help support your heart from your physical loss of Tiah! ✌🏼💚🐴

    • October 24, 2021 at 2:07 pm

      My heart is actually fine Michelle, the day of her death and the day after were brutal, but I did not hold back on the grieving and allowed my whole self to descend as far/deep as it wanted. So I don’t know if it’s because I gave grief full/free permission… but by day 3 I was mostly clear. Felt like a cleansing. And then Tiah came to me in the dreamtime to cuddle – reinforcing that we had lost nothing. We can still connect “physically” in the dreamtime and of course we can connect energetically/telepathically at any time.

      I kept expecting the grief/missing to come back around, perhaps it cycles, or goes in waves… But nope. My mind/body/spirit is at peace. And except for brief ‘flashes’ I don’t even miss her. Because she’s not gone 😉

      • November 3, 2021 at 5:45 pm

        I am just seeing this and wanted to comment that when my 19 & 1/2 y/o cat died 2 yrs ago (we did choose euthanasia), I was shredded for the first 36 hrs. Just totally broken. But then I felt her, and I started to giggle. And I never felt sad again. In my case, the fact that she was older and her body was pretty broken down, somehow helped my mind adjust or accept that it was OK. Different in Tiah’s case, as she wasn’t old. But if there is the connection to the being who left, and acceptance of what is, it’s all good 😊 Such a relief really. There is so much peace in accepting death and its natural part in our lives.

        • November 3, 2021 at 7:16 pm

          That’s wonderful Vittoria. I think if we resist the process, resist the grief, do not allow ourselves to be completely broken… that then makes it hard for our loved ones to make contact. But if we wholly surrender to WHAT IS and whatever our body/mind/soul wants to feel, do, explore… then we don’t block those in other dimensions from coming through, and reminding us that they’re not GONE – just in another dimension. Or parallel universe, or hologram of reality… and really, there is NO separation. The separation is the illusion. And I would suspect that the timeline for grief, surrender, contact is different for everyone – so no judgments, whatever IT IS, we allow it. Thanks so much for sharing your story. xox

  • October 24, 2021 at 10:22 am

    Beautiful. Such a gorgeous place!

    I love how they are finding places to graze on different plants. I think that is one of the main issues of just giving hay or one type of grass. They would in the wild eat so much variety (if they can find it, of course).

    I am curious to know how they are progressing. What have you noticed in their behavior since they moved to the ranch? Do they feel/act different with the large spaces? Are they spending different times of day in certain areas? When Dakota and Denali were at the 170 acres boarding facility, the boys were separate (unfortunately) but Dakota and his friends would wonder down by the creek and other meadow to eat, then come up to the barn midday, then go to another area, etc. It’s like with a lot of space, they create their own routines.

    Also, how is the land? Meaning, how much of it is pasture, and how much is forest? And it is all fenced? Are you feeling the other horses are moving there soon, or not? So many questions!!!

    Sorry about Tiah! ❤️

    • October 24, 2021 at 2:27 pm

      Yes – they are eating the 25-30 different plants per day that equine ethologists have observed wild/free horses eating (with adequate range). The fact that their nutritional needs are being fully met – along with their psychological needs – was demonstrated on the day I called them to show I had alfalfa. Now at tiny ranch, this would cause a stampede – they LOVE their alfalfa. Here at Singing Horse Ranch (SHR) they just looked at me, and went back to grazing!

      I lad it out in piles and they still showed no interest. The next morning they had eaten it, perhaps during the night. But when alfalfa is *no big deal* I KNOW they’re getting superior nutrition. Remember, alfalfa, as a legume, contains the amino acids that are missing from grass/hay – without the complete amino acid profile, they can’t utilize the protein in their grass/hay. Think of a vegan who has to combine proteins – same thing.

      And yes, there are significant differences in behaviour. I’ll put together a video on this 🙂

      Yes the entire 160 acres is perimeter fenced with barbed wire as they ran cows on there for ages. SO hard to estimate the land/tree ratio… I would guesstimate 60% pasture, 40% trees. But many of the treed areas have been thinned, so there is still plenty of foraging to be had in treed areas and much greater plant variety, rather than just a dense forest. There are definitely lessons to be learned here about how humans can work WITH land to make it even better than just “natural untouched” land. We can actually improve the ecosystem for plants, trees and animals if we practice deep listening. And then also stay really alert to learn from what happens as a result of our carefully considered actions. But FIRST is the listening part…

      • November 3, 2021 at 5:50 pm

        Love that the alfalfa wasn’t the huge draw it used to be. Totally great to experience that! And I did notice in the video how rich in variety the plants in between the trees were. They looked yummy to me 😃

        Looking forward to the videos about the behavior.

        Such a great work in progress to play with the land and allow to co create and make it more magical. That is how I see healthy relationships, all parties – people/animals/land – benefits from the interaction.

  • October 28, 2021 at 10:38 pm

    Such beauty! And bliss!

    I find myself drawn to the young mares. Seems like they grew a few inches when they encountered this landscape. And so touching how Cobra holds them. And that his guardianship over them doesn’t seem to cause any leadership issues between him and Montaro, or disharmony in the herd.

    For a moment there I saw Audelina in her son ❤️

    • October 29, 2021 at 8:18 pm

      Guliz and I were discussing this very thing the other day – how Montaro seems almost relieved that Cobra is taking care of the girls. That there is someone else CAPABLE enough to guide them and keep them safe. Taro is very busy working directly with the land and land energies. Being herd leader and interacting with humans are definitely his secondary concerns these days.


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