The Empowered Mustang: Herd Integration Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of the Mustang Herd Integration story. In this video segment, Siyone and her filly, Posa, arrive. Makah is still badly injured, but slowly rejoins the herd. I have no idea when to introduce a vulnerable little foal to the herd, so the horses take charge and make the decision for me!

The fascinating story of how we integrated 6 new wild mustangs into an established herd of 4 formerly semi-feral horses and 1 domestic horse continues…

Note: For those of you watching on a desktop or tablet, click here to watch the video at a larger size.

p.s. And in case you missed it, here’s Part 1 of this wondrous Mustang Herd Integration.

And Part 3 is HERE.

The Empowered Mustang: Herd Integration Part 2

One thought on “The Empowered Mustang: Herd Integration Part 2

  • November 29, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    Just so everyone knows – there is a VERY interesting conversation about this video happening over on YouTube… this is one of my favorite comments:

    “I feel like Makah is the Holy Man, the Guide, Wise One. While Tarro is the Cheiftan. Both extremely important but Tarro is the more present on. He is wise in the now. He understands the how the when and the where. Then Makah is wise in the future, he understands the why and the what.

    If you know Native American culture, Makah makes me think of Grandfather and the rocks that where here since dawn of time. Tarro is man, the first of Grandfather’s human children, he is the teacher. Makah is the guide. Does this make sense?

    Edit: I just felt this. Makah makes me feel secure. Relaxed, sleepy even. I want to meet him. Tarro makes me want to follow, and encourages me to lead, he teaches me to be more confident and humble.”

    LOVE IT!!


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