Try some Cranial Massage for your Horse

About a month ago, at the request of several horse listeners, we started a private LTYH Facebook group. Of course, if you’re reading this blog, you are welcome to join!

The thing people enjoy about the private group, is that you can share pictures or videos of your own horse, brainstorm ideas with other like-minded people, or ask for help/advice. So one of the members shared some issues she was having with her horse, where the horse suddenly started spooking at things. Güliz Ünlü suggested that cranial massage might help – for the reasons she will explain in the video below.

What I love about this video, is the way Güliz teaches us to follow our own bodies and our FEEL, rather than learning specific spots or techniques. She starts with some purely energetic work on Juno out in the field and you can see how he drops into processing his trauma just from having us focus our attention on it, combined with the intention of him releasing and balancing his head.

Next, Aude comes forward for some quick work – also related to a past trauma. I begin to receive pictures/information from her about the trauma, as Güliz applies light pressure/holding to a couple spots. Güliz is supporting her physically, I am voicing her old story that she is ready to release, we’re both supporting her energetically… AND she’s done. Very quickly. She walks away.

We walk into the barn and Montaro is waiting for us – already sunk deep into meditative state. And so the deeper work begins…

If your horse has issues with spooking, or head injury, mouth pain, teeth issues, poll sensitivity, headaches, or if their face is out alignment (Güliz shows you how to check this) then perhaps some gentle cranial massage is just what your horse needs.

Try some Cranial Massage for your Horse

6 thoughts on “Try some Cranial Massage for your Horse

  • April 21, 2019 at 4:02 am

    Hey there,
    It is so beautiful the way you and the horses flow.
    Thankyoufor sharing this as my horse had a traumatic experience pulling back frantically, when he was stupidly tied by me, causing the lead to get caught under something and he freaked. My fault entirely gulp!
    I was able to get him through the fear, and mine as well, to where he was calm in the end. V scary as he’s a big boy just under 17h and I haven’t had much experience with situations like that eek! We were both traumatised!
    I have had the impression that since then he isn’t moving as well as he could be, so I am feeling it may be due the pulling on his head,after watching the vid.
    I will try the method and observe.
    Thankyou so much for sharing info. Jarrah will certainly be thankful too, as it helps me to better help him.
    I love what you guys do! I knew somewhere inside me there was a more respectful way to connect to horses and I found your website. Yay!
    And it helps me enormously, as I am new to having a horse and want to do the best by him.

    Btw- I feel your horses touching my heart when I watch certain vids, I cry and yawn alot.
    Would you mind passing on my heartfelt thanks to them please.thanks.
    Much Love
    Erin 😊

    • April 21, 2019 at 6:59 pm

      That is so cool Erin! And I think they’ve already received your thanks 🙂 And yes, do let us know what you perceive or what happens when you do this massage for him. Love the name Jarrah!

      p.s. I got your other messages too and took care of the privacy issue.

  • June 10, 2019 at 2:06 am

    Thanks for sorting the privacy issue, much appreciated.
    I tried the cranial massagey thing this am with Jarrah, didnt do too much touching but there were yawnings and lip licking. I also had a pic of him come into my mind of when he was forced to race, not pretty. I told him he would never have to race again, or even be ridden if he didnt want to. It was his choice entirely.
    I also told him how much I loved just being with him and thanked him, as he has opened my heart again to love. Then I sang a little song to him which he seemed to like.
    We then had a couple of hours just meditating and at one stage he rested his nose on my shoulder with my face against his, and we breathed tog. It was magical. What a beautiful soul he is.
    Also my 84yr old mum is staying at the mo and she feels something special from him too!
    It was lovely for her to experience the horse vibe.
    I am learning so much its truly amazing. Thankyou for all you and the herd give. 🐎🤗 Big hugs.

    • June 11, 2019 at 12:25 am

      You’re welcome. And wow, your experience sounds beautiful and magical 🙂 It’s fantastic that you’re taking all these gifts/teachings from the herd and running with them – putting them into practice/action. And thanks so much for coming back here and sharing it with us. It’s just wonderful to hear 🙂 Namaste you two!

  • June 15, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    Hey lovelies! I had another amazing meditation time with Jarrah and the two other herdies.
    I had something in my R eye and Jarrah started rubbing his eye R against me, it was really trippy during the first few mins. The next thing I had a picture of a wee foal all bright eyed and curious about the world, being stalled and little space to explore and how sad it was. I thought it might be Jarrah as a foal but he told me it was Epona and as I looked at her she was v deep in the zone and started to lick and chew.
    After awhile i was still standing by Jarrahs head and tears came,he was just holding space so gently, then Epona (semi wild mare) came in right next to me and held space too! And dear Dreamer was dreaming behind me he he. It was a very special time.
    It is hard to put into words properly as the flow is not always logical or linear if that makes sense. It kind of whirls and time passes so quickly and I don’t always know what is released with my mind, but my body knows, and I guess that is how it is with the horses, they just respond to the energy, so beautiful.
    Though I must say it can be hard to tame the mind at times!ha ha. But despite that something still shifted in us.
    What an amazing adventure,I am so grateful for finding you guys and being able to share special moments with our herds.
    Namaste and big hugs. 🐎🌳

    • June 17, 2019 at 11:08 am

      EXACTLY! Cause when you move into this space with horses/animals – you are outside the time/space continuum. The challenge then is to organize the felt experience into some kind of understandable, linear form so it can be communicated to other humans. It is not easy for sure! But you did a brilliant job here – I was right there with you, sharing the magic 🙂 THANK YOU!!


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