What does a BodyTalk & Animal Communication Session Look/Feel Like?

As many of you know, Güliz Ünlü donated her time and skills last month to help support the Singing Horse Herd. And I heard from many of you who had wonderful, powerful sessions with her. But that still leaves the majority of us wondering what on earth a BodyTalk/Animal Communication session would be like – I mean, what kinds of things happen, and how does it even work?

Well this is one of those things where it’s much easier to show you, then try to explain what happens. I’m so pleased to be able to share one of these live sessions with you. I just adore the honesty and openness of our community and I’m so pleased that one of our horse listeners is letting us have a front row seat to her amazing session with Güliz, the Singing Horse herd, her own herd of horses, AND a veritable bevy of turkey vultures!

Güliz Ünlü is a qualified Linking Awareness (animal communication) practitioner and BodyTalk practitioner. She does in-person sessions and mentoring, but she also does a lot of online, or distance sessions. For these live, online sessions, she uses an app called Zoom – where she and the client have both video and audio running on their cellphone or iPad or computer.

So if you’re the client, you can see Güliz and the Singing Horse Herd on your phone – while Güliz can see you and your herd or animal, on her phone. So all creatures being brought into the session can both see and hear each other, in addition to the energetic matrix that is formed. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Without further ado, here is our horse listener Michelle Martin’s session, and then below the video, Michelle gives us her thoughts and feedback on this session. So very cool.

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Post-Session feedback from Michelle

“I want to start by saying I want to be as open as possible about this process and session with Güliz. I have learned and realized a lot after watching the video again a few times… each time I pick up on more and more. The gift that just keeps giving!

I waited until the day before to make a choice on what question and what horse to have participate in the session. Bullet just came strongly into my mind, with the question we had already been discussing… of would he be okay being the pony/horse to my new 7-month-old grandbaby Gunner (Gun Sun 🌞) and the other babies in the neighborhood around the same age?

Bullet first initiating interaction with Gun Sun

Everything just seemed to come so easily for this session; weather, solitude, Bullet, timing… it felt very Devine! I did put the other horses in their night time area and set Bullet up with a special mash that he finished just before the session started. I tried not to have any expectations and tried to be as open as I could be.

One thing I didn’t mention during the video was about the lower back energy. My husband and I had a very comfortable year financially and we both noticed how our lower backs have not hurt (although other parts sure have… something to ponder) for almost the entire last year – after them being extremely painful before that! This is a revelation that came to me after watching the video re-play.

I love Güliz saying, Energy follows focus! I know and even practice it… but those exact words brought it deeper for me. Sometimes you’re just more open to receive things more clearly and then take it to a stronger level.

As we discussed this thought with Bullet, who was so involved through this process, Güliz mentions feathers, and I love feathers (I collect them whenever I find them around the land). So the idea of a ceremony/celebration/honoring of Bullet and his participation with the children… it just felt so perfect! It’s an amazing way to help support Bullet and myself and start down this new path for us both.

The fact that Kaliah picked up on my heart and throat chakra’s energy was again fascinating and dead on! I don’t think I realized the heart as much as the throat, but the more I ponder the heart, I believe I know what she was trying to bring to my awareness: Although I have come to a place of deep self love, I have struggled my whole life to connect with the female energy/being. But again, I love how she said that I didn’t need to make sense of it all. Because just in this last week since the session, I can feel parts of it getting a bit clearer as time goes on, and that I don’t need to rush any of it. When watching the video session again, I feel a lot of it does not come through as profoundly as I felt it… but it really was deep and connected! Her choice of words and expressions just kept ringing so true to me.

As you might feel and pick up on… I get very emotional over riding… and our conversation and revelations about my perspective on it was one of the strongest shifts for me. I felt a strong energy from Dreamer about this and and how pleased he is about my exploring and coming to a new way of thinking about it, and exercise in general!

Then one of the most unexplainable parts of the session happened… I start noticing the turkey vultures show up! Although we do see them frequently here, their timing and intensity, the extra-low flying right over me, and the vast number of birds was definitely special and very unusual. It felt like an added deep black meaning! When I read this article on what the turkey vultures represent, it all just resonated so strongly with me and the session. I mean, anyone can call all these things coincidences, but when time and time again things line up and fall into a place of resonance… I start to really believe and trust and appreciate the message the universe/Mother Nature/higher power/inside intuition – whatever term brings us to this place of deeper awareness – is trying to help me feel. And then this facilitates a more complete willingness to open my soul and enlighten my life.

For me, that’s the desire, and also what I see is needed in most humans and animals. I know I sure needed to look in the mirror a lot when I first met the horses! They have really shown me how freeing it can be to come to each day with a positive, grateful energy… even when life gets heavy. I think a lot of us are our own worst enemy and need to look inside ourselves for peace and also to see where we need to grow. I know I needed to hold myself way more accountable for my actions and reactions… regardless of how someone else has made me feel. If I look at things from the other soul’s perspective it can really help keep me in a place of openness.

Güliz says towards the end how each conversation was shared for a reason, and that was one of my favorite parts of this session. I was a bit worried that I got off topic about the original idea… but her relaying that message to me felt so good and I could see how important it was that what was said, was what needed to be said… because I needed it to be heard! The whole interaction just felt so intimate and full of grace.

Also at the end, her relaying the message that Nature appreciates me and acknowledges the tremendous connection I have for it was the crowning jewel! I share life with Big Pa Pa Oak and I frequently ask for his guidance and strength and am still awe-inspired that we were even able to purchase this land with such magnificent nature and especially the grace of this magnificent tree! It’s a true miracle to me.

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At feeding time the next night (I spread hay around their night time area in a big track-like formation), Bullet directed my awareness to a black pile directly on the other side of the fence from where he was, on the neighbor’s property. I could see that it was something dead and I figured it was the feral cat I sometimes see around the neighbourhood. But the very unusual part is, I never saw the turkey vultures land near it! Which they always have done – on the dead animals we have left out for them on occasion, across the property by our shop.

When Bullet brought my awareness to the dead black pile, I then noticed black feathers… so neat… so of course I gathered them for our ceremony! This part is way past coincidence to me, for a lot of reasons. One is that I have never found a black feather the whole time we have lived here! The other thing is I have never seen the vultures NOT land on or near a carcass! So this was truly significant. All of this again coming back to black… which I know for some can represent negative thoughts, but for me it’s just power and strength, and now renewal.

Another amazing thing that happened after this session was… this last Saturday I had my grandson Gunner over (just us two humans) and Bullet came over as we were spending time outside enjoying a gorgeous winter day here in California. Bullet was so slow and graceful in his approach and I could feel his willingness to initiate connection again. He had done this briefly one time before with the baby (pictured above), which is when the thought of him being the horse for the baby to learn with, first came to my mind. Their interaction, shown here below, lasted about 10-15 minutes. It really solidified the whole session with Güliz and I am deeply touched and excited about this next chapter with the horses and all they have to grace and gift our family with!

Gunner and Bullet’s beautiful exchange post-session

NOTE: I did say a few things in the session I didn’t care for after watching it back! I don’t like how I used the expression “retired him/them.” I should have just said, “we no longer ride together” – as a way of spending time together. “Retired” brings a feeling that sounds a bit disrespectful to their significance in my life, and paints an image I don’t resonate with. I also don’t like how I said I don’t give money to homeless people… it sounded like I feel I am more than… and I shouldn’t have singled out a particular situation, or even mentioned that! As of this last year I have been focused on my words being congruent to my feelings as much as possible, because I do believe they relay ripples of intention-energy out into the world. So it’s been one of my choices to be aware, and to focus on articulating how I feel more accurately. What I should have said is: I like to support things that resonate deep within me, and animals have always been that for me – my true heart and soul! It bothered me those two sentences did not convey my accurate feelings.”

Thank you…

Personally, I am beyond grateful to Güliz for conducting TWELVE of these 2-hour sessions, often back-to-back, in the short period of time she had to spend here. Honestly, we could not have had worse weather for her to be outside! And the herd and I are exceedingly grateful to each of you who purchased a session. And to those of you who have made donations, and our monthly supporters. Truly we are overflowing with gratitude! Let us end with this picture of the mighty Big Pa Pa who supports Michelle’s land and family – as a symbol of the way we are all connected and this matrix is a web of support for all of us.

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What does a BodyTalk & Animal Communication Session Look/Feel Like?

3 thoughts on “What does a BodyTalk & Animal Communication Session Look/Feel Like?

  • February 10, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    Am I the only one that has noticed the names: Gun + Bullet?

    Honestly, what are the odds???

    Now I’m wondering Michelle – what prompted you to name him Bullet? 🙂

    • February 11, 2020 at 6:55 am

      Wow wow woo Jini….I have never made and can’t believe I haven’t…that association?
      I love it when a plan comes together! Such an extremely cool connection…really appreciate you pointing out!
      Bullet was a name my husband gave to him…he use to be most of his life a big Coors lite drinker (quit after his 50 bday last year) and he always wanted (still does) a silver horse …but Bullet called to both of us…so he got the the name Silver Bullet…(nickname for coors lite) the silver got dropped quickly and I did ask him if he liked the name Bullet and he said yes but more in an ironic way…as he is very slow and steady in his everyday demeanor! Bullet came from a huge horse farm/ranch/sad place…so he did not have a name? I actually call him gravy boat/dark choclatey goodness/bullet bear….there’s a lot more but he is just basically a big hunk of love muffin!

      Oh and by the way the vultures were all sitting along my fence line yesterday…very fascinating behavior ✌🏼❤️🐴

      • February 12, 2020 at 1:44 am

        Oh my gosh – Bullet Bear!!! I ADORE that!

        And SO interesting that the vulture dialogue is still going on… keep us posted!


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