Horse Wisdom Retreat with The Singing Horse Herd & Ginny Jablonski

Online LIVE Retreat

Human and animal soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski, facilitates small group retreats with the Singing Horse Herd, with Ginny facilitating, guiding, or interpreting as needed. Retreats take place LIVE via Zoom with two, real-time, high definition cameras at the Singing Horse Ranch. Ginny says, “The Singing Horse herd brings the frequency, our field FEELS that frequency, and then things can shift.” These retreats seek to heighten our self awareness and enhance our healing journey by partnering with horses who have chosen to be messengers and teachers.

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Activate your Fierce Feminine
for Protection & Leadership

Online Video Workshop

Join us for this amazing journey into building your self-esteem and self-confidence, so you can manifest what you really desire from life or relationships. Learn how to express your anger in a healthy, helpful way, and how to stand in your strength and integrity.

Learn to give yourself permission to BE your whole self. Truly inhabit your calm, grounded strength; amidst all the challenges of your daily life. Learn how to access your mama-bear fierce feminine to set strong healthy boundaries. Whether you’re male or female, you have a fierce feminine that guards your right to sovereignty! But not with aggression (masculine) – with calm, rock-solid assurance. This life-changing workshop will give you powerful tools to live a richer, freer, more authentic life.

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Healing The Wounded Angry Masculine

Online Video Workshop

Were you beaten, abused, abandoned, or traumatized as a child? Are you tired of anger and powerlessness ruining your life & relationships? Release the stranglehold of anger, shame, blame, and being victimized by those with more power.

Jini not only connected with Montaro and Source energy (the Divine) to create these sessions, she also pulled from her own history of rage and powerlessness, from being beaten as a child. Talk therapy alone cannot shift these traumas; we have to go into the actual cellular memory of the body, and then into the quantum field to release the frequencies of emotional wounding. Come try the first session for FREE!

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Online Course

Apprentice under the guidance and wisdom of the Singing Horse Herd. This transformative apprenticeship program usually takes people one year to complete and is packed full of experiential learning, body-soul practices, healing sessions and a-ha moments. Click the link below for LOTS more info and a video tour through this remarkable program of tutelage under the guidance of this magical herd.

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LAZER TAPPING: 4-Week Mind/Body
Healing Course

Online Video Tutorials + Practice Sessions + Live Support Chat

Imagine if you could connect with the trauma stored in your tissues and cells – to liberate and release these locked-in emotions and experiences. Imagine if you had a powerful technique you could use immediately whenever painful events or symptoms emerged…

Now imagine you could facilitate the same connection and healing for trauma that your horse has suffered – because we are all energetically linked – and you could use this technique with your horse, dog, cat, etc. to heal their emotional trauma and physical body…

Find out how your body/soul feels about this healing technique and come try a Free Session with me!

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