Gentle, Energetically-Aware Hoof Care

Do you have any frustration around cleaning or trimming your horses hooves? Perhaps you’re dealing with a difficult situation due to past traumatic experiences (yours or the horse’s!). Or maybe you’ve got a young colt or wild mustang who’s never had their hooves touched?

This tutorial from Jill Henderson Roth (who is a Tai Chi instructor and Reiki practitioner) is a beautiful guide for how to approach your horse to create a respectful, gentler story around hoof care.

I especially love her instructions on what to do with your own energy, and how to hold pictures in your mind of what you want – not memories of struggles!

And if you’d like a quick technique to get you into the right space to have hoof conversations with your horse, here’s a simple yet powerful practice from Jill that takes literally 2 minutes:

If you’re looking for a more natural, holistic trimmer to help with your horse, these are two listings you might find helpful. You can also look for someone who specializes in BLM mustangs, or traumatized horses, and specify your region (in the USA):

Do you have any additional techniques, practices or resources you’ve found really helpful? I’m going to also put this post in the category for horse newbies, so please feel free to share your wisdom with them in the Comments section below!

Gentle, Energetically-Aware Hoof Care

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