The Alchemy of Resilience

Imagine, for just a moment, that you were not afraid of death. Imagine you had already had an NDE (near death experience) so you already knew that death (aka transition to oneness and your most vibrant self) was a beautiful, wonderful experience. So if you were no longer afraid of death, and were at complete peace with transitioning to beauty, joy and bliss when it’s your time… how would you act/behave now?

An increasing number of my health readers have been asking me for my opinion/advice on the covid situation – as they become forced with ever increasing pressure to give up their sovereignty over their bodies, in order to keep their job, or their school, etc. Keep in mind, these are a segment of the population who have worked (or are currently working) extremely hard to heal themselves of supposedly incurable diseases (far worse than covid) and reclaim their lives.

They are not in the same position as someone who’s never been seriously ill, wondering what’s wrong with a jab or two from Big Pharma. These are people whose lives have already been destroyed by drugs and surgery and they’re clawing their way back to wholeness. So I set up a brief, pithy webpage with salient facts (clinical trials, medical journals) and key resources:

And you’ll notice the title at the top of that webpage is: Choose Resilience… Not Fear

Because I don’t think the core issue here is about health. It’s much deeper than that. And if you didn’t notice, we are in a KALI cycle here; where destruction occurs for the purpose of re-birth. The phoenix cannot rise from the ashes, until the current edifice/system/life has burned.

In a number of videos now – both public and in the Apprenticeship program – Kaliah has emphasized the utmost importance of tuning into and following our own intuition/guidance, no matter what. She has told us that is the best way to suffer the least (or perhaps not at all) through this Kali cycle. And also to hold the space for our re-birth; for what we want to emerge from the ashes.

The choices you make for your health are not the overriding issue here. The big issue here is WHO do you want to be in your one short life? What do you stand for? What role do you want to play in forming this new earth that will rise from the ashes? What is your gut telling you? What is your soul yearning towards?

If we are sucked into fear; sheltering and chattering with anxiety, as our nervous system locks down in terror and overwhelm… then we cannot hear our intuition! We cannot hear our angels, our guides, or our own body wisdom. This is the real tragedy.

Imagine, for just a moment, that you are not afraid of death. Imagine you have already had an NDE (near death experience) so you already know that death (aka transition to oneness and your most vibrant self) is a beautiful, wonderful experience. So if you are no longer afraid of death, and are at complete peace with transitioning to beauty, joy and bliss when it’s your time, how would you act/behave now?

What would be important to you for your time remaining on this 3D planet? Are you in alignment with what you came here to do/be? Do you even know what/who that is? THAT is the real work here. That is the deeper work the current political-economic situation is forcing people into.

Or not. Because it’s our choice.

This is my latest collaboration with the herd, the land, our Mother Nature… immerse yourself for 7 minutes…

Namaste ~ the divine in me, sees and acknowledges the divine in you.


The Alchemy of Resilience

Change is inevitable.
It is one of the few things guaranteed in life.
And yet, people are still shocked when it occurs.

If you lived more in rhythm with Nature, you would not be so surprised.
Nature is continually changing; death, rebirth, animals flux, plants vary. This year blackberry has massive growth, the next year plantain dominates.
Always shifting, changing, varying…
How can you make peace with change?
How can you channel the essential reality of Nature up through the soles of your feet and suffuse your body with its endless variation?

In a closed-earth system, nothing is lost. It simply changes form and is re-born again in a slightly different iteration; one of endless variation.

If you truly understood this, would you make different choices?
Would your goals for your one short life change?
Would your values and aspirations change?

What needs to change in your life?

BE that change.
DO that change.
Because change is inevitable anyway.

When you align with change and begin riding the wave, instead of being flooded, battered, or tossed around by it, you align with the natural flows and rhythm of the Universe.

Change is here.
There is no normal.
There is no return to normal.

There is endless change, variation, evolution, creativity, diversity, and flux.
How will you evolve in your one short life?

What can you create?
How can you contribute to this endless variety and diversity of terrible splendid tumult?

Even the tiniest rabbit hits this earth knowing it must zig and zag, run, eat, drink, forage, hide, dive, dig, sleep, birth, nurture, evade, evolve — why should you be any different?
You too are part of the cycles of life, the rhythms of nature. No matter how much you delude yourself otherwise.

When you embrace, receive, and welcome change… you also develop resilience.
In a world of continual change, safety is a chimera. A fool’s dream.
But resilience is a cloak of alchemy.

Do not waste your one short life seeking, striving for an illusion.
There is no safety.
No protection.

A bear cannot hibernate forever. Only for a season. And then change comes again.
When you channel your thoughts and energy into fear; avoiding change and seeking this illusion, this deception called safety… you also give up all opportunity to develop Resilience.

Resilience is your magic wand! Your superpower.
Do you want to mince your way through life, desperately trying to never place a foot wrong?

Or do you want to practice falling, rolling, and getting up again – in a smooth, flowing movement of great beauty?

That is what resilience looks and feels like. We don’t resist the ledge, the stumble, the misstep. We flow into it. We release into change. We fall, we tumble, roll, and back up on our feet.
Resilience means change doesn’t have to hurt.

Change is inevitable.
Change is guaranteed.
Safety is an illusion; a fool’s journey.
Resilience metabolizes change.

Resilience is woven together from knowledge, skills, acceptance, forgiveness, self-love, adventure, creativity, risk, exploration, experience, practice, courage, patience, persistence, authenticity and art.
Do you have those elements in your life? In each day?

Do not seek to avoid change.
Instead, weave together your Wizard’s cloak of Alchemy, your superpower cape of Resilience.

(c) 2021 Jini Patel Thompson. All rights reserved.

*Feel free to share as long as you credit Jini Patel Thompson as the author and include the website:

p.s. If you love the clip with the eagle as much as me, you may be wondering what type of eagle it is?

Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)

This species of eagle is native to the Philippine forests. Their plumage is brown and white, but they have a crest of white feathers around their head, which some feel gives them the appearance of a lion. Their irises are a distinctive gray-blue color. They measures about 1 meter in length (3.3 feet) and their wingspan is over 2 meters (6.5 feet). They are also known as the monkey-eating eagle, because monkeys are one of their main sources of food. Sadly, the Philippine Eagle species is listed as critically endangered, due to pollution, illegal hunting, and mining.

p.p.s. And if you’d like some help with opening to and increasing your resilience, come tap-along with me to shift your fear (and the longing for safety) at a cellular level, in this free session on Lazer Tapping (EFT) for Not Feeling Safe & Increasing Resilience

If you read the comments underneath this tapping video, you’ll see how helpful and transformative it is for many. Just remember to drink a glass of water before you begin and do the entire 30 minute session in one go. Don’t start if you don’t have 30 minutes to complete it! Simply repeat the words I say, and tap-along with me on the various acupuncture points. Get ready for shift and feeling a whole lot better 🙂

The Alchemy of Resilience

10 thoughts on “The Alchemy of Resilience

  • January 2, 2022 at 7:54 am

    I am a bit surprised that after seeing this blog a week later there are no comments?
    I figured with Covid mentioned it would spark a big response like all the other posts I see?
    This is close to my soul right now in this chapter of my life!
    Dreamer aka…Mr nutrition and health started me down this health chapter of my life! A couple of years ago he asked me to give up eating animals? I told him after over 50 years of being a big meat eater that was definitely not going to happen! Then he foundered and it was the first piece of the “Change-ultimate shift”. It sent me into a deep dark depression knowing I caused his suffering with my over feeding and killing him and all the horses with my love through food! I did hours and hours of research and learned a lot. Then Roofus a Red Bone Hound came into our lives and I came across a post with a dog feeding group that really resonated with me. That was the second piece. It lead me down a big hole of learning all things species appropriate.
    Then my husband and I watched a few documentaries and we decided to try eating a plant based diet for two weeks. It stuck and that was over a year ago. For the first time in the spring of 2021 I did not suffer from any seasonal allergies! This was mind blowing to me? It was definitely another crucial piece to this big change and shift in the way I thought about health. Now over a year later and transitioning more and more away from processed and more towards whole fruits and some vegetables (not all.. as for what I have come to understand… are species appropriate) my health is getting better and better. I gave up garlic (reluctantly) and now the chronic stomach pain I have had for the last ten years is gone. I now drink almost a gallon of water a day …as I have come to learn so many of my issues stem from being chronically dehydrated. Cooked foods take a huge amount of water to digest in our bodies. I eat a ton of fruit and keep striving to make changes that serve my health. I have even abstained from cannabis for over three months (although I don’t really want to) because my body and Dreamer strongly suggested it!
    Now as I head towards the age of 53 it seems so foreign to me that we don’t equate what we put in our mouths , on our bodies , and subject ourselves to …that it affects our health in every way? We seem to be so bombarded by the message that it’s just the luck of the draw and that we are sick because of? Take medication it fixes you. When all it is …is POISON, We are in complete control of our health and everyday is a choice of making it better or worse.
    Let me state up front I am very fortunate that I have not suffered from any huge scary health problems! But at the age of 51 I was declining quickly and I knew I needed to make a change or thriving with the horses was not going to be the privilege I adore in the future. Now I feel stronger…mostly in knowledge of being aware of how the body works and flowing with it not against it!
    The horses keep saving me over and over again. They have helped me shift/change my mental health perspective and now my physical health and as we all know it is all connected. Everything we do affects everything we are! It’s never to late!

    • January 2, 2022 at 10:52 pm

      I know, it’s weird – lots of comments on the video on YouTube, but nothing here. Who knows??

      I wonder if Dreamer’s going to get you into fasting next… But YES I totally agree with you that the bulk of humanity has no trust in their ability to become or remain healthy. I think this is at the root of the fear people have about getting ill. PLUS, just as with growing our own food, most people have invested no time into acquiring the basic skills of health and healing. I have over 300 pages of Home Remedies on my site at – these are all protocols that have been tried-and-tested by thousands of my readers, all for free. If people could get even a basic fluency in doctoring their own body, our whole world would change.

      Our family MD fired me and the 3 kids last year, because we hadn’t been to see him in over a decade. We don’t need to! The only reason Ian is still his client is because he’ll get a physical/bloodwork every few years, just to check in. But I know that most people honestly believe it’s impossible to survive or be healthy without medical monitoring and intervention. They have lost trust and relationship with their own body and it’s incredible ability to heal. And they lack the basic tools. Even in many indigenous cultures, I’m amazed how small their medicine bag is and the majority of people don’t know how to treat themselves. Ah well, all part of the changes we need to make on this planet!

      On my part, I bought a Masterclass membership again this year and will be learning wildnerness survival with a lovely woman who has trained the US army. I took basic training at summer camps as a kid, but she has an entire chapter on knives! And another one on ropes. Well worth learning 🙂

      • January 3, 2022 at 8:28 am

        I have been intermittent fasting for over a year! I have also done a few 24hr fasts! Of course you mentioned this because I have my first two day fast planned for this week or next! I want to go deeper into cleaning my terrain! I wish horses could fast without ulcer issues plaguing them? I think Dream could really benefit from them? I also plan to fast Joker (Catahoula Leopard Dog) for a 3 day fast! Because I feel his gut really needs an extra push to heal completely from all the toxic jabs he got while in the care of my sons ex GF! ✌🏼💚🐴

        • January 3, 2022 at 5:37 pm

          I think you’d have to be very careful and get a full YES before fasting an animal… otherwise you may push them into famine-fear and that takes a LONG time to get over.

          What I do with my dogs, is feel for when they’re not too hungry and then tell them no food today, just like if you were in the wild and you couldn’t make a kill, okay? And the next day, if they’re still hungry an hour after their regular food, I’ll give them extra lamb necks (frozen so lots of chewing – very satisfying) until they’re no longer hungry (usually just takes one or two).

          I also only feed once a day – again, in the wild, they would only hunt once a day. And no one in my family uses treats as love, rewards, etc. When we’ve had people visit who give treats in this way (even though raw) I’ve seen it really skew the dogs away from their natural instincts regarding food, into a human/emotional relationship with food. The only way I use treats (dehydrated liver) is to keep a bag in my truck. After 3-4 hours out in nature, I’ll chuck them a piece and then dig into my bag of chips or nuts – we eat together. I’ve left them in my truck for 2 hours unsupervised and they’ve never eaten the bag of treats – even though it’s just in the side of the door where they can easily access it. When I come back from dinner (which is why they’re in the truck waiting for me), I give them a piece. It never feels needy, beggy, frantic etc. The emotional energy is calm and no big deal. Make sense?

          I’d love to hear what happens, or what you’ve already learned/experienced… xo

  • January 4, 2022 at 8:07 pm

    I understand where you are coming from but I forgot to mention Joker caught and ate a rabbit a few weeks back and he now has tapeworms. When he is having his plant days the worms come out & on meat days they don’t! We usually do a 2/2 rotation. So I feel a fast is hopefully the best way to get rid of them permanently. I have decided to do it with him! He is not a food dog so I think he will handle it quite well and I will devote some special extra time and energy towards him while we embark on a 48hr fast together …it will be a first for both of us! I Will update you after we conclude! It started for us tonight at 5:45 so I will end it it on Thursday at the same time! ✌🏼💚🐴

  • January 9, 2022 at 8:14 pm

    Well joker and I completed our first two day fast.🤗

    I had some detox symptoms that were uncomfortable the first day from coffee..but because of it have not drank coffee since! I had wanted to give it up because I knew it was not beneficial for me …but thought I would wait for spring …but felt why go through those symptoms again? The second day I mostly rested after morning horse duties…I started to get really hungry around 1pm and should of just broke the fast then but waited another couple of hours and experienced some extreme light headed symptoms then started sweating profusely, so I broke the fast at 3:45 (2 hrs short of 48hr) but I am proud of making it that long! I did however over indulge on homemade fruit smoothie afterwards and felt pretty uncomfortable the rest of the night so went to bed early.
    Woke up the next day and felt great! Next time I will strive for 60 hrs but will wait another 3-6 months before I attempt again.

    Joker did amazing…he expelled tapeworms almost every 1/2 hour to hour the first day. Not through poop just crawling out his bum. The second day no worms at all. I had broke his fast right before mine and fed him meat ….but probably should of chosen plant’s?
    The next day I was so hopeful he was clear but he got my attention while horse poo picking and showed me he was pooping and when I went and checked it out, there were five big tapeworms 😞 The next day was also a meat day and more worms in his poop that he again made sure was easy for us to locate. The following days up until now have been plant days and he has had a few worms each day crawling out his bum …but none in his poop that I have found anyway? He had only one today that I saw and I checked a lot! He has been so good about me invading his privacy…as I know he understands the why.
    My husband is going down to an area with a store that sells bulk raw pumpkin seeds tomorrow so I will start feeding them to him as soon as I get them. I had wanted to do this sooner but have been out of pumpkin seeds and there are not any in our little town stores …where we live.
    I did ask the tapeworms to please hurry and finish cleaning his toxins and vacate his body ASAP!
    I will update again as we hopefully make progress! I refuse to poison him so will keep searching for other options! ✌🏼💚🐴

    • January 10, 2022 at 7:17 pm

      Oh I can imagine – all that fruit (sugar) after nothing for 2 days – Doh! This process with Joker is fascinating… I wonder if the meat after a fast made it *easier* for the tape worms to attach to the meat/food and be excreted?? Perhaps they held on, rather than let go? And I cannot think of why the worms would just crawl out his bum on their own? Unless he is becoming an inhospitable host (not enough food, or you’ve changed the vibration/resonance) so they are leaving? Omg so many questions! LOL I’d like to know how much pumpkin seed he’ll eat… and I wonder if he would ever eat Neem leaf. What about DE (diatomaceous earth)? Have you researched/tried that? Also, have you seen this article?

  • January 12, 2022 at 5:55 am

    Anything you post, Jini, is of interest to me. Thank you for everything! The Herd’s lessons and your translations of behaviors are so important and very much appreciated. I look forward to the status of the Herd and also of You, Guliz and Keasia and others that join you. I value the Herd and being able to come along on your journey gives me insights that I never would think possible. I feel gratitude to be a viewer of this path that you are on. It is interesting to notice within myself, that The Herd is always with me and so are You and the crew. It may sound strange since we have never met, but it is true.

    • January 14, 2022 at 1:05 am

      I totally believe you Deb – and I think it’s wonderful. This is something the herd keeps saying, over and over again, “You have no idea how connected you all are.”

      We are truly a matrix, a grid, points of light on a spider’s web… our collective energy, development, and focus on what we want to experience on this amazing planet is SO SO powerful.

      And not surprising that we are also moving through things, and developing, collectively. Onward and upward!! Giant hugs from ALL of us xox


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