Will the Horses ever Accept the Sheeple?

The saga of the horses and the Katahdin/Dorper sheep at the Singing Horse Ranch continues. Montaro and Juno were together with goats and cows at Kesia’s ranch, but they and the other horses have never seen sheep before. The herd is also territorial of the ranch and they regularly run deer and bears out of their space. Will they ever accept the sheep?

I hope so. And I hope the horses will eventually allow the sheep to graze together with them, so the sheep have added protection against predators. Mama Sage is 7 years old, so she may have encountered horses before, but the lambs have never seen horses either. This conversation/dance is an interesting one…

p.s. If you missed the first part of this conversation, between the pups and the sheep, with the horses’ initial reaction, and then Montaro going in the sheep arena with them, you can watch that here.

What was your favorite part of the video? Let me know… And if you have any sheep stories to tell, please share!

Will the Horses ever Accept the Sheeple?

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