Stories of Horse-Human Telepathy

I’m so pleased to introduce you to the wonderful author of some of my favorite novels. And I’m not the only one, as she has sold over 70,000 books on Amazon to date!

In this interview, I ask Lynn whether she is ‘channelling’ as she writes and where she thinks the ideas and wisdom transmissions come from? We also discuss how she went from competitive equestrian rider to advanced horse listener (it’s quite the remarkable story). Which leads us into a whole discussion of riding, giving the horse choice (and what that looks/feels like). Along with a deep discussion of the mirror-healing process that horses engage us with and what that looked like for Lynn and her soulmate horse, Pie. And so much more good stuff!

Lynn Mann is the author of 10 fabulous novels about humans and horses in the world of the Horse-Bonded. If you’re looking for story-based examples and instruction in animal communication, then these books will enthrall you!

The plot lines and action are riveting, the character development pulls you deeper with each novel, and there is ongoing instruction – through witnessing what happens between horse and human – of how to connect deeply/telepathically with your own horse. Does it get any better than that?!

As Lynn said afterwards, “That didn’t even feel like a podcast.” Nope, just two people willing to be fully authentic and chat about how these amazing creatures have transformed our lives and helped us evolve.

You can watch the video of our interview, or listen to it as a podcast – your choice!


Stories of Horse-Human Telepathy

2 thoughts on “Stories of Horse-Human Telepathy

  • March 7, 2023 at 8:10 am

    There are infinite nuggets of truth on every page of this book. Thank you for sharing the wisdom. I’m not one to ‘study’ in a traditional sense but as I read this ‘story’ I feel the wisdom infiltrating my personality and soul.
    Take for instance that I was introduced to twelve step living at a young age and all of the steps, traditions, concepts and promises drive how I perceive the physical and spiritual world as I understand it. Now add mysticism, other dimensions, incarnation, we are all one. Everything is All That Is. Okay, I wonder how much I am capable to assimilate, to take in during my sojourn here in this body, releasing the pain from past lives. The writings in this book don’t build one concept on top of another; it swirls with wisdom of the ages.
    It is a strange thing, fear. It lies. I hear something and make it mine even when it is detrimental to my health. Take for instance that my voice began to crack and waver when I sang. I saw a doc who said my vocal cords were ‘damaged’; they cross over each other. Well, if things are as they should be, then I will sing with this new voice. I stopped because ‘it sounds awful’… a judgement. It used to sound ‘beautiful’…. pride. My vocal cords are damaged; this I have believed. To think that my belief allowed song to stop. No, I can sing. Go deep, find the right tone and sing for healing, for truth, for love and light.
    I well remember when I ‘straightened’ up because fear left. I pulled my shoulders back unconsciously; I had no mentor, no teacher. Fear lived in me and that action … the opening of the chest and heart made fear leave. How wonderful to be reminded of ‘the day’ I realized I didn’t have to walk in fear. How very relevant it is to know that personality can work together with the soul as one unit. That we can be whole not separate as horse and rider demonstrate in this book….to achieve ‘the ultimate.’
    My daughter has fallen down the rabbit hole of alcoholism. My husband was diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ blood cancer. The land my house is on is barren. Things are as they should be and I will settle down in my stall and munch on my hey. But I am not powerless.
    What I can do is learn how to extend light and love. I will sit in the sun and sing, I will walk barefoot on the land I am asked to love and care for. I will even enjoy the bunnies, deer, and yes, even the rats, whom I judged to be damaging elements (woeful) on the land when they eat ‘my’ plants and make nests in the bank of soil behind the house. Oy vey!
    I have all these seeds that are germinating under lights that will be planted in this land. Do your hear that???? ‘seeds germinating under light.’ It is all the same lesson. Nothing can hide in the light of The Great Love. All is exposed in Its time as the soil of my life is changed to allow for the new planting.

    • March 7, 2023 at 5:45 pm

      What a beautiful – and wholly accurate – review of Lynn’s book, The Horses Know. And let me tell you, each of her 12 books is no less impactful. They are all simply awesome, each a true gift and another layer of teaching and wisdom-transmission, that builds upon the ones before. Hopefully we will see the first Audiobook version in the next year, which will make this entertaining, enjoyable expansion journey available to even more people!

      And love your dissection of where fear lives and shows up in your own life. Lynn goes even more deeply into fear in later books (we discussed one of them on the show) and seeing it played out in front of you, with the characters each making choices… again, it’s profound.

      I look forward to hearing what spring/summer unfolds to on your new piece of land. xo


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