Kaliah’s New Apprentice

When people join the herd’s Apprenticeship program and I clarify that they are not apprenticing with me, but rather, they are apprenticing under the herd… sometimes people are not quite sure what that means.

So when I received this email from one of our members, I asked her permission to share it with you as it illustrates perfectly what apprenticing under the herd looks and feels like!

“Since my last email where I recognised my fear/resistance of my own power whilst in the presence of Kaliah, she has been helping me greatly! I have been standing in front of her with many of my triggers/issues that have come up for me in the last couple of weeks. When I stand in front of her/face her, feeling her power, I feel into my own trigger/emotion and notice where I am with it and my own power (or disempowerment) in relation to her.

As I do this I can see/feel clearly where I’m at, and I start releasing it there and then. It’s been so lovely to be able to do this with her. I never realised I could work this way with a horse. My own horse (now in spirit) is always helping me (or trying to!) and she also is immensely powerful but I just haven’t understood that I can work in this particular way with her (actually until right now as I’m writing this! ha…)

One thing in particular happened last week as I was out walking. I had been feeling into my inability to know how to move forward in my life, (with my work as an animal communicator/energy healer) and so I was standing in front of Kaliah with this feeling and noticing where I was feeling it in my body and then releasing it. After about 20 mins of releasing I checked back in to see where I was with my power in relation to Kaliah’s. I noticed that it had shifted and I was feeling a bit better, but I could still feel my fear of not knowing how to move forward.

At this point I felt Kaliah become more present and she communicated with me that I am not walking forward alone, that she/the horses are with me. I felt this wonderful sense of feeling together with the horses, walking into the unknown but with them right by my side. That was pretty special!!

Other triggers have been coming up one after the other, (which is why I haven’t moved on yet in the apprenticeship, as wanted to finish this bit with Kaliah) all in relation to my work as an animal communicator/energy healer, as more horsey people are asking me to work with them.

As horses are my true love and my greatest wish to help, I really want to do well when working with them and because of this all sorts of insecurities and self sabotages are coming out of the woodwork for me to see. Thankfully, I’m recognising them and standing in front of Kaliah with them, and they are changing/shifting. I am feeling her fading a bit now, so it will soon be time for me to watch the next video in the apprenticeship. Kaliah is just incredible isn’t she? It really is an honor to be in her presence.

I shall now go and stand in front of my own horse in the same way and see what happens! 🙂 I’m loving this whole experience with the horses so far! Thank you so much!!” – S.H.

The horses may also work with your physical body. This is a comment in one of the Modules from another Apprentice:

“I redid these exercises. This time I did Part one with M in her paddock. I believe that I heard my other horse comment that if I would start taking my time with my chores I would start enjoying life again instead of my usual pity party of having too much to do and having no time to play with the horses.
I waited a couple of days before Part 2. I was expecting something philosophical. Instead I noticed that my lower back didn’t hurt. I have been doing much physical labor with soaking hay and shoveling wet manure aside from the usual pre-holiday stress. Yesterday I did a lot more physical stuff than usual, playing catch up. My back still doesn’t hurt. Thank you.” – B.H.

The herd’s teachings can also apply directly to work, business or the way we dance with money energy:

“What fun! It is helpful to me to have examples in this video of what it looks/feels like to get out of the intellect/thoughting and into an intuitive/feeling/holding space — and getting completely present. I like the ‘close the circle/loop’ because I often find myself working for months on a project with no loop closing. Sometimes that happens because the project never bears fruit and my mistake was not seeing the writing on the wall sooner. Sometimes it’s because that’s what it takes to make money: building something of value to offer which can take time to give the right form to. But it’s a great way of saying, if you don’t close the loop you will burn out. Now, I’m going to go share all this with my husband, he needs to know about closing the loop…” – L.B.

I know for myself, the herd’s teachings are timeless. There are many modules that I have gone back to multiple times, depending on what’s happening in my life.

One of the most interesting things that happens for people – which I did not predict – is that their own horses or animals come forward and join in with whatever the herd is teaching! They may challenge their human to action what they’re learning. Or they may use it as a springboard for a deeper discussion, or get their human to apply their new awareness to their current situation. So very cool 🙂

You can check out the Apprenticeship program here – and I added a new video that takes you inside the program so you can see how it’s laid out and what exactly is in each Module.

p.s. One of the main questions people ask is whether to sign up for monthly or lifetime membership and what I can tell you is that no one has gotten through the program in less than a year. So if you can afford it, it will be cheaper to get the lifetime membership. Either way, if you join and realize it’s not right for you, you just email me and I refund your money, no problem 🙂

Kaliah’s New Apprentice

5 thoughts on “Kaliah’s New Apprentice

  • November 5, 2022 at 4:11 pm

    I have rarely related to someone as much as SH! My fear of doing it wrong is one of the main reasons I’m afraid to start the apprenticeship program! Now to work out finances.

    • November 5, 2022 at 5:35 pm

      Oh you can’t do it “wrong” Katya 🙂 They will guide you and teach you. It’s all good.

      You can also ask them to help you get the money. That’s how I got the mortgage for this ranch. Remember, money is simply a form of energy.

      • November 6, 2022 at 6:54 pm

        I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I realized my response in life has always been to get *smaller* out of fear. I’m going to work up to feeling “worth it” while I gather the money intentionally. Thank you, so much, for sharing this incredible experience with all of us.

        • November 6, 2022 at 7:50 pm

          Great job of leaning in Katya! There is an excellent book, with an entire chapter on money, called Existential Kink by Dr. Carolyn Elliot. She tells her own money story and how she transformed it (she was sleeping on friends’ couches) by first identifying her shadow aspects around money and wealth – it is just great. I highly recommend it.

          • November 7, 2022 at 1:12 pm

            Thank you, I’ll check it out!


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