Cobra’s Healing Journey – The Conclusion – Part 4

If you’ve been following Cobra’s healing journey on the blog here (or on YouTube), you’ll remember that Cobra lived wild on the range for the first seven years of his life, then he was captured and kept in a small pen. His owner began the process of training him to accept touch, wear a halter etc.

Then, without warning, and unbeknownst to his owner, he was castrated in the middle of the night by a drunk man. When his owner come out the next morning, he saw Cobra and the pen covered in blood.

As tears ran down his face, he opened the gate and let Cobra free again. You can read the full story of what happened next and how Cobra came to us in this post.

At the end of last summer, my husband Ian and I trailered Cobra out to the Singing Horse Ranch, to join Xadaa, Posa, Juno and Montaro. Six months later, Cobra has fully healed and completely transformed his trauma into empowerment and strength:

Cobra’s Healing Journey

For those of you who missed the earlier videos/stories of Cobra’s healing journey, here they are, starting from the beginning:

Part 1

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Cobra’s Healing Journey – The Conclusion – Part 4

4 thoughts on “Cobra’s Healing Journey – The Conclusion – Part 4

  • April 3, 2022 at 4:58 am

    Had happy tears running down my face watching Cobra’s healing journey. Thank you deeply for sharing his profound story. Cannot fathom the concept of brutal violence from that drunk man – hope he got reprimanded. Cobra’s cute facial expression when being scratched was adorable. It was also inspiring to see the man who was afraid of horses to work up his courage to scratch Cobra. Lovely inspirational video, lovely mountain ranch view. Grateful to see this. Blessings. Question: Do I have your permission to add your website in my resource page in my website?

    • April 3, 2022 at 9:35 pm

      Awww that’s lovely RaVen 🥰 And yes, please and thank you for the add!

  • April 9, 2022 at 3:21 pm

    This is so special to see him so free and welcoming of human touch! He is a great example of healing! Obviously your support has been a big factor! Not a lot of humans would of approached his situation the way you all did!
    I have a few questions? I see Raven and I think his name was Omar? Are now out with the others? How did that happen? Last I remember they were content being by themselves in there own paddock and not ready to be with the others? Maybe you will do a post on this?
    Also is that an enormous arena in the background? If yes is this part of your land? Or is it a neighbors?
    The herd looks like they are thriving looking forward to when they are all back together and curious how all the reunions will go and if it will affect Raven and Omar?
    So thrilled for Cobra and all his healing!

    • April 11, 2022 at 1:29 pm

      Well you saw how Raven and Omar behaved in a domestic situation on 5 acres (the front part is about 5 acres). So when they went to the ranch, even though we initially had them separated in a 7 acre field, just BEING there began to shift them too. After a few months, Guliz felt it was time/safe to let them out with the herd for a few hours/day. She just kept following the signs from the horses and there have been zero incidents. Even though both Posa and Xadaa have come into heat multiple times. The LAND has enough scope for Raven to express his true nature, so it’s not coming out in aberrant/destructive ways.

      This is what I said to Linda Kohanov way back when I did a workshop and worked with her horse Indigo. She felt his behaviour was due to his personality – and the gift/teachings he had to share with humans. And I disagreed, I said, turn him loose on 100 acres with true CHOICE as to whether to work with humans, or not, and you will see a completely different horse.

      The irony is, we’re probably both right! Because Indi chose Linda and her circumstances, and those circumstances produce a character that DOES make him a helpful teacher to many humans. Perhaps that was his purpose for this incarnation? Only Linda knows, since she has the karmic link with him.

      Anyway, Montaro will often give way to Omar – who is quite a bit older and holds a true “elder statesman” energy. And Raven is a bit unruly. But there is plenty of space for everyone to do/be who they wish, so no troubles.

      And yes, that is a 80×20-foot pole barn and it is ours 🙂


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