Dolphin CHOOSES Dental Work with No Anaesthetic

I recently read this article about 3 dolphins who were rescued from horrible lives of circus and hotel performing. They were healed, rehabilitated, and then released into the wild.

But, before that could happen, the oldest dolphin had no teeth – they were all worn down below the gum line from his terrible living conditions – so he was unable to catch or eat fish properly. His chances of survival in the wild would be very low if he couldn’t feed himself.

So the rescue worked with 2 dentists to pioneer a novel procedure of putting crowns on the dolphin’s teeth so he would be able to feed himself – 22 crowns in total!

And here’s where things get really interesting, as you can see from this video, the dolphin chose to have all 22 crowns done, of his own free will. He was free to stay and free to swim away, and he also had no sedation or anaesthetic for the entire procedure – which took 3 days.

If you have any doubts left at all in your mind, that animals are fully cognizant of their own body’s needs and desires, or that they’re fully sentient and capable of choosing the treatment, medicines, supplements etc that are right for their unique body… this video should put those doubts to rest:

How often have you forced treatments on your horse, without allowing them to choose, without allowing them to have a voice – for their own good. Whatever your reason – and I’m not judging anyone here, you do you – it doesn’t negate the fact that your horse actually does know what their body needs and wants. And is fully capable of making a wise choice about their own healthcare. I have seen this demonstrated over and over again – and shared those stories here on this blog.

The question is, do we have the courage to let our animals own their own bodies? Or do we insist on controlling them for our comfort, our desires, our difficulty with witnessing suffering (sometimes animals/people want or need to suffer, it’s part of their path or growth). We also have an assumption that animals experience pain the same way we do – maybe, or maybe not.

Or do we control them simply because we don’t know how to let them choose? We haven’t built that fluency of communication, trust, or relationship? If you find yourself in this position, start today! A great way to start is to let them self-select from a variety of herbs. Take a look at this list of herbs that are safe for horses and that all 11 of mine have eaten – based on the description/benefits, choose which herbs might benefit your horse. And then let your horse decide which ones they want, when, how much, etc.

You can also use this method to test and determine how your horse feels about certain supplements. Again, how much do they want, how do they want it given/fed to them, and so on.

Enjoy the journey!

Dolphin CHOOSES Dental Work with No Anaesthetic

2 thoughts on “Dolphin CHOOSES Dental Work with No Anaesthetic

  • September 4, 2022 at 4:48 am

    This is great, there is growing interest and understanding of animals choices and how to support domesticated animals. Eg Caroline Ingraham here in UK has amazing resource book “animal self-medication”
    She was recently interviewed on pet parent longevity summit too. Fascinating process and respect for animal bodily and emotional wisdom.
    (Not connected, just a fan of her work)


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