Laminitis, Cushing’s, Founder – Healing Session for Your Horse

Although Montaro is doing well and has been back out with his herd for almost 3 months now, some elements of his healing journey will certainly be useful to others who are suffering. If you have a horse with any kind of metabolic or inflammatory condition, tap-along with me as we address the possible emotional/metaphysical causes for these conditions.

We are using Lazer Tapping (EFT) in this session – an acupressure mind/body/spirit healing modality. If you’d like to try a free Lazer Tapping session with me for yourself, then sign up here, and see how it feels to your body/soul.

NOTE: Although this session is a surrogate session tailored for animals, if YOU have any kind of inflammatory condition, you may find yourself ‘borrowing the benefits’ of the session:

“I joined you in the surrogate tapping for your horse, Montaro. His condition just spoke to me. I’m going through a difficult time with my ankles and I thought, why not! I do not have a horse or any pet, so I included my daughter’s dog in the tapping. He is 13 going on 14, and has the usual things that happen in older beings. I cannot tell you how he was affected by the tapping, I don’t communicate with animals the way you can. My own condition though has improved! The swelling was down by half, and the heat has diminished tremendously. The ankles are not as red as they were before the tapping. I am so grateful!” – A.M.

Remember that we are all ONE in the matrix of energy, so we can link to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is why the horses are so rigorous about humans learning how to hold healthy boundaries! But in cases like this, where we hold the space of healing and positivity, it’s a wonderful ability to access.

If you try this session for your horse(s) I’d love to hear how it felt, or any a-ha moments that arose…

p.s. Feel free to share this post or video with any person or group you wish – there are so many horses now with this baffling condition! If you post it on your blog or social media, just make sure to link back to my site 🙂

Jini’s Laminitis Hoof Remedy

Shake well and apply once per day, using glass dropper to flesh just above coronet band on hooves, and also to the entire heel on every affected hoof.

WARNING: Read these safety considerations before using DMSO.

Apply to flesh just above coronet band
Apply to the entire heel of each affected hoof

If the horse shows signs that the remedy is super itchy, or, if you notice the heel getting irritated or sore, then 5 minutes after applying the remedy, also apply a layer of cold-pressed castor oil.

Castor oil will prevent irritation from the DMSO and also encourages circulation. If your horse has super sensitive skin, then you can also reduce the amount of DMSO to only 30% of the 4-ounce bottle, keep other ingredients the same, and add extra colloidal silver to fill the bottle.

I also found this excellent article on herbs for laminitis, so we brought up stinging nettle and cleavers from my pasture in Langley, and transplanted both to the ranch. I also found this wonderful local seed seller and ordered: Lomatium, Great Blue Lobelia, Lemon Balm, Feverfew, Evening Primrose. In addition to being great medicinal plants the horses can self-select, they produce lovely flowers for the bees. I also have seeds for: comfrey, calendula, echinacea, wild bergamot, and lavance, already at the ranch.


These healing journeys are always very interesting parallels between listening to and interacting with the horses’ spiritual self versus the horses’ physical self. And this seems to mirror in our own lives the dynamic of juggling between listening and respecting the horse/divine guidance, and co-creating by also using our own wisdom and desires.

And being able to discern when to do which!

When do you listen, and when do you take charge and direct? BUT still be listening and willing to change course in the midst of directing! None of this is easy, but certainly, a worthwhile and rewarding path to walk.

Laminitis, Cushing’s, Founder – Healing Session for Your Horse

6 thoughts on “Laminitis, Cushing’s, Founder – Healing Session for Your Horse

  • December 5, 2022 at 11:20 am

    I connected with my pony Querida (remotely) who suffers with laminitis flare ups and followed the session of tapping. Wow – I got this sense of a green ball of light in her womb. I have had this sense that her laminitis flare ups may be hormonal before but never that vividly. I will connect with her again tomorrow and see if there is more to discuss. Although I work with energy and healing with my herd I have never tried the tapping. At the end I sensed a heart connection from Querida which was lovely. Thank you for sharing this. I am very grateful.

    • December 5, 2022 at 4:16 pm

      You’re so welcome Karen! And yes, Lazer Tapping is a wonderful companion therapy to have in your healing toolbox. I have to say, the horses request Tapping far more than they request Pranic Healing from me. Although, I have found the same efficacy in my own healing journey, to be honest. Well at the end of the day, it’s ALL good! And each of us is drawn to the modalities that resonate the most with us. It will be interesting to see what comes up when you go into her hormones… which are often hugely affected by emotional issues, karmic contracts, beliefs, etc. And love that she streamed her gratitude from her heart xox

  • December 29, 2022 at 11:56 am

    Hi Jini,

    Thanks so much for this remedy. I just mixed it up and noticed that the bottle is hot. Is this typical?

    • December 29, 2022 at 12:28 pm

      Yes Kate, that’s normal. And it can become warm again each time you shake it. Let us know how it goes!

  • January 8, 2023 at 10:38 am

    Thank you so much, Montaro, Jini & co 🙏🏽 I did this tapping session for my lead mare who seems to have hypothyroidism (like me); Cushing’s and metabolic syndrome are at least ruled out. I did it at the house after I had spent time in the barn and felt her join me. Soon after our grand old mare, turning 38, joined us as well. After a long life and many babies and lots of riding and a brief limp last week she really needed this too. And it was so liberating and empowering for me as well; you get so tangled up in your worry and your projections, that it gets in the way of pure listening, joy and love sometimes with your beloved horses when they’re not well… A little later when I went to the barn for my evening chores. And the energy around the herd was so light, happy, relieved, and energised ❤️

    • January 9, 2023 at 1:40 pm

      Awww so beautiful Sofia! Lovely for you to hold this space and offer this gift to them xo


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