How To Ask the Universe For What You Want… And Get It

Siyone literally ordered me outside on the porch to film this teaching from her to all of us. She proceeded to give us a brilliant live demo of how to ask the universe for what you want with right energy. How to hold your intention and desire, whilst not putting any pressure or contraction on the process. What does active surrender look like? Watch the video and you’ll find out – surrender, rest, and patience are not always passive, inactive states!

Siyone shows you the exact same process I used to purchase this 160 acre ranch, when I didn’t actually have the money, and no one thought I would get approved for the mortgage. In fact, two banks had already turned me down. BUT everything is energy. And if we can learn how to dance in this space of manifesting at the frequency layer, life gets a whole lot more magical and satisfying.

How To Ask the Universe For What You Want… And Get It

2 thoughts on “How To Ask the Universe For What You Want… And Get It

  • October 8, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    I absolutely loved this post. I started believing in manifestation about 15 years ago. After I watched an Oprah Winfrey episode about vision boards. I made one and almost everything that I had put on the board came true. The things that did not were either not in congruence with my current alignment or things I had not put enough still peaceful energy into. I have learned when I live my life as congruently as I can it flows so astonishingly! It has been incredible to observe how it all unfolds. With humans (probably animals too?) I feel gratitude is a huge part of manifestation. If you are grateful for each day and all it brings and try to understand that all pieces are part of the journey …even what may seem to be very awful or negative at the time. Some of my roughest times in life have lead to the most wonderful things that have flowed my way.

    As I observe in this interaction with Siyone and the herd …not expecting or being impatient is such a big part of it. Just holding space that the universe and flow will come your way when it is time.

    I also (as you might remember) have been putting the energy out for many years to find a Iike minded horse friend that was not so many miles away. At first a few years back I thought my wishes had come true with the new neighbor that moved across the way from us. But that did not unfold the way I had hoped. We are still friends but she wasn’t in the same place as me horse wise….and now I realize that’s ok. I was disappointed at first but then realized that expectation is not the energy to allow flow. So I did some work on myself about how my expectations of friends (in the past and present) was unhealthy for me. I was the only one disappointing myself not them! They were perfect just the way they were. I was the one who needed to understand the healing that was needed in myself. So I worked on where that was coming from inside of me and held space that when I was in a better place that a like minded friend would come my way, Sure enough it has now happened …she is as woo woo as me and also a hoof junkie🤩 She is about 20 years younger and lives about an hour away …(and that’s ok) but it has been so fascinating to see how and why the universe brought us together. She is walking such a similar path as me …in regards to horses and life in general! I have been able to help her with my perspective and it’s been so amazing. My expectations still flare up a bit but I am very aware of them and I process through them and it really makes a difference.

    Jini you (and the horses ) have been a bigger part of my journey then you will probably ever know and I absolutely adore you and the communications , learning and trust we have shared. ✌🏼💚🐴

    • October 11, 2022 at 8:11 pm

      Oh Michelle, I hear you – those dratted expectations!! They create even more havoc when the friend does not have good boundaries, or is a people-pleaser, because then they ‘become’ who they sense you want them to be. Except that it’s not who they really are, so they can only maintain the illusion for so long (but often YEARS). When their real self asserts itself, you can feel betrayed, hurt, bewildered, angry etc.

      This is shadow work for many of us, I suspect. I too have learned to get more honest and manage my own expectations. This allows me to more clearly perceive who the person actually IS. And to own that knowledge/intuition. This may feel disappointing at first, but I know it is saving me major heartache down the road. I have learned to hold friends loosely. Allowing them lots of time and space to be who they are, and to come and go as they need to.

      Because when we are rigorous with our own shadow work, personal growth, manifesting, etc. we also become a strong mirror to others; showing them what’s missing from their own life/self. This can be hard to take – especially if the friend is in resistance to her soul’s growth. I have had friends leave for up to a decade, before circling back around. And many just are not able to move forward in this incarnation – they’ve gone as far as they can/wish to. So again, it’s not personal, and there’s nothing you can do about it. A mirror is inert, and cannot change it’s function/effect. It simply IS. It’s like someone who tries to make herself less beautiful so she doesn’t make other women feel bad about their looks. NOT a good idea and won’t work anyway!

      I’m so pleased you’ve found/magnetized a person you enjoy and can share interests with – there are few things more lovely, enjoyable and stimulating than a good friend!


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