The Geography of Belonging – Horses & Love in Zimbabwe

Join me for this far-ranging discussion with Oriane Lee Johnston, author of The Geography Of Belonging, as she journeys to Zimbabwe on the advice of a horse.

Oriane trained in Equine Guided Learning with Deborah Marshall on Vancouver Island, co-founder of EFW-Canada, who was one of Linda Kohanov’s original Epona instructors. Later, Oriane brought Linda herself to Hollyhock for a workshop.

Oriane also offers Tarot readings for guidance on your life, projects, organizations, or relationships.

Our discussion ranges from horse guidance, to elephant encounters, to ancestral healing and cross-cultural relationship challenges. Oriane also asks me some questions about what’s happening now at the Singing Horse Ranch and my plans for the land and horses in the future. Enjoy!


Show Notes

Oriane’s site for tarot readings and her book, The Geography of Belonging

Spotify soundtrack for the book

Soft Foot Alliance (managing elephants and other wildlife co-existing with humans in Zimbabwe)

Horseback Safari in Zimbabwe

Workshops or Apprenticeship Program with Jini’s herd of wild horses

Any further questions for Oriane or me? Leave them in the Comments section below… 🙂

The Geography of Belonging – Horses & Love in Zimbabwe

2 thoughts on “The Geography of Belonging – Horses & Love in Zimbabwe

  • October 17, 2022 at 8:19 pm

    I thought I new you fairly well and realize I had no idea you had a website with your name on it. That also includes a podcast and a separate blog from this one. I knew you had your health business but was not aware of this cool website. Glad I found it.

    The first topic of manifestation was interesting in regards to how we don’t fully grasp all of what our hopes and desires might bring to us? That’s why in one of my last comments I said not all that I have wished for has come true and realize the universe most likely has my back and knows better. So much to ponder on all the fascinating points you asked her about, and brain and heart expanding.

    This conversation discussing this book was a gem. One of my favorite take always was the idea that the writing process is a way a further exploring experiences. I love to write and have also started voice messaging a fellow friend, horse listener that I have deeply connected to in Germany, while we send voice messages back and fourth it has been very cathartic for me and I have learned so much and dove even deeper into so much of what we discuss and reciprocate with each other. We are both horse junkies and it’s been amazing. But I connected to this idea of the added benefit of writing and elaborating on experiences and topics as a way to process more fully.

    I have not been doing a lot of reading this last year but know this passion will flow back to me at some point. I have read and researched a lot in the last many years and I think this year has been about doing. But this book will be on the list when reading comes back into flow.

    I did catch a short mention of Omar and Raven …is this lady the previous human they came from ? If so…I was curious why she moved them on? If this is something you can speak on?

    As usual looking forward to how the singing horse herd and the 160 acre land will unfold and what all will be called to happen?


    • October 21, 2022 at 8:13 pm

      Hey Michelle, the JPT website is fairly new, but the water hole post of a couple weeks ago is also on that site. I’m going to be expanding that new site to include broader topics of animal and land communication, not just horses as the months go by. So excited about that!

      I am so pleased you have found yet another like-minded friend! This seems to be the year of friendships for you. Awesome.

      And yes, Oriane is Raven and Omar‘s former owner. She had actually emailed me and a few other people when she realized she was not in the place to physically care for them anymore. As she got older, the physical work and lifting just became too much. So she only reached out to people she knew to find the home where they were meant to go, to continue their work with humans.

      I’ve been working on the next water hole post, which will be on the JPT site as well, but I will also send it out in the LTYH newsletter, so don’t worry. You’ll see it 😊 ❤️


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