Mischief, Feed Dishes & Increasing Awareness

I arrive to find most of the horses on this freezing cold day literally bathed in mud to their bellies. What are they up to? Then Ms. Kaliah has some messages for us about holding our own space and being responsible for our own safety. Watch Kaliah school Zorra and teach her to take her awareness and spidey-sense to the next level…

What stood out for you in this video? How are you doing with setting calm, healthy boundaries around your time, space, energy and emotional output? What have you learned from your own horses about how or why this is important? Comment below! 🙂

Mischief, Feed Dishes & Increasing Awareness

6 thoughts on “Mischief, Feed Dishes & Increasing Awareness

  • April 9, 2022 at 3:50 pm

    Spacial awareness and attuned awareness in general is something I have always felt was one of my strong attributes! I pay attention to all the changes in the neighborhood and almost always know when a new animal has arrived! I pride myself on knowing most the animals names on the road especially the horses! My husband doesn’t seem to have this quality and it baffles me how much he doesn’t notice in day to day life? He is extremely intelligent and very capable of self sustainable life so not being aware as I think he should be has always baffled me?
    I do admit though that the horses have snuck up on me while cleaning the water trough out a few times because the water spray noise is loud and my head is buried in the trough and the area in front of it is sand so very quiet for there movement so after watching this I realize I do need to ramp up the awareness a bit like you described eyes/awareness in the back of your head so when your head is down or turned you still feel energy approaching!
    You talk about Cedar in the future…I thought the clearing of the land was coming soon? Has this changed? Are you not as under the gun now for moving the rest of the herd?
    How much time have you been able to spend in the new land space? Have the horses especially Audelina expressed desire to reunite with Taro and Juno?
    I miss the herd being all together although I know they can always be energetically! But the physical interactions were such a favorite of mine!

    • April 10, 2022 at 1:03 am

      Hey Michelle, well that Cedar is closer to the riparian area which will be protected. So it might be spared, I’m not sure. Regardless, I don’t think the development will happen on that land for another year.

      I did indeed spend a week up at the ranch and just got back a few days ago. I have incredible Cedars at the ranch! There is so much on that land that is magical and powerful and just blows me away. Someday when this VAX/reset stuff is over, you will have to come and visit. I am filming things as we go, but then of course the editing takes 20 times longer than the filming.

      What’s really interesting about the ranch, is the way the land is asking for healing, restoration, boundary setting etc. so one of the things that we’ve had to do, is Ian and I, as the contractual owners, had to walk the entire perimeter and let everyone know the rules for our ranch. All the relationships need to be negotiated and have boundaries set. And of course we are looking for ways to welcome and honour all creatures, and to live together in a balanced healthy ecosystem. So one of the results that we have seen already, is the deer and the elk are on the land daily. But because they don’t have to worry about being shot at or attacked, we are seeing these incredible natural behaviours that I have never seen before.

      The bears are just waking up and coming out of hibernation, so we haven’t seen them yet. But the marmots are popping up and will soon be breeding and reproducing. Most of the people in the area shoot and kill marmots immediately. But we are going to talk to them about the three areas we’d like them to stay out of: the two hayfields and our garden. And the rest of the land they are free to inhabit. We’ve also asked them to let the horses know where their dens are. Marmots are excellent food for coyotes, bears, and large eagles. So again, we want to encourage a balanced ecosystem and let nature express its wisdom. so then by leaving the coyotes their natural food source, we are hoping that makes it easier for them to respect our boundary around our chickens and pets.

      This kind of negotiation and boundary setting has worked brilliantly with all the wasps and hornets at the barn here, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work equally well with the creatures at the ranch. And of course we will negotiate as we go along, if there are factors I’m not aware of that need to be taken into account, I’m sure the animals concerns will let me know!

  • April 12, 2022 at 1:10 am

    Thank you Michelle for your questions which were mine too and thank you Jini for filling us in because it’s all highly interesting as always! To hear about the ranch….
    As to the content about staying alert, safety, etc, I guess being over-alert also is part of this mix leading to seeking out too much safety! The main theme for me lately is balance and staying centred, avoiding either extreme of the polarities; finding equilibrium is a full-time endeavour…!
    I love seeing the horses do that and how you picked up the lesson Kaliah was teaching Zorra. Once you pointed it out it was very clear to see.
    Appreciated so much in this video, including the appraisal of Cedar….xxxxxx

    • April 12, 2022 at 11:03 am

      Thank you Ray! And yes you bring up a very good point about getting unbalanced in the other way, of hyper-vigilance. That is so destructive to the nervous system.

      However, what I’ve experienced with the horses is not the vigilance of the conscious mind. It is having that primal sensing activated. I believe all us humans once had that ability, but we don’t need or use it anymore and so it feels like we have lost it. But if you spend time with a wild heard, who moves seven times faster than humans, after a few months it will most definitely turn on! And then the vigilance becomes effortless . Because it is not governed by your conscious mind. It just kind of runs in the background and only comes up to the conscious mind when necessary. Hope that makes sense!

      However, as Zorra demonstrates here, when our conscious mind is really taken up with desire or an agenda, we can ignore or not perceive this primal sensing. With the wild horses, this never happens.

  • April 13, 2022 at 5:51 pm

    When I watch our Rock Springs wild ones it astonishes me how much responsibility they give to foals. The older foals spend a LOT of time watching out for their mothers and aunts as they graze. I’ve always attributed this to the fact that they have the time with their heads up, not grazing, but watching this makes me think it might also be a crucible of learning.

    • April 16, 2022 at 9:08 pm

      I agree – I was AMAZED how hard Montaro was on Juno from literally the day he was born. Montaro’s #1 priority was that Juno leap to his feet the second Montaro asked and then know which way to run (i.e. know which direction Montaro was asking him to move). Only after Juno learned this, did Montaro begin their love relationship. Safety first, love after 😉


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