Kaliah’s Final Journey Part 2 – How To Manifest the Reality you Want

Master teacher Kaliah has an incredible tutorial for us on how to combine our thoughts and energy to create a frequency that then calls our desired reality to us.

Watch as she teaches my husband Ian and me how to be absolutely impeccable with all the layers of our being, to create the congruent frequency that matches the vibration of our desired reality.

This is quantum physics translated into a concrete example we can grasp. Grab a cup of tea, and prepare to deep dive!

In this second video (Part 2) of Kaliah’s journey from the coast up to the Singing Horse Ranch, Ian is still working with his Money Game stuff. But Kaliah’s physical needs are also coming forward.

This is the first time she’s ever been alone in her life. What a brave soul to choose to be the last horse left on 30 acres alone.

Aside from the emotional issues, there are coyote packs continually around her. There have always been coyotes on this land, but it has gotten far more intense as housing developments have spread to all the areas around this one. So the wildlife is getting squeezed onto the few remaining areas and likewise competition for food has greatly increased.

And then residents complain when coyotes and raccoons eat their cats. Honestly, what else are they supposed to eat when we’ve taken all their land?!

Bottom line: Kaliah is not able to lie down and go into that deep REM sleep that horses and humans need. So her nervous system is getting cranked sky high. Both Zara and I come out a few times to give her the opportunity to sleep, while we keep watch. But honestly, a lone human is not much protection from her point of view. I think if I’d had a dog or two with me, she may have laid down – but all the dogs are up at the ranch. I knew from day 1 that Kaliah was a warrior, but boy, did she ever prove it through this ordeal.

Note: This is Part 2 in this two-part series, click here if you missed Part 1.

The podcast Ian talks about in the video is from Next Level Soul: The Secret Japanese Art of Attracting Money with Ken Honda

I have also read Ken Honda’s book, Happy Money, and it is quite good.

Regarding the “5 MONTHS LATER” update at the end of the video – we trailered Kaliah in May 2023 and two of the items on that update happened in October – just in time for me to publish the video!

Kaliah’s Final Journey Part 2 – How To Manifest the Reality you Want

4 thoughts on “Kaliah’s Final Journey Part 2 – How To Manifest the Reality you Want

  • October 22, 2023 at 4:06 pm

    Oh wowwow wow! What a deep teaching. I am so grateful to you all! It was so touching when Montaro an Kalia connected. Beautiful.

    • November 16, 2023 at 10:04 am

      I’ve always seen them as the two anchors of the herd. Sorry for the delayed reply – just rescued your msg from my spam box, no idea why it got put there!

  • October 29, 2023 at 1:25 pm

    Wow this did not disappoint even the slightest! I will say again Ian is just remarkable. I love his authenticity and his realness! He’s so darn relatable and I adore his commentary during and after the process! The ending written comment about all that has come into his life is such affirmation of the lessons and shift that the horses help us learn! They are not who do the work on us internally (we need to do that) but they definitely seem to be willing to be in less than ideal circumstances for us…and to then facilitate all that is needed. I have experienced this time and time again…as I know you have! In one sense it seems wrong to me that they make these sacrifices for us but I do believe in the grand scale they of course know the why and how! They are such selfless beings in so many ways! Such an incredible master class in so many emotions and energies. Again my complete kudos to all of you but especially Ian because as he said he is not horsey. For so many of us they are our passion but to dig deep and stay the course and then reap the fruits of his fortitude to hang in there is so cool to see!

    Thanks again for sharing this last part of the transition of horse bodies to the new ranch!
    I noticed Kaliah seemed to travel quite well for the brief snippets you showed? Was this the case? She didn’t seem sweaty or overly fast? I’m sure she was internally stressed and maybe even exhausted but she appeared to have kept it calm for this journey home? Would love to have you comment on this part?

    Also very appreciative that you captured some of the reintroduction to the herd! I am so intrigued and in awe of herd integrations and reintegrations it really is fascinating.
    Love seeing Zosie in her power! Neat to see how she has evolved from since you two first came together!

    Looks like all of them are doing very well and it also looks like the burs are still robust! Any new thoughts on them or have all of you just made peace with the burs?

    • November 16, 2023 at 10:13 am

      So sorry for the delayed reply on this Michelle! Just rescued 5 comments from my spam box, and will definitely be more timely in checking in the future!

      I agree with you, I too struggle with the concept of them making sacrifices to teach/help us… I’m okay as long as they are not sacrificing their health or creating physical pain for their bodies. I have to draw a hard line there. I don’t think that is helpful to either horse or human in the big picture. And as you know, I’ve been dialoguing with horse and animal consciousness on this very issue for some time now.

      And yes, Kaliah traveled like it was a breeze. The trailer doesn’t stress her at all – which is why this process surprised me. But at the same time made it clear to me this was not a physical trailer loading issue!

      We have made peace with the burrs and I have created some powerful medicine from burdock root. When I meditated with burdock last Fall I received the message that, “You don’t know what we can do. So you can cut us down, but don’t cut too much because you will need us in future.” Will be interesting to see how that unfolds over the years… xox


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