Heart Opening Meditation with the Herd & Land

This short yet powerful heart opening meditation was led by human and animal soul whisperer, Ginny Jablonski.

It was part of our Land Gathering Ceremony – that Juno and Montaro asked us to hold with the herd’s Apprentices. Juno woke me up at 5 AM on Sunday (2 days after Montaro’s liberation romp) in order to communicate some things, and to ask that we do some work on behalf of the collective, and every being on this planet, and of Gaia, herself.

Juno showed me that Montaro had generated a tremendous amount of energy around this phenomenon of Sacred Rage. He had created the opportunity for us to join together, and facilitate a critical shift/healing/opening. We were not to waste this great work, Montaro’s gift to this world at this time.

What is sacred rage? What kind of rage is sacred? And I was shown the first nations, the aborigines and their holy rage at what was done to land they have successfully stewarded for thousands of years. And in a mere 100 years, the devastation and destruction that has been wrought is nothing short of incredible.

How does Gaia herself feel about what has been done to her flesh and her blood (water ways)? This, too is sacred rage. It is sacred because it is appropriate and it is a holy fire intended to burn away what doesn’t belong, to burn away the rot. Like cauterizing a wound. So that the body can then heal without sepsis occurring.

So we were not to waste this opportunity for great healing and shift that Montaro had created for us. Like opening a portal in the fabric of the universe. It had come at tremendous sacrifice, and was a great, great work. WE were needed to do the next piece. And so we did.

As one of our Apprentices wrote:

My guidance was to participate connected with the gathering in meditation – so I don’t know what you guys did on the call, from what I saw – it was spectacular! I was instructed to beam golden Love into a gold, global grid that covered entire planet. I observed all that follows as if floating in space.
Golden Light wings as large as Earth appeared on either side of her, they looked just like snow angel wings(in motion.) Similar wings of gold appeared above & below Earth, these also appeared to emanate from our planet & be in motion. This process continued until a bluish/white crystalline liquid (from on high) flowed into Earth’s grid, as well as flowing / filling all the spaces of her grid in totality.
Then (within Earth) topaz colored, crystal like objects came alive with Light in some areas of the planet’s interior. Blue topaz colored, crystal like objects appeared in other areas of Earth’s interior, also came alive with Light.
Infinite gratitude to you & SHH for making this possible. I am told this endeavor was wildly successful! ❤

The Heart Opening meditation I’m sharing with you here, was a small, yet powerful part of the ceremony. It stayed with me, with no effort, like a permanent shift in function. I hope you enjoy and benefit from it as well.

Heart Opening Meditation with the Herd & Land

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