Stories from Animal Communicator Ginny Jablonski

I really enjoyed this interview with animal communicator, Ginny Jablonski. Due to her own healing journey and two NDE’s (near death experiences) she brings a unique level of complexity and fluency to her work. This is not just about ‘what my horse wants to tell me’, but she looks at a much broader picture, including the soul’s purpose, entity attachments, soul guides etc – for the horse and their human.

*If you want to skip straight to the horse stories, start at 24:30 minutes

You’ll notice in a few of her stories, the animal is mirroring the human; using their body to message or communicate with the human for the human’s growth and evolution. In other stories, the issue is with the animal themselves; anything from karmic contracts, to taking on things they shouldn’t.

I’ve been deep in discussions/learning with Montaro around this issue of horses absorbing negative stuff from humans. One of Ginny’s clients writes about what occurred with her horse, Spritel:

“…because he felt like a failure due to his injury, he willingly opened his heart trying to heal the suffering of my clients and all of humanity, especially in this past year of Covid. He felt a profound sadness, his heart filled with compassion for humanity. But when he sent out his heart, the energy of humanity’s pain, their feelings of unworthiness, their uncertainty, their fears that resonated with the frequency of his own, returned to him, filling him with humanity’s grief and pain. Spritel had walked to us by this point, gently sharing space with us. His head was low, at heart level. His eyes were soft, half closed.

He had never learned to regulate his own energy, never learned to manage his own wounds and, by coaching wounded people, he was absorbing their wounds as well.”

If you’re involved with equine-assisted therapy or coaching, I would love to hear your experiences on this phenomena. What do you do to protect/shield your horses? Does it work? Do you have any stories you’d like to share? Please feel free to write as much as you like (or link to an article/post) in the comments below… 🙂

UPDATE: For more on this very important topic of how to NOT have your horses take on the energy/illness of others, please check out these two posts:

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Stories from Animal Communicator Ginny Jablonski

7 thoughts on “Stories from Animal Communicator Ginny Jablonski

  • July 1, 2022 at 12:07 pm

    This was an enlightening interview! The one that most closely resembles my personal experience was the pony who told her he was tired of hearing his traumatic back story used over and over again and that he wanted it to stop!
    You might remember Banner conveyed this to me several years back that he was tired of me focusing on how lame he was and that he was so much more then his compromised hooves! It took him many attempts of sending me this message to finally figure out it was coming from him but I am so glad it sunk in!
    I now realize Pity does not serve the soul!
    Banner turned 27 yesterday and he is thriving! I no longer pity him but celebrate all that he his! This and along with trimming according to David Landrevilles approach has him moving better then he was in his early twenties! Despite all the ringbone, sidebone, arthritis and extremely thin soles! He is a true testament to not giving up on any soul if they don’t want to give up. I have also seeked and animal communication for him a couple of years back after he colicked twice and was told he wanted everything in his diet simplified and to quit with all the extra herbs and minerals and salt and and and! I am such an over doer and it was not helping him thrive! I have since implemented this approach with all four horsemen and am very pleased with how well they all are doing! I do realize this goes against so many who believe all these things are needed and so very beneficial to the horse…I know I felt that way deeply. I do keep observing for signs that they are lacking in anyway …but so far have not seen evidence of this!
    I have also told you a few times I feel Dreamers founder was to help me discover and educate myself about my own health…and I do believe you Jini were a direct catalyst for helping me make this connection. I did not and still do not like the idea that animals will harm themselves to help us but I do believe they do! I understand now that Contracts and karmic energy are all an intricate part of life. I do want to say that the lady doing the interview seemed to still be holding on to negative energy about past experiences with her horses and about some humans! Which I am sure we all do …but definitely something to try and be aware of?

  • July 1, 2022 at 11:50 pm

    Totally unrelated, but I’ve seen two interviews done by the blonde woman and in both she is continually fixing her hair and posing like she’s taking an Instagram selfie! I keep thinking to myself: if you actually practised everything you talk about, you would not be so concerned with your looks, as you would love yourself the way you are. But that’s just me being judgemental I guess! LOL

    Anyway, so glad to hear all four of yours are doing well and I’m not surprised you received the message to stop doing so much. I think the ideal for horses is to provide them the natural environment and variety of forage that they need. And if you can’t do that, then provide the supplements free choice! If they can choose how much minerals, and of course you make sure those minerals are actually balanced correctly, which most commercial supplements are not unfortunately! One has to follow the work of Dr. Juliet Getty and adjust the ratios, especially if your hay and grass is high in iron, or selenium , or lacking some other mineral. But of course this fine-tuning usually only needs to be done if one of your horses is showing a problem, like laminitis, Cushing’s, poor hooves and tail etc. Vitamin E and magnesium are other ones to keep an eye out for and check, again, for signs of deficiency. If your horse doesn’t show any signs of deficiency then it’s all good!

    But here’s the kicker, even after you’ve done all of that, and your horses hooves or health is still not good, it is likely a spiritual/emotional issue. Either the horse is mirroring the issue in your own life that needs to be healed, or the horse is using their body to get a message to you. So unfortunately it’s rarely simple and straightforward. But as you have discovered, once you open to these possibilities and you start to become fluent in connecting and communicating, the benefits are amazing to both you and the horse!

    Lastly, there is the added complication of the horse taking on issues, or mirroring for someone else, like your barn help! This happened with Posa, it’s quite a remarkable story and I will be telling it shortly, but I had to tell the barn helper she could not come around the herd anymore. Because she would not, or could not, lean in to heal her own issues and so Posa kept suffering. As the herd leader, that was not OK with me. Posa healed very quickly after she left and has not had a single issue since.

    I don’t know why Posa could not unhook herself from the barn helper’s energy field… And I don’t understand the purpose of it, because I had to ask the helper to leave anyway. Well, hopefully other people here can post some stories that will shed some light, or even bring forward some more really good questions!

    • September 1, 2022 at 12:55 pm

      I am looking back at past posts I didn’t see so I’m late to comment. I enloyed the interview though was struck by Ginny’s views on healing animals; as a communicator I often include or incorporate healing from my highest self and intention and have felt how this has benefitted. So I was a bit mystified when she said she didn’t recommend it.
      As to Posa, I believe she is very much a healer and therefore very susceptible to the energies around her; I know we all are, horses and humans alike, but when I worked with Güliz and the herd, Posa came in and her effect was ‘electric’ – like those fireworks that crackle and thread a bright line of light through a dark sky – from the base of my neck through my brain! !
      I do know a woman who stopped offering her horses for constellation sessions because the horses could not easily or quickly release the very dense energy which constellation sessions tend to create and I could really understand that. So it is definitely an important topic.

      • September 1, 2022 at 6:50 pm

        I can’t recall the bit you’re referring to Ray… what exactly did Ginny advise against?

        Also, as you’re behind, when you get to the post I sent out for the Apprenticeship, I go DEEP into this whole topic. With stories from both Montaro and Posa – so looking forward to your thoughts on that! xo

  • July 3, 2022 at 9:42 am

    Incredible. Assuming Ginny Jablonski has a web site because I would love to hire her re: healings. This is an awesome interview with Ginny.

    • July 8, 2022 at 10:07 am

      Yes she does! And I have linked to her site in the post. I think she is booked up about a month in advance, so don’t delay!


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