Guess Who Wants to Come on the Porch?

Those of you who watched the marathon video of Kaliah using trailer loading to teach us energetic concepts; like manifesting, non-attachment, and removing internal blocks/saboteurs – over a period of TWO WEEKS. Might just be a little amazed at our conversation now about this formerly wild horse entering the front porch through a narrow gate. And most of the porch is 15 feet off the ground…


I don’t know if you can feel the tension – perhaps it was mostly me that was tense. About a hundred shit-show scenarios were flashing through my mind.

But at the same time, I could see this was something she really wanted to do, for her own empowerment – a ‘pushing the edge’ sort of thing.

Of course, when these situations arise, you just have to go with your gut. And in order to hold the space of possibility, you have to surrender to whatever might happen.

You’ll hear me tell Kaliah that I don’t think this is a good idea – and I’m not kidding! I really didn’t think it was worth the possible downside. But she obviously felt differently.

When she finally steps off the porch at the end, and breaks into a run, out to rejoin her herd in the field with her tail held high, you can really see/feel the stress she managed. And the amount of control she exerted, whilst appearing quite calm. You can also see how pleased she is with herself.

She’s something else!

p.s If you missed Kaliah’s masterclass, here it is:

Part 1 – It Ain’t About the Trailer

Part 2 – How to Manifest the Reality You Want

Guess Who Wants to Come on the Porch?

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