The Ego vs Somatic Wisdom & Desire

What happens when we decide to bypass the ego mind, and follow our body’s desires instead? Horse herds are a great space to practice connecting to our body’s wisdom and desire – because horses are SO 100% in their bodies. The resonance between their energy field and our desire to connect with our body provides a powerful and encouraging space for us to explore our body’s wishes.

Many people have heard of somatic experiencing as it relates to trauma work; down-regulating the nervous system, dealing with PTSD, hyper-vigilance, etc. But while trauma is held in the tissues and cells of the body, so is wisdom, and the roadmap to healing and freedom.

Practicing somatic experiencing and body communication with horses can be a simple, yet delightful endeavour. Join me as I talk us through an exploration and dialogue with my body and the herd on this misty, snowy day.

Watching this again, it’s interesting to me how Montaro only asked for scratches after my body said, “Enough, we need to go in the house now.” My mind’s default is to give him scratches, to tell my body, “It’s okay, it’s only for a little while, I love Montaro, and he really wants/needs this.”

But does he really? If it was so important to him, why didn’t he ask me half an hour earlier? I’m reminded of a brilliant declaration by Somatic Experiencing therapist, Luis Mojica, in a podcast where he was talking about setting boundaries with friends and family:

“…not using my love as a justification to bypass my capacity.”

How many of us do this??

I love my daughter, so I will help her, even though I’m exhausted and my body needs a hot bath.

I love my _____, so I will just take care of them first, and then I can relax/eat/rest/exhale – it’s okay, I’m stronger and more capable than them, I can do this.

It’s okay, I don’t mind, I love you, that comes first. I’ll figure the rest out.

and so on.

If any of this sounds familiar, then I really encourage you to check out the herd’s workshop on how to set and hold calm, healthy boundaries (around your space, time, physical needs, emotional needs, etc). I guarantee the teachings are transformational.

As one participant wrote during the workshop:

“One point that stands out for me is the challenge of tapping into my own fierce feminine (which is fairly healthy I think) for myself and not just for others. Easy to ‘cave’ for the sake of harmony in my mind, but in reality I feel it’s a dishonour of my self.

So many gems in this episode. The teaching on putting energetic boundaries prior to things playing out physically was so helpful. I am thinking of certain relationships in my life where energetic boundaries will help keep a healthy distance while still being in relationship. I will need practice but feel that this will help dissipate my anger/resentment when it emerges and hopefully help me stay connected to the fierce feminine within in the sense of staying strong, in full presence, aware, open to receive, while having healthy boundaries. Love the quote that if I don’t love and honor myself how can I trust myself, which to me follows the previous teaching. Aude, Kaliah, Zorra and Makah are such great teachers: such powerful and beautiful presence. Thank you.”

Learn how to give yourself permission to BE your whole self. And truly inhabit your calm, grounded strength. Join the herd for an amazing journey into building your self-esteem, manifesting what you really desire from life or relationships, learning how to express your anger in a healthy, empowering way, and how to stand in your strength and integrity. Come watch the trailer video here.

The Ego vs Somatic Wisdom & Desire

2 thoughts on “The Ego vs Somatic Wisdom & Desire

  • April 16, 2023 at 9:29 am

    Wonderful composition.

    Burr, horse, human, canine, land and countless other beings. Patience is what comes to me. To understand and appreciate what unfolds.

    Love how healthy and in presence everyone seems to embody. Imagine how satisfying to connect to the place through foraging that way. Your explanations fill out the picture.


    • April 16, 2023 at 9:21 pm

      Patience is key indeed, allows for that deep listening to take place. xo


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