The Herd Out My Window – Esoteric Musings

I wake up to see most of the herd in the red arena, just below my bedroom window. Montaro immediately catches my attention – standing separate, leg cocked, relaxed, yet intensely focused on the herd. What is going on?

Parts Work Therapy – learning about the different parts of ourselves, including the parts that are stuck or hurt, as well as the parts of ourselves that can help, and figuring out how to get them all to work together. Complete description of Parts Work here…

The Multi-Dimensional Self – our Higher Self, or Oversoul, is capable of splitting off into different incarnations (different galaxies, different dimensions, etc) in order to more fully experience itself and co-creative existence and processes. If time is not linear, and all of ‘reality’ is simply a hologram, then we are also simultaneously existing in these different expressions or incarnations. Not just all our incarnations on planet earth, but in different galaxies, or planets, or universes. BUT we all are part of, and link back to our Oversoul, our Higher Self.

Check out videos or podcasts from Matias De Stefano or Penny Kelly for more information on this perspective.

“The patterns made by frequencies and particles are called plasma, and it is this plasma that gives rise to physical matter. The intent embedded in each pattern will be the frequency signature of that pattern – and what is amazing is that each pattern will create millions of forms that are unique.” – Penny Kelly

The Herd Out My Window – Esoteric Musings

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