Ginny Interviews Jini for the Interspecies Evolution Podcast

Ginny interviews me (Jini Patel Thompson) for her podcast, and asks me questions about my childhood, my healing journey, how I manifested the ranch and knew that it was the herd’s land, how things unfolded with the horses and why.

You may have already done the heart-opening meditation with Ginny Jablonski and know that she works full-time as an animal communicator. However, in this podcast, you’re not going to learn much about Ginny, as she is interviewing me this time, for her podcast, Interspecies Evolution. I promise I will be hosting a conversation with Ginny soon and talking all about her journey and her remarkable transformation after her NDE (Near Death Experience).

Until then, I offer you this glimpse of her inquiries into my life’s journey and experiences with the Singing Horse Herd…

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Listen To Your Horse
Ginny Interviews Jini for the Interspecies Evolution Podcast

In the beginning, where Ginny says we tried to do the podcast earlier but got Shanghaied by the herd, who had things to say… What happened is the horses were quite insistent about communicating with Ginny first, giving her and I information, and doing healings for her. So we had to rebook at a later time to do this podcast. It’s all good.

Train with Ginny & the Singing Horse Herd in April/May 2023! If you would like to learn or expand your skillset with Ginny and the herd, they asked to work together with her, teaching people:

Healing At Liberty: Energetic Awareness for Bodyworkers, Animal Communicators and Energy Healers

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Any questions, or stories you want to share about anything we discussed, or that were prompted by our interview, just Comment below 🙂

Ginny Interviews Jini for the Interspecies Evolution Podcast

2 thoughts on “Ginny Interviews Jini for the Interspecies Evolution Podcast

  • February 18, 2023 at 5:50 pm

    Wow I really enjoyed this deeper dive into getting to know you better. As you know I have been following the blog for many years now and felt I knew a bit about you but this really expanded the scope of my knowledge of your journey. There were a lot of msgs that (as usual) came with perfect timing. I have been experiencing some growth in myself in some areas that I have longed to heal and probably didn’t even realize needed healing and growth. This has brought about some more shifts and I feel a big change is ramping up to come to fruition. I am excited and feel ready for whenever or whatever is going to happen. Of course the universe will decide the timing of it all and I will hold space and intention for the next chapter. I am almost 100% sure it’s about horses and hooves but I am open to the greater knowledge guidance of what I am meant to be apart of. You have been a part of my expansion and deeper awareness and I am very thankful for life bringing us together. ✌🏼💚🐴

    • February 19, 2023 at 12:16 am

      I’m excited Michelle – can’t wait to hear what finally unfolds for you and how it goes! Are you still looking to move? xo


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