Jini Interviews Panpsychic & Animal Communicator

You may have listened to a past interview where Ginny Jablonski interviewed me, and wondered more about her journey. The interesting aspect of Ginny’s story is that her abilities appeared after a near-death experience (NDE). When Ginny woke up from the NDE, she was panpsychic.

The best definition of panpsychic I could patch together is this: Capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy with all of life, in all species and organic matter, in all dimensions.

So if you’re interested in spiritual or metaphysical conversations, then you’ll likely enjoy this discussion as well. Although Ginny works as an animal communicator, in this interview I focus on her work with humans, from her multi-dimensional perspective:

“It depends where I express my consciousness, as to whether I perceive myself as separate from a tree, or an animal, or yourself. If I am working from a level of consciousness that is third or fourth density and just having a casual conversation with someone, then I can be in the world and operate in the world. I don’t have a lot of tolerance for that; I don’t think I’d like to stay there very long, but it’s possible.

When I work it’s important to bring through messages at a level of consciousness that the person is able to receive. My job is to help people get answers to challenges from a perspective that they have not yet been able to see themselves.” – Ginny Jablonski

Many people who work in equine therapy fields rely on their intuitive guidance, or the help of spiritual guides – so this discussion will definitely be of interest to those groups too.

If you prefer to listen to this as an audio, then head over to the episode on my JINI Poscast.

Show Notes

Ginny Jablonski’s site (workshops, courses, human or animal private sessions): heartofthehorse.us
Ginny’s podcast: Interspecies Evolution

Ginny’s Near Death Experience (NDE): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Jini Interviews Panpsychic & Animal Communicator

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