Horse Transformation: From Wobbly Old Man to Vibrant Herd Member

I love to hear stories from other horse listeners about their horse’s healing, growth, or transformation. Johnny’s owner, Tina, first contacted me with questions about one of the supplements in our shop. She proceeded slowly, adding one supplement at a time and seeing how Johnny’s body responded. As a hard-used senior horse, he came to Tina with a lot of issues. But through listening to his body and her own gut guidance, Tina helped him to improve from being one step away from the grave, to asking to go for a ride!

Interesting to note, that Tina had no idea of riding and would not have asked that of him – this was entirely his idea, once his body felt good and strong enough. Perhaps he wanted to give back to her, or perhaps he missed going out on trails – Tina also realized that you can hand-walk a horse out on trails, you don’t have to ride him. Here’s her story…

“I was volunteering at a small horse rescue in a residential area of Santa Barbara, when he showed up at the gate. He had untied himself and walked down to us, rescued himself lol. He was a former lead trail horse at a stable, then had been given away to this woman who had become overwhelmed and was not taking care of him. A few months earlier I had been given a message from my guides that it was time to get a horse, and saw an image of this depressed, reddish horse alone in an enclosure. Sure enough that was him. My circumstances seemed to make it impossible, but I was the only one of all the volunteers who could take him. I got the first boarding place I could find and took him just before she gave him to someone on Craig’s list.

Of course, it has been such a learning experience. I had a horse when I was a teenager, racing all over the hills with her and exploring, but had little contact with horses after that until a few years ago, when I sort of woke up and was shocked that I had fallen so far away from horses. I spent a lot of time “rehabilitating” him, not riding, but doing somatic work, energy healing, acupressure, etc.

Then I started focusing more on nutrition and getting him integrated into the small herd. I started with High Point (vit, mineral, amino acid supplement). The Reitjoint supplement helped his legs a lot, and Respire cured his cough and mucous production (dust allergy?). The barn owner commented that Johnny seemed to have found the Fountain of Youth, and that maybe I should be caring for them all!

He gets rice bran just for weight, and I added Timothy hay pellets which seemed to help his tendency for diarrhea. He gets alfalfa and grass hay and we now have some grass pasture for awhile (rain!). I have finally run out of my flax seed and the feed store probiotics, so next will be shopping for your best gut supplement for his tendency to diarrhea. Maybe some of the fresh herbs too. He does have Cushings in terms of elevated ACTH, but not insulin resistance so he has limited grass grazing and no molasses fillers, to prevent developing insulin resistance.

I’ve learned so much from Listen to Your Horse and the herd. One thing is, I stopped telling his hard luck story and talking about his ailments. I have all along been experimenting with choice, consent, etc. It’s awkward, because where I board him they are sort of “normal” horse people, so I get some resistance when I don’t “discipline” him, but now he is looking so good I think they are coming around. I have learned from them and I think they are learning from me. I am certified in Equus Coaching, but I have not started a business. I am feeling more like just being around the animals right now, not so much the people yet lol, and I’m in a period of intense learning, not sure what is next, but following the breadcrumbs.

One thing I think summarizes my interactions with the normal horse people at the barn is that they keep saying “He needs to do what you want him to, no matter what” but I am always trying to figure out, “What he is trying to tell me?” By the way, he is now 26 and saying he wants to be ridden, which the vet 2 years ago said not to do, due to his arthritis, and I never thought I would (more adventures!). But, I can take him for trail walks. Have not done that for awhile as have had a long recovery from hip replacement but I can start again. He will probably like that. Especially a grazing walk.

He told an animal communicator he wasn’t ready to be a retired horse, and that riding would increase our bond. I think I may just sit on him. I also think he feels he has more to share or give in SOME way. I originally planned to partner with him in equine facilitated work, and I did a test session with him before I got him. Wasn’t sure he would like it, he was so detached and depressed, but he sort of came alive for the client and was amazing.

But where I board him is private and I can’t bring clients there. For quite awhile I felt him saying, “When are we going to do that thing again?” Then that sort of faded, so I think he is just looking for a way to connect, a job or purpose. I haven’t moved him because he has lots of space there and bonded with one of the mares, and is in a little herd, maybe for the first time.

The important thing is that he FEELS better. Legs feel better (he said he didn’t know they could), he is more sure footed, doesn’t cough anymore, just has stronger life force, better muscle tone, among the other horses he is standing up for himself and his mare partner, and looks like just one of the horses instead of like a wobbly old man.”

What I love about Tina’s story is the way she addressed ALL the levels of healing for Johnny: physical supplements, bodywork, then energetic work, and listening deeply to him to follow his requests. What a fortunate lad indeed! And no doubt, Tina has learned, grown and expanded her own abilities and capacity for healing and relationship. And we’re brought back once again to the healing circle.

Horse Transformation: From Wobbly Old Man to Vibrant Herd Member

7 thoughts on “Horse Transformation: From Wobbly Old Man to Vibrant Herd Member

  • July 16, 2023 at 2:39 am

    I love this story so much!!

    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • July 16, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    Well told story! Wonder if someone through this network would be able to help facilitate distance energy work. Maybe easier for them both to do, if he’s not wanting to retire. Just an idea. Grateful for this story. Seems like many barns haven’t progressed much over the decades. Hope their story help to gently promote something more expansive. Love hearing this as well as insights by both you and Tina.

  • July 19, 2023 at 7:14 pm

    Awwwwww…. I’m so happy for the both of them!! You know I’ve been telling you Jini that I can’t wait to start rescuing and Tina I can relate to the beginning of your new found passion again, to “be” with a horse again and hearing Johnny calling out to you!! I’m so grateful that you listen to your intuition, it’s such a lovely new story of how you are healing each other!! That’s Priceless!! Johnny looks so proud and Handsome, a True Stallion!!! Great Job!!! Thanks for sharing Jini, your knowledge, wisdom and opened heart!!

    Kind Regards,
    Lauren from UTAH

    • July 25, 2023 at 6:02 pm

      I agree Lauren – when we listen to that gut guidance, we open the door to so much fabulousness – and often challenges! But it’s all good. xo

      p.s. sorry for the delayed reply, your comment got put in the spam folder and I just found it! Hopefully the system knows you’re good now and it won’t happen again.

  • November 16, 2023 at 9:44 am

    Johnny… And my secret life.
    One night I had a dream with a brown horse and it was NOT the dark spanish one, 20 years old I dayly visit at his paddock’s fence near the village… And who slowly became my teacher in relationship, emotions and subtil realms.
    I remember clearly my dream’s horse’s face and really can’t forget it, while as a subtitle remains the question « I feel deeply I know this guy, but I don’t get it… who is he ?? »
    To day back to this written « Horse Transformation: From Wobbly Old Man to Vibrant Herd Member » and HERE IS MY DREAM’S HORSE ! Johnny for sure !!
    I like to share here this very small piece of my secret life… Thanks to Johnny, Tina and Jini <3<3<3

    • November 16, 2023 at 9:58 am

      Wow that’s amazing Christine – Johnny is obviously a powerful soul.


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