Heart Breathing with Your Horse

Heart Breathing is a technique that Linda Kohanov created together with her horse Indigo Moon. You may remember Indi is the horse I had a powerful, yet puzzling encounter with at Linda’s ranch.

Linda says, “This horse, Karlo, was one of the members of the Hof Ter Weden herd where I led several workshops in Belgium over two weeks. Karlo is such an amazing being and a wonderful teacher of humans. He was very responsive to the heart breathing technique from students at a distance. It was stunning actually. I had several participants at the Five Roles of a Master Herder workshop last weekend connect with him over the fence with the heart breathing technique before they went into the corral to interact with him directly. In each and every case, when the students started heart breathing with him, he would look at them suddenly, and walk all the way across the arena to them.”

Linda Kohanov with Karlo (c) Simona Saskova

Here’s a video of Linda demonstrating the Heart Breathing technique with Indi (the pics are beautiful, but if you want to skip straight to the demo, go to 3:15 minutes):

I was keen to test this technique with a few of our new wildies. If I even turn my attention, or flow love towards our resident herd, they will come straight to me – so not a good test!

But Siyone has not approached anyone yet who doesn’t have food. Cobra is curious, but only if you are facing away from him, otherwise he won’t come close. And Kaliah has only come near to ask for food, or if she thinks you have food. So I wanted to see what would happen with these three if I did heart breathing in the middle of the field – facing them, where they could clearly see I did not have any food with me, or around me.

Some of the wildies out in the field

Well the interesting thing is that… I didn’t like it! It felt manipulative and like I had an agenda – which I purposely stay away from in relationship with the horses. I didn’t want to make them come to me, or influence their desire to connect with me. I had no desire to entice, or seduce, or magnetize them to me.

But what did feel good to me, was to do this heart breathing technique with one of the trees. Ahhhhh, now that was very enjoyable and felt really good to me.

Heart breathing with this beloved tree

If you try this technique, I’d love to hear about your experience…

Heart Breathing with Your Horse

3 thoughts on “Heart Breathing with Your Horse

  • April 13, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    I’ll try this with one of the ridden horse at the riding place i go to (I’m going there now) be interesting to see if they are completely shut down to energetic connections or if they aren’t!!!!
    I’ll tell you what happens when i get back!!

    • April 13, 2019 at 8:42 pm

      Wot fun! Yes, do let us know… 🙂

  • April 14, 2019 at 2:47 am

    I got back from my ride and tried doing the heart breathing technique for most of the time, whilst on the horse and on the ground. I tried it with most horses there and sadly, none of them responded, or even registered my presence. They are very turned-off and emotionaly shut down. Very sad.


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