Hide & Seek in the Forest with Horses

I invite the horses to join me for a playtime in the woods… let’s see who wants to come and what happens!

Rather than ‘training’ my horses to come when I ask, or do things on command, what really thrills me is to witness their completely free, natural, unrestricted behaviour.

This video is an example of that – I make a suggestion for something I think would be fun and then they are entirely free to respond (in whichever way they wish), or not! It’s all good.

Hide & Seek in the Forest with Horses

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2 thoughts on “Hide & Seek in the Forest with Horses

  • May 27, 2019 at 6:17 am

    Always a good video when you are in the enchanted forest! Your video girl was amazing! Please tell her that she did an awesome job of filming…in every way! Again I have forest envy! Such a fantastic cool place to have fun with the horses! Unfortunately not all of have this…so we try to do different things in different ways to spice up and keep life interesting for the horses we share life with! My husband spent time with Buck yesterday cruising around our land making the most of what we have….and Buck made a game of jumping our little dry creek! So cool when they are having fun! I am curious about the road in the back? Have not seen that before? Is that the road into the land they are on? Some of trees back there were just awe inspiring! Loved watching you play hide and seek…it was one of my favorite games as a kid! ✌🏼❤️🐴

    • May 27, 2019 at 10:08 pm

      Michelle this makes me think of how you set your intention to have a neighbour/friend in the area who wanted to be with horses in the same way as you… perhaps it’s time to do that with some forest. Perhaps a neighbour, acquaintance (or stranger!) has a patch of woods that you can trailer the horses to?

      So the road into those woods is the neighbour’s super long driveway – this is the neighbour that stopped when I had Montaro out on the road and he put his head in the window and smooched her. Then he said to me, “Ask her about her land.” And that led to her giving us use of their forest for free! So that is the woods we’re playing hide ‘n seek in 🙂 And yes, all the forest around here is exquisite because it is all old-growth, with tree elders and an intact ecosystem. Very rare in the middle of the city that has grown out/up all around it!

      Oh and camera gal was Carlotta – from the video where Cobra explores her in winter out in the field. She’s up at Kesia’s place now for a few weeks, so if you’re on Instagram, be sure and follow Kesia as they’re already putting out some killer photos!


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