Horse Wisdom: Take Risks, Face Fears & Write a New Story

It’s interesting how many times the wisdom the horses share dovetails perfectly with what I’m learning, or something I’m currently in process with, in my own life. The very next day after I watched a video lecture from world-renowned medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, I arrived at the barn to have Siyone and the herd SHOW me exactly what Caroline talked about as one of the biggest choices we make that negatively affects our health.

Caroline Myss is easily the most well-known medical intuitive on the planet – this means that she can energetically/psychically scan someone’s body and diagnose their illness, or their dis-ease. Her skills have been extensively tested by medical doctors for accuracy. And here’s the kicker: She doesn’t even need to see a picture of the person. All she needs is your name.

Choices people make that destroy health

After 35+ years of scanning people for illness and also being able to see the roots of that dis-ease, in the video below, she shares the top 5 choices people make that negatively impact their health and strip them of empowerment. Caroline says, “The power of the choices you make have infinite consequences.”

After watching the first half of Caroline’s lecture, I went to the barn. Where Siyone gave me a live demonstration of the importance of Choice #3 – which is choosing to do the thing that scares you. Choose the risky option – because it doesn’t matter whether it’s the right choice or not, what matters, says Caroline, “is that you take risks in your life. Don’t wait for proof, take risks. Because when we diminish in strength and stamina, we review the life we should have had… had we taken risks.”

“Do not make choices out of fear of humiliation. Don’t take the safe path. Don’t look backwards for guidance, there is nothing back there, it’s over, you are not that person. What builds vitality and builds the desire to live your life fully and be present, is for you to say, “It’s time for something new.” Be in the newness; not afraid of it.”

And that’s what Siyone gave us a live demonstration of. We have no idea of the trauma, or suffering she has been through. How many times she has escaped capture before this final cull, how many foals she has lost, how many winters she has starved, or injuries she has healed. In May 2019, after being with me for almost a year, she felt safe enough to take some hay from my hand for the first time:

After a full year, Siyone feels secure enough to take some hay from my hand

Makah-Mahpee took hay from my hand after few days of arriving at my place. Cobra took a few months. We cannot stipulate a timetable for the healing or trauma-release of others – it is a deeply personal process. But you can see how remarkable this video is – that 20 months after she arrived at my place, she chooses to walk into the “catch-pen” and re-wire all her mind/body circuits to create a new NOW.

Siyone shows us that we don’t just take risks wildly; we take our time to assess whether people, circumstances, situations are trustworthy. We take a risk that has some good odds in our favor. We are kind and gentle with ourselves, and give ourselves lots of time to heal and settle and strengthen.

The whole herd knew it was time. They were in position and waiting for me as I parked on the barn road. When the herd has something important (the air is literally full of portent) to share, or experience, the energy is so clear that I snap to attention to discern what wants to happen. By the time I slipped through the gate, I knew what was going on. And the rest you can see in the video above.

AND THIS is why I have no interest in “training” these horses. I am far more interested to find out what they can teach me, what we can learn and discover together, the push and pull of real relationship, the magic of true intimacy; where each of us is advocating for all our highest good.

Not that I’m knocking someone who enjoys training horses! We each have our path and the things that turn our crank. For me, this is where the magic happens. This is the stuff that fills me with joy and makes me feel like my world is full of blessings.

And now I will leave you with this gift from Caroline Myss. If you resonate with her style, then you will love her course on , The Anatomy of Your Health or a deep dive in, The Science of Medical Intuition.

Horse Wisdom: Take Risks, Face Fears & Write a New Story

6 thoughts on “Horse Wisdom: Take Risks, Face Fears & Write a New Story

  • February 16, 2020 at 1:33 am

    Jini, I’ve got tears in my eyes and they’re tears of gratitude. I haven’t even watched the two videos you’ve posted; just reading your piece, just so so grateful for your sharing and for always feeling on the same page…!!! Lots of love : )))))))))

    • February 16, 2020 at 12:55 pm

      It’s that danged matrix – all of us are somehow always on the same page! xoxo

  • February 16, 2020 at 5:50 am

    Wow! Create a new story! Healing by doing so…. in the last two weeks, this is exactly where I have been. Sometimes I wonder if I should communicate where I’ve been in my story with you before I read your blog!
    I was the pain bearer for my childhood family. Recently, I saw a picture of one of the children who has been separated from her family at the southern US border….. she was broken. Utterly broken and I began to identify with her when I heard clearly, “Create a new story…..rewrite it.” (from one of your horses perhaps?) So, I settled into a meditative state and did so….for the child, for me, and then for all the 70,000 children, their families, all the border patrol, and everyone associated with those hideous camps on and around the border. I don’t get that this atrocity will end but that the story within it is changed. And, the pain I have walked with my entire life shifted into something strong and beautiful. The story isn’t over; nor is my story done. But how I pray and meditate around the hurt we inflict on each other is now changed.
    I’ve listened to maybe two minutes of this particular blog entry so far and thought how I wish I had a way to tell you how our paths intersect before you begin to write. That’s my ego for ya! However, the universality or connection stretches across time and space. This blog, you, your family, the horses, all the animals, plants, soil, rock on both parcels of land all speak to my heart. I am not alone but am connected and I’m learning from the same Spirit. It affords me a sense of love that is so wonderful.
    Now I’ll go and read and listen to the rest of this particular blog. Be blessed, Jini. Be blessed.

    • February 16, 2020 at 12:48 pm

      Thank you Claudia. But also consider this: Money is an energy. So when your (generous – thank you!) monthly donation buys their food, you are not just energetically, but physically part of their herd. And WHY is this a place/matrix you felt led to contribute your energy (money)? Why do I contribute my energy/money to support the work of this herd? We are all on this journey to wholeness together.

      So, although a part of me is amazed at your synchronicity, at the same time I am not surprised in the least. Animals live in oneness, in Christ consciousness, so why would the herd not be walking beside you? Namaste sister.

  • February 16, 2020 at 8:00 am

    Never heard of her before this blog….BUT..This lady Caroline Myss…is a rock star!
    Her thoughts are the way I have begun to live the best life I can! I Was so inspired by the words mantra! Like I wrote in the blog for the session with Guliz…I believe words have ripples of intentions that spread far and wide! We must be accountable and take them to heart! I think the one word I have been wanting to get rid of is my/mine! Although at times it makes sense there is almost always another word that will relay the idea without using it! It just doesn’t resonate with me any longer and I want to leave it behind! I am a risk taker and I truly believe in understanding that choices are what shape our life from the biggest to the smallest! Lately I have been tapping into the intuition deep inside and it has been guiding the choices I make and feeling exquisite and full of flow! I Also …use to be a huge liar…you might even call me a professional liar …it really is not a healthy way to live life! I would say since I met the horses the lying has slowly diminished and now for the last 3-5 years I do anything not to lie! I just keep working a response until it feels right and conveys the point ….but is not a lie! I resonated so deeply with this talk and have found everything she said to have enhanced life and brought me to a place full of gratitude appreciation and hopefully grace and integrity in the way I treat this precious space in time I am allowed! ✌🏼❤️🐴

    • February 16, 2020 at 12:54 pm

      Oh Michelle I just adore your honesty! Lying is a very interesting thing. Entire cultures (Indian, Filipino etc) are built upon culturally-sanctioned lying. It is not only okay, it is normal and expected to lie – perhaps it cannot even be called “lying” according to the Western definition…

      Kids go through phases where they lie. Parents get terribly wounded, betrayed, etc. but yet almost every kid I’ve seen, goes through this same behavioural phase. It’s all so interesting! And yes, I LOVE Caroline’s bluntness and I love the way she says, the body knows you’re lying. Just like horses know we’re lying/incongruent and will not tolerate it. OWN IT! Or we’ll hurt you! is the message I get from the herd.

      Since you love Caroline, here’s another great one:


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