VIDEO: What Is a Post Pounder & How Does It Work?

Looking for a faster way to build a fence? A tractor-mounted post pounder does all the hard work for you. In this video, Ray and Will also show you how to make sure your posts are straight and all the same height.


And by the way, if you’re looking to rent one of these, you will need to rent either the attachment or the entire rig (tractor + attachment). To find one, google both “post pounder” and “post driver”.

The other option is to use a manual post pounder (like the one on the right here) which is a heavy sleeve that you drop over the top of the post and the weight drives the post in. This one weighs 30 lbs and retails at about $60

Or, you can use a sledgehammer to pound your pointed posts into the ground – like my Dad and I did when we built our first 3 acre fence back in the 70’s!


VIDEO: What Is a Post Pounder & How Does It Work?

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