Animal Communication: HOW Do I Listen to My Horses?

We talk a lot about ‘listening to your horse’ but what does that actually look/feel like, in real life?

How do you know you’re actually hearing your horse, and not just making stuff up? And what happens to our horses when we allow them their voice?

People on YouTube seem to be finding their way to my videos that show my herd just being their natural, playful, empowered selves – and finding that a powerful experience to witness and share in. Like this viewer:

“This was really special. I like watching videos of wild horses in the West, and they have such distinct pride, dignity, their entire body language exudes it. It is beautiful, noble, natural, as it should be. I like horses and would like to ” have some”, and while domesticated horses are still special, it saddens me to see that magnificence absent in them. This, however, I have never seen before. The way they handle their bodies as they run, as they leap and posture, the position of their necks, heads and tails, the way they move, means their dignity is present; there’s no loss in them. This is perfect, the way they were meant to be. What a privilege you have, receiving their complimentary choice to stay with you. Their freedom and joy is beautiful. They move Very much like horses in the wild. This is Very special. Thank you for sharing this, and for showing me it can be done. I would not want a horse if it meant him or her losing their true essence, and freedom. Joy!”

Many on this blog have also expressed the desire for more unedited footage – showing the horses with all their nuanced behaviour, natural sounds, etc. So here you go, a little slice of life and real-time glimpse of how we roll:

Animal Communication: HOW Do I Listen to My Horses?

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2 thoughts on “Animal Communication: HOW Do I Listen to My Horses?

  • November 19, 2017 at 4:53 am

    Loved the video and narration. I’m in a similar place with my herd- except that where *you’re* in an arboreal paradise, we’re doing it in winter mud. On a positive, I get to enjoy the unique smell of ‘freshly rained on horse’ lol.

    • November 20, 2017 at 10:12 am

      Oh we’re in winter mud now Dee! So I feel ya 🙂


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