VIDEO: Anna Breytenbach – How To Communicate With Horses

guitar-sun-spooThose of you who read this blog, know that we often talk about our conversations with our horses.

If you’d like to experience more of this with your own horse, then world-renowned animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach is a great teacher to learn from! In the video below, she talks about her work and also shares her 3-step protocol for connecting and communicating with animals.

So I’ve excerpted and transcribed this technique for you and I’ve changed “animal” to “horse” to help it feel clearer for you:

We have a protocol to bring ourselves into the right state of being to connect with horses we want to communicate with:

1. Relax – get out of the mind. We want to match the horse’s state of presence by becoming present ourselves. So any meditation to relax, or yogic breathing, etc. will work. My favorite is to watch my breathing rhythm, as that gives the mind something to observe instead of getting itself too busy with thoughts to be in the moment.

2. Set an intention for clarity – You’re not trying to set an intention for the horse. You’re not trying to presume to tell them what to do. You are intending for yourself to have clarity in your connection and in your communication, because the greatest obstacle to this very natural occurrence of telepathy is us getting in our own way with doubts and questions and mental chatter. Intend to have clarity. Intend to receive messages clearly. And when you set an intention for yourself, it’s important to believe it! So it can’t have a tentative feeling or the word “try”. It really is about: I will receive clearly. And state that strongly to yourself, and then let the thought go.

3. Connect – which means something as simple as visualize yourself connecting. Open your heart center. If you would like to add a mental image you can imagine yourself building bridge or a channel which connects your heart center to the horse’s heart center. You could imagine sending an energetic silent greeting from yourself to them. And implicit in that is the question of permission. If they don’t want to connect with you then you will get a feeling of push-back, or No, or a block. You could reach out in an energetic greeting and it will either be received, or it won’t.

These are the 3 steps to get into a place of shared awareness, into which you could then ask questions, and perhaps be asked questions by the horse. You might find yourself having to respond as well. It’s a communication, it’s a two-way sending and receiving of information. It’s not a psychic reading in the sense of us being removed and using psychometry or some other medium to connect with the horse.

We are in a present moment of connection with horses in which they can see us etherically and know us, and our thoughts, and our emotions in that moment as well.

Also important is what Anna talks about in the film below: things will just pop into your mind, or you will feel something in your heart, or see an image with your mind’s eye and you need to trust that it comes from the animal and trust that what you send out is received.

Here’s the full-length, fascinating discussion I pulled her protocol from:

And if you don’t know who Anna Breytenbach is, then you will be brought into a whole new world of discovery in this film made about her work; which shows how she connects with a wide range of animals:

If you’re curious about the method I use to connect with my horses (and other animals), then check out this post…

VIDEO: Anna Breytenbach – How To Communicate With Horses

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