The Empowered Mustang Project: Waiting for the Cobra

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The interesting thing about Cobra is that he comes from the same range land my other wildies are from. Perhaps they knew each other and had grown up together?

Their range spans Crown land (government-owned land, stolen from First Nations people) and the local Indian Reservation, so some of the First Nations let their own horses run free with the wild herds for years.

This is what happened with Cobra. He had a legal owner, but ran wild with the herds as a stallion until he was 7. Then his owner captured him and brought him home to a round pen for training. Unfortunately, a relative showed up drunk one night and castrated Cobra in the dark, unbeknownst to his owner.

His owner woke up to find the round pen covered in blood and Cobra traumatized beyond belief. As tears flowed down his face – he had never even wanted Cobra castrated – he felt the best thing he could do to help Cobra heal was release him back to his herd and native grounds. So he opened the gate and let Cobra free.

However, Cobra did not rejoin his original herd and spent the next year completely alone. People would catch glimpses of him from time to time, always alone and never allowing a human within 100 feet of him.

Two women I know were able to get him to follow a mare into an arena, and from there onto a trailer. When I heard the story, I felt a strong conviction that Cobra was meant to be with my herd and that he should come here to my property.

To be honest, I’m not sure what was happening, because I already had 5 new horses! But I received this communication from Cobra the morning before we trailered him down to me:

And so I purchased Cobra and he legally joined the Singing Horse Herd the same day that Makah-Mahpee was trailered down from the opposite side of the province.

I named him Cobra because his coloring so strongly resembled that of a King Cobra in Thailand. As we got to know him better, we also saw his kind, balanced, leadership energy emerge. He is truly a special soul and Montaro loved and respected him from the moment he arrived.

Montaro & Cobra nuzzle/groom, while Jax looks on

Cobra also showed himself to Kesia while she was at Aikido practice (Kesia is a 3rd Dan Ki Aikido teacher):

“So Cobra came to Aikido class today, he was trying to teach me snake energy through Aikido moves…AND was inhabiting my body, his front half merging with my human form like a centaur but without his horseness disappearing from the front. He said, ‘This is what we MEANT when we taught you centaur magic. You missed the point. We are far more powerful together in your imagination. That is your gift as humans, to translate imagery into action and dynamic change. Merging ourselves can be thrilling in the physical but it is meaningful only in the energetic realm. In this realm, no-one disappears or takes over the other and we can TRULY be One. Feel my powerful chest, my upright neck, the muscles and bones that pull us skyward. This is how we were meant to see through each other’s eyes. Remember: the imagination is where the work truly lies. It is here where we can teach you the most about being human.’
I could see him in the mirror that is in the front of the dojo.
Ears poking through my hair.
Could feel his tail swishing from my own butt.
He stayed for 3 hours!! He loves the aikido because he is fascinated by our little human forms.”

Video of Juno and his new buddy Cobra playing:

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The Empowered Mustang Project: Waiting for the Cobra

3 thoughts on “The Empowered Mustang Project: Waiting for the Cobra

  • June 4, 2018 at 4:32 am

    I have been reading your posts for over a year now. All of your (various voices) posts.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. You teach me how to listen to the other, central voice that lives in me and the four leggeds I live with.
    Loving support and solidarity. Feather

  • June 6, 2018 at 2:13 am

    Oh my goodness! I feel him too! I am in total awe! I was trying to figure out what had happened (I lost track of where the horses are coming from!!) and I feel him so strongly. He’s beautiful and so powerful. I am so glad he’s with your horse tribe. The People’s Tribe. :). Please keep posting about him and his adjustment, and what he has to say! <3

  • June 8, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Lots more coming! Don’t worry, we’re not done yet 🙂


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