The Empowered Mustang Project: Waiting for the Cobra

Note: This is Part 7 in the Series, click here to start at the beginning.

I posted this photo on Instagram of my dog Sigh and Jini’s dog, Tiah. I just threw out a title and called it Waiting for the Cobra. Blissfully unaware of the magnitude of those simple words. Unaware that I was about to be swept into the web of Kaliah and the River herd…

We wait as the cottonwood fluff floats and drifts by in slow motion carrying a million wishes and dreams we have as the collective voice for the horses. A true voice that is building in strength, in intent and integrity. A true voice coming from the Divine source where we are simply conduits of light and sound to transform frequency into a conglomeration of words that makes sense to the cerebral cortex of the human brain. To help us all on our secret and subconscious pilgrimage back home, back to ourselves.

It had a a trip pending as a part of my certification program to become a fully certified Linking Awareness facilitator. I had just bought a new computer, and the thought of gas money AND training fees were daunting, and so I had made up my mind to not make the 5-hour drive. My heart wanted it, my mind said it wasn’t possible.

It took a phone call to my teacher and a phone call from my soul sister that changed everything.
My teacher says don’t worry about the HOW, just SHOW UP. And my friend says “I’m going to be in class with you” !!! How could I NOT go? And I get to stay with her and her family that I adore for the whole weekend.

As I was packing, my hand went to a flower essence from Lotus Wei flower elixirs as a gift for my friend. The Essence was called Trumpeter Vine. It helps open the throat and find our voice of truth at that moment in time.

Her beautiful farm is out in a valley past Reservation Land. Every day, we pass the stunningly green, rolling hills where the River herd once roamed. I have had the honour to be a part of their story in the many layers that the horses have brought as teachings, insights and dreams in the last few months that they have been in my friend Jini’s care.

About Linking Awareness

The class we were a part of is an incredible study of non-verbal communication. Also known as animal communication or inter-cellular communication. It is an initiation into a deeper aspect of the human psyche through an understanding of the how and where intuition works from.
The 3 days are spent in what I like to call the vortex of light. Where everything we can imagine is possible and witnessed by a group of incredible people and animals all supporting and validating the process of pure communication. Simply being in this common bubble of Awe produces some extraordinary changes in awareness and perception as the senses are exercised and heightened.

Driving home one night after class, my friend turns to me and tells me of a horse that has been elusive to her. He has been spotted at the bridge, perhaps waiting for the high flood waters to subside so he can cross back to the range or whatever road he was planning to journey.

She had been tagged a number of times because if anyone could “catch” this horse, they figured it could be her. She has a trailer, and she lives close and has the patience and knowledge of someone who has grown up with horses.

Up until this day, she had not yet caught sight of him. “I have a feeling I am going to see this horse when I’m with you,” she says to me. She and I have a long history of horse love together. A history going back 30 years to grade 2 when she told me she had horses and we were inseparable from that moment on.

First meeting

We were already running late for our class in the morning, we had just enough time to grab a coffee from the local market until….ohh myyy…look at that horse!! He’s stunning! the morning sun kissed his gleaming coat and he literally was glowing against the contrast of multi shades of greens and spring yellows. We immediately pulled over and excitedly jumped out of the car. That childhood thrill washed over her and I. Suddenly we were 11 years old again running with reckless abandon on the inside, but walking cautiously with butterflies and knots in our tummies to a new and mysterious horse friend.

Noticing his nervous glances and unsure stance. His eye looked tired with a wrinkle of concern above the eyelid. I stopped and just watched as my friend slowly spoke to him and tested just how close he would let us get. Not more than a few feet, then he would begin to walk away.
We threw him an apple and left for class.

We didn’t see him again until the weekend was over. It was Monday morning. Wanting to see her daughter off to school, I jumped in for the early morning drive. After we dropped the little one off at the school bus, we decided to head into the forest. Trespassing on Reservation soil to find this elusive creature. We could FEEL him close by. Somehow, over these years, when my friend and I are together, magic happens, and we know when it’s about to wash over us.

There he is. Again, glowing in the early morning light. We are still drunk with insights and revelations from the weekend and…

(He peeks at us curiously from the safety of the trees)

very determined to listen to what this guy has to say. We grab a bucket and go to him.
I again stand back. I feel this is her territory. I feel like an observer. I don’t need to BE anything or do anything. Just watch her as he gets close enough to sniff the bucket of grain. I figure he must not be too wild. Most horses that are truly wild don’t know what grain is.

He sniffs our every footstep trying to get as much information as possible from our scent. My friend takes off her shirt and throws it on the ground for him to smell. He is very curious and has this deep wisdom in those huge brown eyes.

It was a dreamy scene, deer moving silently through the forest, just close enough to make their presence known. As if to let us know he has not been alone, and that they have been taking care of each other.

At one point he stretches his lip out like an elephant trunk and plays with my friends finger.

We hear a truck coming as we are turning to leave. Shit! we are trespassing!!…we both look around for a place to hide, it’s too late. We are too close. Now we look like two guilty white girls with a grain bucket on private Reservation land.

The truck stops in front of us. Again I move away for my friend to allow the energy to flow between them without pushing my own field into the conversation.

I hear her say three things as their conversation continues:
“Don’t worry! We’re not trying to take the horse.”
“Do you know whose horse this is?”
“If I can catch him can I have him?”
(she works for a therapeutic riding association, and with his size and build, he could make a perfect therapy horse.)

The guardian of the horse is in the truck!!
He gets out of the truck and he and my friend begin a dialogue about the horse. Still, I am removed, as I observe what is happening. This man is giving her this horse!! For real! He says, “If you can catch him you can have him.”

My imagination is running wild. HOW are we going to catch him on the open range. Open land. There is a busy road and, a raging river, and homes scattered around us.

I begin connecting with him. I ask him if he wants to be caught. He does, but he does not want to be a therapy horse to ride. His body is sore. Something has happened to the hind leg as he rests it often. The thought of him coming with me had not crossed my mind.

I got a sense of sadness for his fate. If he can’t be with my friend, there are few options before the round-ups begin. We already have 5 wild ones off that exact range who were bound for the meat truck. The work that they have been doing in the underworld with us is extraordinary. By underworld, I do not mean the darkness. The underworld I am referring to is a place of ALL Wisdom that they have immediate access to, in which they share through dreamtime downloads and videos.

She comes around and gets in, “Let’s go hook up my trailer, and load Sara-Lee.” One of her sweet mares… let’s see if he will follow her into the trailer!

I was booked to work on 3 horses, a human, and a dog still that day. I had stayed an extra day so that I could catch up on some past clients and meet new ones. It was getting late. I made some phone calls and rearranged my day. THIS I felt was important and pivotal. Something about the timing of this experience. The way that it was playing out. The way I seemed to have no control. As if a movement of life was clearing a path for another plan. A plan I had yet to find out.

“I can’t believe you said that!” I told her, out of nowhere, If I can catch him can I have him?

She looked at me with her twinkly blue eyes and said, “I think it’s that flower essence you gave me. I think it’s working.” It was almost as if it was a spell. This horse was evoking communication already. He was asking for us to speak up. We arrive back at the area we last saw him. I arrive first with my car so I can leave for work right away right after we load him (or so we thought).

He’s still out where we last saw him. We unload Sara-Lee, he hears her and comes prancing like some mystical creature out of the deep forest. Head high, nostrils flaring, eyes wide and excited. I walk behind her so he can’t get too close. We don’t know this horse. He could be aggressive to other horses. He looks so happy to see her and keeps his gentlemanly distance. He is more curious than anything.

He won’t get in the trailer. There is too much around that makes him nervous. Parked cars, kids playing, dogs barking.

We walk with Sara-Lee, and he follows close behind into a paddock where there is a tiny round pen within the pen. He won’t let us near him. He chooses to go around and around. At this time, my friend notices the potential problems of his hind legs. They are sickle hocked. It means that there is tension due to the conformation of the joints of his legs that can lead to arthritis and other painful problems if not taken into consideration with this horse’s “job”. My heart sinks again. We can’t just leave him here. I don’t know or trust that anyone will feed him or give him water. We may as well just let him go again I suggest. At least then, he can get food and water.

As we’re talking I see his guardian come up with a bucket of water. Plans are changing. As she continues to work with the horse, I put a post on Facebook. Soon after, I get a message from a mutual friend saying she will donate hay.

I have to leave for work by now. And still, I am in a state of observing. It’s like everything that was happening around me was in perfect order but I had to be the careful witness. I had to let go completely of my and our agenda.
I surrender all possibilities for him. He knows what he is doing.
We leave.

Over the next few days, my friend is in contact with his guardian. She checks on him and spends time getting him to trust people again.
And I go back to my life in the city. But the dreams!!! OH NO!! He’s coming to me my dreams. I think he wants to join me in my work.

I have a dream where he downloads information about voice. About speaking truth. And about how to create your own truth and from where to create your truth. I wake up to a vision of two holes in my throat that he put there, like that of a snake bite.

I share my experience with Jini. And, get into action. I ask friends who have land, I find a lovely place to keep him in the Okanagan. Now I just need to get him trailered.

Somewhere along the way, Jini invites him to her herd!! What has this woman been into!!! She already has 5 coming to the herd. She is serious. Almost like this horse also cast a spell on her. And me. It all began to unwind into a quickening of HIS plan. We had to keep up.

He picked Monday. It HAD to be Monday. If he wants to come to us, I did not want him to be haltered. He was already teaching me lessons on speaking up. He already was reminding me of our voice. And the power behind it. And I was using it with love, firmness and compassion to get him here in HIS time.

My dear friend wanted to take time with him. To get him out slowly. I was trying to be careful about my own projections. Was it I who desperately wanted this horse here? I checked in… no, I didn’t need a horse. I already have a horse that I WANT who is not with me yet, and this guy did not feel like “my” horse. It felt like he belonged to the people’s horses. I call Jini’s herd, the people’s herd. Yes, they work with her intimately, but it is for a MUCH bigger picture, and THIS guy knew he had much to share.

My friend reminded me to be mindful. She was taking great care to make sure this was not a “rescue”. It was a unique situation that involved people, and stories that needed full respect and awareness. It was an opportunity to hold a bigger picture. Again, an opportunity to SEE a person for what they have gone through. What their community has gone through, and what their Nation has gone through.

Over the next few days, it was a back and forth with the lovely woman who we hired to haul. We were not only bringing this guy down from the Okanagan, but Jini had another wildie – Makah – coming on the same day from Squamish. We went to work putting up fence panels and getting hoses, and water buckets, and the emotions, and the reality of the herd growing kept flowing through us smacking each other on the way by. Everything is going to double!!! The workload, the poo, the hay, the financial reality… I kept having to come back to the Joy, and the purpose of this herd. Why were they gathering? What was their plan?

I am not their legal guardian. Jini is. Five horses is a lot to manage on your own, let alone 11, I could feel and sense her anxiety. But again, this was something that seemed as if we were simply a part of orchestrating a Great Plan. Neither of still knows for sure. We are willing to listen, we are willing to take action.

We began to call him Cobra. Because of my dream. His colouring resembled a King cobra. Black and steel grey. Ever since he came into the storyline, I have noticed my own voice growing. Becoming more fierce. Unafraid.

About the Cobra

The King cobra is the snake that has been in the history books as the mystical and fascinating serpent that dances and emerges out of a basket while serenaded by flute-playing Snake Charmers.
Snake charmers are known for using music and sound to make the snake “dance”. If the snake charmer gets bitten, and as a result dies, the belief is that the charmer’s faith in the Divine was not strong enough.
The “typical” snake hiss is described as having a broad-frequency span (from roughly 3,000 to 13,000 Hertz) and a dominant frequency near 7,500 Hertz. The “growl” of the king cobra differs from the “typical” snake hiss in consisting solely of frequencies below 2,500 Hertz, with a dominant frequency near 600 Hertz.

The throat energy centre, or “chakra” resonates between 400 to 900 hertz (these readings vary in various articles)

He began showing himself to Kesia (also an important part of our herd tribe) while she was at Aikido.

“So Cobra came to Aikido class today, he was trying to teach me snake energy through Aikido moves…AND was inhabiting my body, his front half merging with my human form like a centaur but without his horseness disappearing from the front. He said, ‘This is what we MEANT when we taught you centaur magic. You missed the point. We are far more powerful together in your imagination. That is your gift as humans, to translate imagery into action and dynamic change. Merging ourselves can be thrilling in the physical but it is meaningful only in the energetic realm. In this realm, no-one disappears or takes over the other and we can TRULY be One. Feel my powerful chest, my upright neck, the muscles and bones that pull us skyward. This is how we were meant to see through each other’s eyes. Remember: the imagination is where the work truly lies. It is here where we can teach you the most about being human.’
I could see him in the mirror that is in the front of the dojo.
Ears poking through my hair.
Could feel his tail swishing from my own butt.
He stayed for 3 hours!! He loves the aikido because he is fascinated by our little human forms.”

Cobra was in training last year. He was around 7 and still a stallion. As I understand it, what happened to him is that, in the middle of his training, he was cowboy-style gelded against the wishes of his guardian. His guardian felt deeply for him, and let him go. Turned him loose to be a horse, and he would not allow himself to be caught since. Until now.

Here is a dictation Jini received from Cobra in the early morning before he arrived.

Cobra & Jax meeting for the first time

This is our story. He is now a part of this incredible herd.

He is such a pleasure to watch as he allows the herd to still be themselves. He is always on the horizon watching. Juno has become his buddy and Cobra is allowing Zorra to practice being assertive. He simply allows her to move him around with no emotion.

If any of you have watched my video of where I saw herd leader, Montaro, as the tired king… this is who he was calling in. Cobra is a skilled master of energies. He understands the rules of Nature. He understands his job. He holds no energy for drama. He can help Montaro look out for the herd if this is what Montaro wants.

Jax looks on with a bit of concern as his leader gets to know the new guy. When we were first introducing them, Jax kept looking at me as if to say “please don’t replace me.” I assured him I am his forever woman.

It has been a huge honour and pleasure to watch him integrate. To give way when he needs to. To allow himself to be moved.

Montaro & Cobra nuzzle/groom, while Jax looks on

When he first arrived, I felt he was shut down, but now I see he was just observing and watching everything.
There is no pressure on him to be anything. He watches us with the other horses. He watches me play with Jax. He watches as everyone gets groomed. And he sees the level of voice we give them.

I still can’t believe he is here. I am looking to what he will bring to the herd. I am looking forward to understanding WHY he was so quick to choose to come HERE. With THIS herd.

There is a plan, and we are all a bit nervous and happy to see what is next. These horses don’t muck about. Something is happening and we are all waiting for the Cobra to see us humans rise up, speak up, and share the voices of the wild.

Video of Juno and his new buddy Cobra playing:

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The Empowered Mustang Project: Waiting for the Cobra

8 thoughts on “The Empowered Mustang Project: Waiting for the Cobra

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  • June 4, 2018 at 4:32 am

    I have been reading your posts for over a year now. All of your (various voices) posts.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. You teach me how to listen to the other, central voice that lives in me and the four leggeds I live with.
    Loving support and solidarity. Feather

    • June 4, 2018 at 4:58 am

      Thank you for reading and being a part of the evolution of the human potential. Each time we really listen, and that wisdom reaches our core, we as individuals …(as much as it seems that we can’t make a difference) change the world we live.,,and the world we live changes us…the ripple effect is beyond anything we can understand or explain.
      hugs and support right back at you.
      ~ G

  • June 6, 2018 at 2:13 am

    Oh my goodness! I feel him too! I am in total awe! I was trying to figure out what had happened (I lost track of where the horses are coming from!!) and I feel him so strongly. He’s beautiful and so powerful. I am so glad he’s with your horse tribe. The People’s Tribe. :). Please keep posting about him and his adjustment, and what he has to say! <3

    • June 6, 2018 at 4:14 am

      Thank you Vittoria, it sure has been an exciting few weeks here on the farm!!
      He has been such a wonderful addition. Really a gentleman. A strong space holder. A beautiful voice strong and just soft enough, and a beauty to watch. Jini and I were just admiring how the grey and white look against the greens… and now that Makah is in the herd, he has been keeping him company and playing with him. It might even be that they know each other from the range. He has been here two weeks now and just today he was comfortable enough to walk into the barn. He is still keeping his healthy distance and we are respecting that for him.
      Thank you for observing with us. The more of us observe together, the stronger this frequency of listening becomes….which then make it easier for the masses to hear.

      • August 19, 2018 at 11:17 pm

        I know it’s been a while since you answered Guliz, but I wanted to acknowledge your reply and say that I am taking in your (and Jini’s, and the horses’) stories and learning as much as I can. I always feel grateful for all of you on the front lines so I can feel stronger in how I am being with my horses, which is the opposite of most other humans who are horse guardians. Thanks!

        • August 20, 2018 at 5:27 am

          Thank you Vittoria!!
          Yes indeed it’s been a while since I have answered or written much for that matter. It has felt like a very long time getting the rest of the herd settled in and of course summer seems to be the time to celebrate being outside with the LONG days! However, the time is coming to write more as the days are quickly getting shorter.
          There will be juicy stuff we promise!!I look forward to hearing more of your story, and perhaps even meeting you one day!
          Thank you for your on-going support!
          ~ G

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