AUDIO: Elsa Sinclair – Taming Wild Documentary

I introduced you to trainer Elsa Sinclair in my consensual riding post, but I wanted to give you a little bit more…

Here’s the longer trailer for the Taming Wild documentary, where Elsa asks the question: If a wild horse had complete choice – no ropes, arenas, halters, whips etc. – would the horse choose to be ridden?

And then here is a lovely radio interview with Elsa, with all kinds of behind-the-scenes details – such as what it’s like to drive a trailer with 2 frightened-out-of-their-minds mustangs inside!

Elsa also speaks to the question of: If I have a truly consensual and collaborative relationship with my horse, will that lead to riding? Or will it just lead to a lot of time hanging out together?

You can download the podcast audio here or copy and paste this link in your browser:

Other highlights include the importance of establishing a base of physical and emotional safety. So the horse can relax into play and learning; once it’s essential needs were met. And how taking long walks together slowly led to the development of a language where they could communicate things like, what meant forward, left, right, stop – and how they communicated those things to each other. Elsa says, “Slowly we built a language, a way to talk about what we were going to do next, and how we were going to do it.”

Myrnah also taught Elsa the crucial importance of building incrementally – her idea of increments, which were much shorter/simpler than Elsa’s ideas – to maintain the trust in their relationship as they progressed.

You can purchase the Taming Wild film as a digital download, or DVD/Blu-Ray. Or you can check out my review of the film first!

AUDIO: Elsa Sinclair – Taming Wild Documentary

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