Horses Make The Best Forest Trails!

Need a forest cleared of underbrush and great trails for hiking, biking, or riding? Just turn a herd of horses loose for a month or two!

Forests are wonderful, stimulating environments for horses – much better than just a flat grass pasture. After having horses on this property, trees are now an ‘absolute must’ requirement for horsekeeping in my book!

We also had a very interesting comment about this video on YouTube I wanted to share with you:

“I love this! They are in their element! I used to visit wild horses where I live & they kept the conservation land perfect. I learnt there that they don’t really eat grass, they eat seeds heads, herbs, leaves, berries etc and their breath smells AMAZING! so herby! Completely different to domestic horses who just eat grass as it’s all that’s on offer. Imagine the health benefits these horses have! One day a guy was actually measuring the height of the wild plants & said ‘the horses aren’t doing a good job’ and removed them. Saddest day ever for me. Ever since the place is a MESS. They’ve since hired cattle and they stripped the area bare and chase people even though it’s a public footpath. It’s been 6 yrs now and I really miss those horses. They taught me so much! This is the nearest I can find to those happy girls n boys! I also quit riding after befriending them. I love this channel!” – Angel

This is a new patch of forest belonging to the neighbours, they used to let their cows in here, but the cows didn’t like it much so they stopped putting them in. After Montaro smooched the neighbour on the roadside, she offered us the use of it – what a blessing!

Horses Make The Best Forest Trails!

2 thoughts on “Horses Make The Best Forest Trails!

  • June 18, 2018 at 12:26 am

    Such a wonderful forest world they have. I am so grateful for Big Pa Pa the amazing Oak and all the other old growth oaks on this land and good variety of other established trees and roses. But I admit I have forest envy. The environment just seems so rich for horses. My favorite part is how Montaro single hoofedly charmed & used his charisma and of course super rugged good looks to gain access and create a whole other section for his glorious herd. How magnificent. Also baby Juno…not such a baby in size anymore….
    He is blossoming so much and becoming quite a big healthy boy. ✌🏼❤️🐴

    • June 19, 2018 at 7:13 am

      “Forest envy” – love it!! Hey at least you have that great hiking/riding area where they could forage and explore (you posted a pic of it once…). And yes, it’s amazing what these guys can manifest if we’re willing to stay open and then take the needed action.

      I continue to find it delightful when Juno – who is the same size as Jax now – gives his ‘milk nicker’ and then nurses. One minute he’s a big, powerful steed and the next a sweet little pumpkin. Makes my heart cry for all those racehorses – same age as him and treated like adults and put under unimaginable strain, challenge, abuse – and all still just babies… 🙁


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