Songs For Horses

mikebeckpICT3863Singer-songwriter-guitarist Mike Beck has two obvious passions: music, and horses. To this, I can certainly relate! In fact, his website,, is aptly titled “Mike Beck Music and Horses”.  As a performing artist and working cowboy, he can’t seem to keep the two apart – and why should he?

Mike was lucky enough to learn his trade – at least the horse training part – from Bill Dorrance, author of True Horsemanship Through Feel and considered by many as one of the fathers of natural horsemanship.  According to Mike, Bill was “the best teacher [he] ever had”.



So what about the music? Check out this beautiful tune:

Friend and singer-songwriter (and creator of the video) Doug Lang writes: “Wanting to write a song about Bill, he struggled until he realized the best way to sing of Bill was from the perspective of his horse, ‘Patrick’.” The lyrics are a gentle immersion into a horse’s experience of Bill’s riding: “My name is Patrick and the man who rides me/He feels what I feel/He thinks what I think/His touch goes down to my feet”.

It doesn’t end there. Listen to “Don’t Hurt My Heart” for a heart-wrenching plea, again from the voice of the horse, to be seen for their sentience and gifts, to be respected and cared for, and to be honoured for their invaluable contribution to humanity.

Both can be found on his new album, “Tribute”, all sales of which go to the Joyful Horse Project, which brings combat veterans together with horses requiring rehab for adoption. Thank you Mike for bringing your passions and talents together for such a worthy cause!

Songs For Horses

2 thoughts on “Songs For Horses

  • December 31, 2016 at 3:55 am

    Really like this guy… down to earth, to the point, and just like us 2 legged the 4 legged want to be loved and appreciated without all the harness,

    • January 3, 2017 at 9:10 am

      Yeah, he was introduced to me by a songwriting friend, who worked with him long ago. Lovely fellows both.


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