Stallion Herd Ranking Negotiation in Slow Motion – Video

Well, since my last video showing herd dynamics and negotiation (in slow motion) had such an enthusiastic response, I was encouraged to do another one for y’all!

This one focuses on Makah-Mahpee (Earth-Sky in Sioux) before his castration, interacting with Montaro over the fence. And then showing him, after his castration, as we gradually introduce him to three of the lads in the herd: Juno, Montaro and Cobra.

Jax had shown a lot of protective action against Makah – he really didn’t like Makah getting excited by Audelina and would lunge at him aggressively over the fenceline. So we did not let Jax in to be with him until about 3 weeks after his castration. When we first let Makah out into the field (you can see him in the video with Cobra) we put Jax into the paddock with Juno.

The horses were very directive about timing, who should go in, and who should not, and so on. It was a big challenge to me to stay super connected to them at all times; to both read the signs correctly and to stay tuned in to my own intuition.

Two months later the 2 herds are completely and amazingly integrated into a single, peaceful herd. Wow. And whew!

Stallion Herd Ranking Negotiation in Slow Motion – Video

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