The Pure Pleasure of Being with Horses in Nature

What if you can’t ride your horse? Or your horse doesn’t want to be ridden? There is such a world of pleasure waiting to be experienced simply by BEING with these magnificent earthlings out in nature.

There are few things in life that fill my heart with such joy as just hanging out and experiencing the natural world with my beloved clan; horses, trees, dogs, soil, smells, birds, wind, sun– just pure bliss! Come join me on a little meander…


And for those of you who are interested in the herbal blends and recipes I referred to in the video:

1. List of safe herbs for horses, plus herb planter ideas:

2. Herb blend recipes

The Pure Pleasure of Being with Horses in Nature

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9 thoughts on “The Pure Pleasure of Being with Horses in Nature

  • May 27, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Good morning Jini…nice video very beautiful environment your horses are in. Just wanted to check in with you, since you mentioned herbs in the video caption….if you started feeding the Spurlina yet? And if so, if you have had the amazing results like I have? Your horses also have hardly any flies? Right now here in Northern California the face flies are out of control. It’s very frustrating because I feel I do everything right. I pick up poo daily and my boys are on 12 acres, so not strictly confined. I know each year the May flies are bad for a while but just wondering if you have any suggestions? I have done the oregano oil but the flies are not deterred by it. The neem oil works good on there belly spots but does not deter the face flies. Also since you have your horses in a Forrest environment do you have problems with ticks? I don’t where we live but have had a few crawling on us when I trailor out onto the more woody trails? Just wondering if you have any tips for ticks? Thanks again for the video it is so peaceful when we just spend time hanging out with our herd. I love to ride( & am very grateful to have my Dreamer who so far is keen to go) but spending time just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company is the spice of life. Living with my horses and sharing life and pace on there terms gives me such peace and calm like no other experience can. ✌?️❤️?

    • May 27, 2017 at 6:33 pm

      Hi Michelle, I just got the spirulina and started today! She wouldn’t touch it out of my hand, and when I sprinkled some on her alfalfa she stopped eating the hay! So I started with literally, just a pinch in her supplement dish and she ate that, so whew! But looks like it may take a while to ramp up to an effective dosage. But I will definitely let you know what happens!

      Re. the flies I’m sorry but I don’t have any super solutions. I actually have no idea why my place has so few flies. Especially since my field management there is TERRIBLE. I’ve given up trying to remove poo from the field, there’s a huge pile behind the barn where I dump the poo removed daily from the graveled paddock and barn areas. So…??? Maybe I have enough poo to feed ALL the flies so they don’t need to bother the horses?? LOL

      I do know a woman who kept a lot of horses in Texas and she swore by the Fly Predators – have you heard about those? You can order them online. I’m not sure what the downstream effect on the ecosystem would be from that, but she used them year after year and said they made a huge difference and she didn’t notice any negative effects.

      One year I hung these around a barn I was at that had a lot of flies and it worked well – had to hang it where the horses couldn’t play with it though:

      Oh wait, I just thought of something – I have a LOT of wasps… do wasps eat flies? And a lot of birds… Okay, just asked google and YES wasps are very effective fly eaters!! Who knew? and mystery solved. Seriously, I knocked down 22 wasp nests just from my hay storage area last year – which is fine, they just build new ones, but I didn’t want any mega nests happening! I also am not scared of wasps – we have an understanding – so they’re a good fly solution for me.

      Of course after reading that I had to google Guineas:

      So that might be a fun option for you – they eat ticks too! And no, I haven’t noticed any problems with ticks yet. I’m not too worried about them 🙂 When they have landed on me, I just flick them off. I think they’re the worst in the spring though.

      • May 29, 2017 at 7:12 am

        Thanks for the good advice…I actually did fly predators for about 5 years but when we moved to this new property of 12 acres I felt like I did not know where to put them for them to be affective. I usually put them on the poop/compost pile and around the stalls /shelter but since my horses are very rarely in there…there are not many flies. So I gave up on them because we still had so many flies I think I would have needed to up the quantity drastically and it was already a bit pricey at 20$ a month. I know that sounds cheap but you know how it is with horses…after all the herbs and pro-biopics and minerals and on and on and on…they are just so expensive to keep up with so I have tried to cut back on things that I felt were not as beneficial. I have also used the plastic fly jugs that I made from two liter bottles and ordered the tops separately. They had some good results catching flies but again it depended where I put them as to there affectiveness. I also never noticed a big drop in the amount of flies on my horses. I also worried that because I was using them with the stinky bait I might of been just attracting more flies. I would love to have chickens/Guinea fowl but I have an owl in my owl box I bought last year and now we have a fox and just discovered her den and kits about a 1/2 mile away…so cool. My dogs are also not small game friendly, so that would be a hard one for me if they killed them while I was not paying attention. I guess I was just hoping for some miracle potion that was not poison that I could put on them to deter the flies. Those dam flies just seem to be ok with anything. The crazy part is if you are a human at my property you would not even know I have flies? They just flock to my horses and sometimes a few will bug the dogs but they bite at them until there gone. Again thanks for your advice… I will keep searching and if any of your readers know of anything not covered here I’m open to any ideas about face fly deterants. ✌?️❤️?

        • June 8, 2017 at 3:51 pm

          Michelle, just saw a video that said Peppermint essential oil is good for deterring black flies, ticks and mosquitos – dilute the minimum amount needed to avoid aggravating skin (i.e. keep it as strong as possible). Let me know if that does anything!

          • June 11, 2017 at 7:34 am

            Thanks again Jini…we are actually just getting over the intense face fly time. It only lasts about a month…so thankfull about that! Don’t get me wrong we still have flies but the intensity is now down to a more tolerable level. It sucks so bad to not even want to be around your horses. Can’t even begin to imagine how they cope with it. Just glad the really bad part is behind us for another year anyway. I will definitely get some peppermint oil on order & give it a try next year. For now the neem oil is back to doing its job and lasts the majority of the day. I find it very strange that it is working so well again, as for a couple of weeks ago the flies couldn’t care less about it and just acted like it wasn’t there? Such is life always paculiar and ever changing. Have you had any luck getting your horse to consume the spurlina? I just started out very smal like a teaspoon and added it along with all the other herbs & minerals and now I’m up to about a tablespoon each day for my three. I’m still amazed at the effectiveness of not having any welts and such beautiful clear eyes. ✌?️❤️?

            • June 11, 2017 at 10:57 am

              Yes I’ve continued with the spirulina and have worked up now to 1 tsp dose – I will increase gradually until we get to the 1 tbsp dose though for sure! No big change thus far, but I would say there’s been a reduction in the amount of goop. She also showed me that raw broccoli stalks were good for her (something she needed – for her eyes or something else, not sure) and funnily enough, she and Montaro are the only ones who will eat the stalks! Just googled it and broccoli in large amounts can cause gas and perhaps anemia. But there must be some nutrient in there she needs. Nevertheless, I think the spirulina is really good for them and will continue until I can get her up to the 1 tbsp dosage for a few weeks – that should be long enough to report on its efficacy for eye goop!

              I wonder if mixing the neem with peppermint would be the golden ticket??

  • May 28, 2017 at 10:59 am

    I spent lots of time with my old pony just BEING.
    One afternoon we just stood out in the rain together for a few hours with our hindquarters to the wind. On and off he put his head against my shoulder for a few quick winks.
    Went for lots of hand walks.
    Danced together in the paddock.
    Stretched out in the sun.
    Played “red ball” — our version of soccer.
    And lots of time doing not a damn thing in particular.
    Sometimes, the best thing you can do with your horse is nothing.

  • May 28, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    Jini – this is the most nourishing peaceful video with you and your horses and dogs. What a beautiful area you have for them. And I love how they followed YOU on their own – just to be with you and hang out together. I know you have your dream vision property for a healing sanctuary but hey, for now, what you have is pretty darn good!!!!!! Your horses are so alive and vibrant and healthy too. This is one of my favorite videos that you have done.
    I will share your herb garden suggestions with my friends here in San Diego that keep their horses in barns – might be good for them to get some variety.

    • June 8, 2017 at 4:06 pm

      Sorry for the delayed reply Shivam – I answered you in my head, but thought I wrote it here. Doh! Anyway, I am so glad you enjoyed this video 🙂 I did wonder whether other people would experience anything similar to what I do, or whether they would need to know my horses to feel that peace and delight in nature and relationship. So THANK YOU for letting me know! That’s very helpful.

      And yes, I agree, this is a beautiful property! If I could have it on a lease of even 3 years that would make things easier. BUT I’ve realized that is not what I’m here to learn at this time. I’m here to learn surrender and trust – and gratitude for what IS in this day; even if it may be gone tomorrow.

      This property is being held by an investor for development as the city creeps closer – current price tag: $29 million! So we could have another couple of years here, or a few months. Who knows? After two years of struggle (emotional, psychological, spiritual) I have finally found the place of peace within the uncertainty. It’s a valuable skill; one worth having 🙂


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