Best Infographic on Ethical Food Farming!

I’ve written a fair amount on my health blog about why people struggling to heal, or wanting to stay healthy, need to avoid factory-farmed animal meat. And that it’s FAR better to eat less meat, but buy pasture-raised, free-range meat and eggs. But WOW this infographic from Dr. Mercola really pulls all those reasons into one, very easy to grasp format:

The Truth About Factory Farms

The mass production of America’s food comes with a hefty price. Find out the environmental, animal, and human impact of raising over 99 percent of US farm animals in factory farms in this infographic, “The Truth About Factory Farms.”


Can’t Afford It?

In addition to all the health reasons, of course there’s the very real issue of animal welfare, cruelty and quality of life. ALL of which we decide depending on how/where we spend our money. And if money is really tight, here are some ideas.

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Best Infographic on Ethical Food Farming!

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