Fan Art Leads to Greeting Cards, Prints and More!

It all started when one of our lovely horse listeners, Maya Kruger, sent me some amazing fan art of the horses – digital art she’d created from some of Kesia’s photographs…

When I shared them on our Facebook page, people loved them and asked if they could please buy prints or greeting cards of the artwork. I thought that was a great idea, plus Kesia and I had talked for a while about making some of our best photographs available as prints – which people had also asked for.

Well sometimes all it takes is enough people to ask enough times and…


Our new LTYH Art Shop!

For the more adventurous among you, you can also purchase duvet covers, throw pillows, beach towels, shower curtains, totes, phone cases etc… some of Maya’s work looks amazing as a cellphone case, for example:

Cellphone case – Kesia Nagata’s photo turned into digital art by Maya Kruger
Natural rubber Yoga mat with blended microfiber top surface & bottom with textured dimples for better floor grip

Aside from Maya’s gorgeous digital art, we have also uploaded tons of photographs by Kesia and me, along with a few of my paintings (of animals and nature). Here’s my painting of Ganesh you can order as a yoga mat.

Best of all every dime goes to support the work of this incredible herd – to their food and care.

YES it’s real and it’s live and you can support the herd by purchasing greeting cards, art prints, canvases, iPhone cases and more. Greeting cards start at $3.95 and the price drops as you purchase more copies (10 copies – only $1.95 each).

And museum-quality prints start at only $18. You can also get your print matted and framed (probably cheaper than at your local framer), or if you order a canvas print, you can get the canvas wrapped around the sides, or have it framed with a wood or metal frame.

If you’d like to buy a pressie for yourself, or some greeting cards sets for Christmas or birthday presents – thank you!

To celebrate the LTYH Art Shop opening, here is a DISCOUNT CODE FOR 15% OFF – valid until the end of May πŸ™‚


*note: this discount is taken off the artwork, not off the frames or other fixed cost items.

The super cool digital artwork was donated by Maya Kruger of MGK Designs (you can email her if you want to get in touch) and we are blown away by her generosity – thanks Maya!!

Note: This shop is in the USA (although you can select your currency and they ship worldwide) but Kesia can also order and ship prints, canvas prints, and greeting cards for our Canadian horse listeners – from Canada to anywhere in Canada. Just email Kesia directly to place your order for any print or card you see in this shop.

Here’s one of my favorite photographs from Kesia of our lovely Jax – matted and framed:

And now, I just have to show you a few more examples of Maya’s gorgeous digital art, as Kesia said about Maya’s work, “It’s like the extra magic quality that can’t be expressed in words or straight photos.”

Maya’s digital art of my photograph as a Wood Print.
Maya’s digital art of Kesia’s photograph as a tote bag
Kesia’s photograph as a canvas print

You can access the Art Shop at any time by clicking the ART button at the top of any page on this site. And once you’re on the Shop, if you scroll to the very bottom, you can set your currency (if it hasn’t already auto-detected which country you’re in). Enjoy πŸ™‚ OK just one more!

Kesia’s photograph of Juno as a fleece blanket

Seriously, I could go on posting gorgeous horse art forever…!

Fan Art Leads to Greeting Cards, Prints and More!

4 thoughts on “Fan Art Leads to Greeting Cards, Prints and More!

  • May 17, 2020 at 7:42 am

    Just Wow
    Such a good idea! Love all the talent and dedication that went into this! So many choices for enjoying the images! The pictures are so powerful and peaceful at the same time! Sending a horse load of good vibes for this to really help the horses feed bill…and of course bring so much joy to the recipient of the images! βœŒπŸΌπŸ’šπŸ΄

    • May 18, 2020 at 9:49 pm

      Thank you Michelle! It’s nice to have it just to look at all the cool images πŸ™‚ I want to get an iPhone case but so hard to decide which one!!

  • May 17, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Beautiful. Such generous people.


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