Forest Foray: Peace, Bliss & Foraging

Whether your nervous system needs a re-set, or you’re curious to see how wild horses explore a forest, join us for a blissful afternoon excursion into the woods…

If we ever get impatient with foals or horses for being so ‘nippy’ we need to remember how a horse’s lips, tongue and teeth are one of his primary ways to explore and learn about his environment. Along with their superpower whiskers, their lips, tongue and teeth enable horses to feel texture, taste, shape, etc.

I’m amazed how every wild horse has needed to lick and scrape their teeth against my hand – just exploring with their lips is not enough. They also love to explore human hair with their lips and teeth. And zippers, elastic cords, collars, the list goes on! Hopefully this video can give you a fuller sense of their exploration.

Forest Foray: Peace, Bliss & Foraging

7 thoughts on “Forest Foray: Peace, Bliss & Foraging

  • June 7, 2020 at 12:31 pm

    One of my favorite parts is listening to all the twigs and branches breaking it’s such a neat sound and then you’re amazing cinematography with the sun in Big Ma Mas mane! The slow motion it’s all just eloquent..then Mother Nature adds in her own special effects…and the herd and you all collaborate gorgeously!

    Watching this I really see how little ground grazing there is in the Forrest! Lots of moss and things to nibble…but very different to where we are!
    The Forrest seems to offer such diversity, variety and visual and physical stimulation…it’s amazing!

    Oh and the mouth exploration! Buck explored Gun Sun this morning and scared me! But only with lip so no pain! But yes him and that mouth!
    I don’t mind it a bit because I feel him so clearly and I tell him we can communicate about it …I feel it’s a conversation he really needs to keep having with me! He seems to get so much release with exploring with his mouth and along with that he has done some hard pushing with his front teeth into my hand! He had a slip and then pullback in the trailer last year because unfortunately he was tied (Before the new trailer) and I have felt it causing him a some issues, along with past trauma! Ainsley was going to come see him but had to cancel her trip. So I am trying to help him when he asks! I think he appreciates that a lot! It’s been a very interesting conversation! It definitely feels more then physical!

    But with other people his mouth exploration does concern me sometimes? I need to chat with him about it!

    This was absolutely Lovely Jini!

    • June 7, 2020 at 9:37 pm

      This is so interesting Michelle – what you wrote about the trauma and the hard pushing into your hand. Because Juliet was working on Xadaa’s pelvis a few days ago and Xadaa asked me to provide counter-pressure as she pushed her muzzle/closed teeth into my hand – at the angle that she chose. I instantly felt that her push into my hand (requiring holding/counter-pressure) was related to her being able to unwind/release whatever it was in her pelvis.

      Here’s an idea: Open to possibilities of how you and Buck can work together with this mouth pressure he’s asking for, and energy flows (ki, prana). Or perhaps some/one of the other horses can assist Buck with the other piece, while you provide the muzzle counter-pressure? Throw it out there and see what happens. Maybe all Buck needs is you – but working in full awareness and openness to ALL possibilities? See what ideas he has… xoxo

  • June 8, 2020 at 11:32 am

    What we don’t now that goes on in our subconscious minds when we watch these video is an unraveling of memory. A healing of patterns that we aren’t even aware are there. Epiphanies hidden like diamonds in the dirt.
    As I was watching Cobra come in, I had a memory of a birthday that Greta ( who was the point of connection to Cobra for us all) It was a memory of about 12 years ago when she had organized this great beautiful gathering for a birthday dinner for me. For some reason I could not make it and cancelled and I remember how hurt she was. This brought me down a long painful road of the incongruences within myself around the issue of pretending like I need people’s validations and acceptance for me to continue doing any of the great things in my life. I began to see patterns where this was untrue, and where I have let people down because if it was true, I would have shown up. If I truly cared about myself and being the best version of myself for me, I would have and would keep showing up. It showed me a deep wounding within where I remember thinking I wish I would care more. So, deep down, there is a belief that I don’t care and so I need to make up for that by pretending that I care. SO much of of my life I feel like there was a over giving/over caring to hide the truth that I really didn’t give a shit.
    ( of course this is a dramatic expression but it portrays where I have been in my need to retreat and hide when things get to be too much for me and I am overwhelmed with FEELINGS that I automatically default to “not caring about anything” to make it easier for me to COPE. Herein lies the incongruence. I care so very deeply masked by not caring ( which has hurt many many people in my life) so I can survive and not crumble under the weight of the world.

    But as actions manifest our beliefs, this is where I was able to see clear where my work is being done and where I am incongruent in my personal life.( I also feel where this comes from in genetics, who in my family triggers me so it helped me identify and shine a bit more light on that murkiness I feel inside of me but can’t define as anything but a heavy yucky feeling) I won’t put pressure on knowing or making sense of this at this time, I find it’s enough to recognize this story as it has come through. Being kind to Self here is VERY VERY important.

    Just as I was finishing the video, and feeling all the feels, I got a very random message from my riding coach that guided me and made me who I am as a rider today. I have not heard from her in a long time. Back story: 4 years ago when I was living in Armstrong BC, I was asked by her to come ride one of her young horses. The mare was almost IDENTICAL to my mare that I had when my coach was with me…when I was 13 and my young mare was 2. That same mare would die in a barn fire 15 years later so there was HUGE emotions around this experience for me. 
Her mare, though had some physical issues and body pain, and gut challenges that eventually we had to stop the training.
Fast forward to today while watching the video I get this message from her
“Hey…my wizardly friend…Pixie is healthy now, and fully recovered from her illnesses, and ready to start back in to work…I have even found a TB rider (in your absence), to start that journey with her…however, I have not forgotten what you said about your feeling that there may be a TMJ issue in the mix, and I need to know more about that, If I’m going to do right by her…think back and tell me what your feelings were…also let me know if you’re coming up this way again in the near future.”
    Why am I sharing this?
Because I was once again blown away at the capacity the Singing Horse Herd has to work with us and evoke healing in areas which we could never identify.
The message from my coach came as a validation that indeed energies are moving and clearing and creating the changes I need to move forward into my own brilliance.
I saw that aspect of Pixie in myself healed and ready for the next. We are all connected through entanglement ( not used as a negative ) and a collective Matrix.

    There is NO way that I did not just observe a healing within myself which was also on the heels of a very potent e-mail I received from Jini today along this very similar thread.
 Everything is connected.
Love ~ G

    • June 11, 2020 at 7:32 am

      Güliz…your vulnerability and open dialogue is so needed! This world can feel so fake and plastic and realism IMO …is needed/wanted and very important!

      I have always been socially awkward and at the same time not at all! It’s definitely a bit of incongruent …but mostly in my own head!

      Examples…I have always been better at being friends with men and struggled with women! In my head.. So many women …TO ME…are just Drama! But when I really analyze it all …especially lately …so much of it Is in my own head! Like when I am invited to do things and I don’t want to go…and I say no over and over again …then I get butt hurt that invites stop…even though I don’t really want to go…I just want to be included…you see head drama!
      I can have a whole curfluffle with people all in my head! I finally realized all this picking poo a few weeks ago! Picking poo is my cathartic time and I seem to process very well and clearly while I do so! Probably because I am usually high and it helps me get deeper into the layers while I putz around the land!

      If I was to say the biggest thing that the horses have helped me with… it is putting that mirror up to myself! They have so many entangled (Love that word) ways of forcing/helping me get deeper Into myself and see where my insecurities/truth/trauma are! It can be a hard pill/picture to see and feel but without it life just goes by the same way without growth…So I am grateful! Even if It hurts and is ugly and uncomfortable I still need and want to process and heal and recognize all that I have going on with my emotions! I am very put off by people who blame others and I definitely don’t want to allow myself to fall into this pattern! I am responsible for me! Yes I have had a lot of outside influences that took advantage of my soul…but, I don’t want that to dictate who I am or allow it to control my love for life and growth going forward!
      Thanks Güliz…it always helps to hear others talk there truth!

    • June 14, 2020 at 8:20 pm

      I’ve waited to reply to this as I had a feeling that ‘something’ wasn’t ready. I believe that something is this:

      So after doing about 4 separate healing sessions with Cobra over his trauma with humans and brutal castration, the next message Cobra gave both Juliet and I was to stop projecting our paradigms onto him.

      I was waiting for him to become soft and lovely again – the Uncle Cobra we know and love. And I figured that as long as he was being aggressive/directive and pushy, that it meant there was still more to clear. What he showed us was, “Hey, what if this IS the REAL me? What if that lovely, soft Cobra was the result of my trauma? But the real me is a bit harsh?”

      You see, there’s those judgments again! We assume/judge that if someone is hard, or aggressive, or sharp, that it means they’re not whole, or ‘evolved’. And what Cobra’s saying is, “Dude! What if THIS is the real me??” We need to allow him to be WHOEVER he is or wants to be, and accept him as is.

      Kaliah is fierce (as is Xadaa) – would we ever ask them to be any other way? Why would we??

      I’m reminded of Makah’s name for you… Soft-Hard Lady. Does that mean that the ‘hardness’ has to become soft?? What if you actually do NOT give a shit, and just need to give yourself permission to not care?

      You know who else is a soft-hard lady? Posa! And it’s her superpower – it’s the thing we’re all in awe of and study/watch her to find out how the heck she does it and gets away with everything she does!

      And yes, the power of this herd definitely comes through in video! Even when I’m editing the videos I feel like I’ve just spent time with them 🙂

      • June 15, 2020 at 9:11 pm

        Jini…I like this a lot! I believe My authentic Self is a bit harsh also! So Güliz I agree…maybe it is part of you because I know it’s a part of me! Jini…I am g,ad you are open to this about Cobra!

        One of things that is hard for humans around me is my lack of emotional empathy for people verses animals! Animals cut deep into my core but most people not so much! I did not cry when my mother or father Or grandparents on my moms side died! But when I have lost my dogs or Big Acea I weep deep and long! It actually fascinates me? But I know it has made people around me very uncomfortable!

        • June 15, 2020 at 11:54 pm

          Perhaps you have an armoring (self-protection through distancing or not letting them get close to your core self) with people that you don’t have with animals? Understandable of course, animals are WAY more functional than humans!


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