Healing Through Riding

zorra-grass-ridingI was riding Zorra bareback one day and she asked me to hold the reins in my left hand only. So I did. And instantly felt as though I was going to slide off the left side of her! I was so unbalanced it wasn’t even funny.

She said, “Keep the reins in your left hand.” And then she went to work on my spine and pelvis.

I could feel the prana/chi rising up from her spine, through my root chakra and spreading through my spine and pelvis as she walked along with me on her bareback.

After about 15 minutes (and I no longer felt like I was going to slide off the left side), she said to me, “Now, you can keep riding if you want, but if I were you, I would get off and walk in the work I just did, so that it can settle and integrate into your body.”

I hopped off and walked the rest of the way home, being mindful of placing my feet, knees, hips in proper alignment, pulling up through my cervical spine (back of the neck) and rotating my shoulders back as I walked in the healing/balancing she had just given me. I felt amazing.

Another time I got on her back and she said to me, “You need to go see your chiropractor, your pelvis is higher on one side.” I booked with my chiro and told him, “Zorra said my pelvis is crooked.” He took a look and replied, “She’s right. The left side is about 1 inch higher than the right.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. That’s the kind of cool stuff that happens when you Listen To Your Horse.

And p.s. If you’re not spending equal amounts of time/effort on your own body; chiropractic, yoga, craniosacral, etc. along with strengthening exercises (especially core), then maybe your ‘riding problems’ are not with your horse, but with you!

Healing Through Riding

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