Juno Chooses When & How to Release Halter Trauma

The significance of the exchange shown in this video, was the fact that a month earlier, Juno, Jax and Montaro had escaped and ran down a busy highway, then got stuck in a bog (halfway up their belly) and had to fight their way out (terrifying).

Then someone put a halter on Juno and was hauling on his head, while another person whacked his butt, to try to ‘pull’ him across the ditch – where he’d just been stuck in the bog! So it was a total palaver by the time I arrived and he was so traumatized from having his head treated like that (I have never pulled on his face) that he had completely refused to have a halter on since then.

So it’s really cool that he asked uber-gentle Carlotta to put a halter on him and basically give him a totally relaxed, no-stress, positive experience with the halter! Sometimes really huge things are happening, when it looks like you’re doing nothing.

Juno Chooses When & How to Release Halter Trauma

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2 thoughts on “Juno Chooses When & How to Release Halter Trauma

  • July 22, 2019 at 6:35 am

    Her sweet soft energy shines! Your vast energies of people that visit the horses is just awesome! The horses touch and are touched by such diversity …what a gift to all involved! Definitely something to consider when it all gets overwhelming for you! Focus on all the work you do with and for the horses not only helps you, them, but also all the souls that come to see them….then all the souls they have contact with …the ripple affect is vast!

    • July 22, 2019 at 10:30 pm

      Very true Michelle! This herd is definitely bringing light and help to many 🙂


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